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A Fine Balance
by Ana Library Elf

= = 67kb = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M), None really, just playing in AU, a little angst, fluffy romance, adventure and metaphysical stuff. = = PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas = = SUMMARY: FOTR, AU, post mines of Moria. Can Aragorn help his Elf restore the lost balance of duty versus desire, or head vs. heart, or love vs. honor? (*or* all of the above)

Finding the Edge
by Ana Library Elf

= = 33kb = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: except for slash (M/M),None really, just playing in AU adventure & metaphysical sex ((!!)) Please forgive liberties taken with interpretation of the Valar. = = PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas & L/Vala (surprise) = = SUMMARY:Set in TTT. AU. In the movie version of TTT Mr. Jackson took liberty with canon story and had Aragorn take a little detour over a cliff. I am choosing a wider divergence by taking the Elf's blazing look of desperate disbelief one "leap" further. *ahem*

In Threes
by Ana Library Elf

= = 52kb = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M),A/A implied. MPreg. A bit fluffy. PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas = = SUMMARY: AU, Post ROTK. Party planning can be difficult, especially when it involves a three year anniversary celebration for Gondor, 3 royal rulers, 3 fellowship friends and three times A/L try to have sex!

Solstice for Three
by Ana Library Elf

= = 29kb = = RATING: NC-17 = =WARNINGS: Slash (M/M) and heterosexual content. = = PAIRING: A/A/L = = SUMMARY: Post ROTK. AU. A winter solstice celebration tests the 3-way relationship and diplomacy of Gondor's rulers: Aragorn, Arwen and Legolas.

The Sixth Element
by Ana Library Elf

= = 36kb = = RATING: A Hard R = =WARNINGS: Slash (M/M) Non-con, Character death (temporary, *not to worry* it's all better by the end!) = = PAIRING: L/A, L/OMC Cast: A/L/G & Other humans = = SUMMARY: H/C, Post ROTK. AU. The King and his Elf are ensnared by an ancient ritual. (slight nod to the movie "Fifth Element") Body and spirit are challenged in a life threatening journey to healing.


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