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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They are the wonderful creations of JRR Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien, Tolkien Enterprises, and New Line Cinemas.
I have not read the books, I have only viewed the movies. This does take place in an alternate universe, so please bear with me. Just let me know if I misspell a name ;)
Beta: Phaedra & ~namárië120
Fanfiction: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: NC-17: AU due to angst, non-canon, violence, romance, possible FLUFF. Synopsis: After the battle of Helm’s deep; Aragorn rethinks his relationship with Legolas.
This is a companion piece to the story, Ashes.


Aragorn looked at the carnage after the battle; nothing had been spared, not men nor elves, the Uruk-hai had attacked without mercy. The result was rows of heroes’ bodies; lain as far as the eye could see. Though they had fought bravely against all odds and given up their lives for freedom, some of them were just too young. Their lives had barely begun and now they lay dead with so many unfinished dreams.

A great sadness entered the ranger’s heart at seeing so many. He came across the body of a young boy, riddled with arrows. As he knelt beside the corpse, anger seeped into his veins like liquid fire. He wanted to scream, to run, to leave this forsaken place…and yet he knew he could no longer escape his destiny.

The only way to save his people was to take up the sword of Anduril and embrace his role as King. His time with the elf was drawing to a close; a new pain entered his heart. How could he wed Arwen when his heart loved another? Why was he not allowed to choose his mate? He fought back tears of rage and heartbreak.

The world closed in around him; it consumed him like a flame, burning up his hopes and dreams. There was no future with Legolas, he *had* to come to terms with that; as painful as it may be. He had to let the elf go…but he wasn’tready; it was too soon. It was always too soon. He would always want another day, another week, another month; and he would continue wanting until time had passed by and the day of reckoning was at hand.

In his heart, Aragorn doubted that he could ever truly leave the Princeling; at least not emotionally. He would forever love Legolas, no matter how far apart they would be; his heart would always yearn for the elfling, until the end of his days.

If Aragorn broke away from Legolas…he *knew* he had to do it quickly; stand firm in his decision, lest they both suffer needlessly. If the Princeling felt there was hope of reconciliation after the break up, the elf would surely die of grief when the time came to go their separate ways. He could leave no hope for Legolas.

Aragorn felt he should spare his beloved Legolas any more grief; this war, these times, their parting…no elf should have to bear witness to such things. Aragorn considered that the longer he waited, the more painful it would become to say goodbye. Their relationship was still fresh, now would be the time to end it.

The ranger could not erase the memory of how grief stricken Legolas had looked when he entered their quarters. Legolas had believed him to have passed on, after taking a nasty spill over the cliff. There had been darkness in the elfling’s once radiant eyes, his skin had turned a pale gray as if he were turned to ash. Aragorn could not permit himself to let Legolas suffer again because of his selfishness. He would rather die than see his beloved elf grieve again.

The ranger silently cursed himself for allowing his passion to dictate the course of their current relationship. If only Aragorn had been stronger, and refused Legolas when the elf first kissed him in the Mines of Moria; they would not have to suffer now.

Aragorn closed his eyes as another ripple of pain coursed through his heart. It ached, begging him to forgo fate and embrace love. But Aragorn knew he could not; no matter how much he desired it.

The fate of Middle Earth and its people rested on Aragorn’s shoulders. He had known all along that this day would come; but he was happy to have lived these past few months by the elf’s side and know love.

Love unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was pure as flame and their passion blazed like a pyre; and to extinguish it would be nearly as impossible as putting out a magical fire. For his love would forever burn, but he could never feel its warmth again.

Aragorn opened his eyes and sensed Legolas was near; his ranger skills could not mistake the sweet scent of the Princeling. It was like a toxin; filling up his senses. He looked up at the elf and saw the face of heaven. The Princeling carried a look of sorrow; his sapphire eyes filled with grief as his gaze fell across the body of the young boy.

“It is not your fault.” Legolas placed a slender hand upon the ranger’s shoulder; offering comfort.

The future monarch shook his head, “Nay, Legolas. He was much too young.” A look of remorse lingered in his gray eyes as he covered up the boy’s body. He made his way across the field of bodies, Legolas at his heels.

“You cannot blame yourself, meleth nín. There are some things neither of us can prevent from occurring, no matter how hard we try to change them.”

Aragorn whirled around to face the elf, a stern look upon his handsome features. No truer words were spoken. The opportune moment had arrived; and how he resented that fact. His heart began to bleed, slowly being ripped apart. “You are correct. *All* things must come to an end…and so they do on this day.”

The elf titled his head, confusion shining in his eyes. “What is that you mean?”

Aragorn continued his march toward his quarters. “There is no escaping fate, Legolas. Sooner or later we are parted from those we love; by either death or destiny. And there is nothing either of us can do from avoiding the inevitable, we cannot escape from what must eventually come to pass.”

Legolas’ body immediately tensed. He felt as if he were held in place by some accursed spell and yet his heart raced with an uncontrollable fear. What was it exactly that Aragorn was suggesting? Was he talking about the war? Nay, the elf thought, he is speaking about us.

Legolas felt an immediate sadness tear through his body like a sharp knife. Was Aragorn telling him that they had come to the end of their relationship? It could not be! His heart felt a terrible pain at the very thought of separating from Aragorn. He did not wish to hear those hurtful words; he did not want to say goodbye.

Legolas’ mind raced for a proper response in hopes to sway Aragorn into not ending their relationship. He did his best to look confident although his heart was already breaking. “Our destiny lays in our hands, Aragorn.” His voice sounded strong, but his eyes became misty.

Aragorn felt his strength waning as he gazed into the elf’s blue orbs. The Princeling’s eyes reflected the heartache that dwelled within him. Aragorn could not bear to see Legolas cry.

He could not do this…

Was it not because of Legolas that he survived that fall from the cliff? The elfling was his light in the enveloping darkness that surrounded him in these ashen lands. It was what kept him going, made him fight for survival. All he could think of after the raging river had claimed him, was that he had to live…he had to try; he had to return to his elf, to be with him once more.

And the Valar had granted Aragorn’s wish; but now, it seemed his destiny to rule Middle Earth was no longer something either of them could avoid. It was as real as a dagger in the dark and just as dangerous. It meant their time together was coming to an end.

That was something neither of them could prevent.

Aragorn squared his shoulders and prayed for strength. Be firm, he told himself, it is for the best. “We cannot continue this, Legolas. We must end it.” It sounded so cold; so unfeeling.

The elf flinched as if he were struck by an enemy’s arrow, the words piercing him straight to his heart. “Why?” his voice remained calm, though his chin began to quiver as he fought back tears.

Aragorn pushed past the elfling and opened the door to their chambers. He entered in silence as he began to pack up his things. He had to get away as quickly as possible or he would retract his statement. Aragorn could not bear to look upon the elf, he simply said, “It is over.”

Legolas looked at him incredulously, watching helplessly as the ranger gathered his belongings. “Why? Aragorn! Look at me, please…” the elfling tried to move in front of the ranger, but Aragorn would not meet his gaze. “Why do you end our love?”

“Because your path lays upon a different road than mine,” Aragorn said with nonchalance, masking his own torment. Inside, Aragorn’s heart already wept the loss. He felt a terrible void enclose around him, he wanted the very earth to swallow him up.

“I will follow you to the end, Aragorn.” Legolas reached out to touch Aragorn’s hand, but the ranger snatched his hand away. Aragorn’s rejection hit him hard.

He looked at the ranger as a single tear spilled down his porcelain cheek.

“This is the end.” Aragorn said coolly. Be strong…be firm…he kept reminding himself. But all he wanted to do was reach out and embrace the elf, feel the softness of Legolas’ cheek against his; tell him that he was sorry and that he did not mean those words. It tore him apart to see Legolas like this.

Aragorn’s words echoed in the hollowness of Legolas’ desperation. For a moment, the Princeling felt he could not speak for his anguish choked back his words. Try as he might, he could not stop his voice from shaking, “Why are you doing this? Why do you hurt me? You led me to believe—”

“I led you to believe nothing!” Aragorn interjected, the tears that glistened in his own eyes threatening to spill at any moment. He channeled his pain; kept it secret, the elf must never know that it pained him as well.

The elf’s eyes slanted, anger replacing his hurt. “You most certainly did! You said you loved me! You made love to me! That gave me belief that our relationship was something more than just a passing affair…” his voice began to trail off, his heartache suffocating his anger. “Is that what I was to you? Something to pass the time?”

Not this, Aragorn did not wish for Legolas to assume such a thing. Should he leave it be and have the elfling believe that he was just a passing fancy? No, he loved Legolas too much do that.

Against Aragorn’s better judgment, he spoke. “No, you are much more than that; you are the very air that I breathe. I love you, I will always love only you…but you must have known that our relationship could never last.” Perhaps the truth was the best way to go about this break up.

The elf’s expression softened. “If you love me still, then why do you end this? It makes little sense. You speak of destiny and fate, yet I do not understand how that relates to us and how we feel about one another. I love you, Aragorn…does that mean nothing?” Aragorn looked at Legolas; a fatal mistake. The Princeling’s tears glistened down his cheeks, his body shook with each tear, though he made no sound.

Aragorn closed his eyes, he could no longer contain his tears after seeing the heartbreak apparent on Legolas’ face. It was too much for one human heart to handle. “Please, Legolas…I do not wish to hurt you.”

“Then don’t.” Legolas grabbed Aragorn’s face and placed a passionate kiss upon his lips. The ranger could not resist such a temptation, he opened his mouth and accepted it. He could taste the elf’s sweet tears and it filled him with melancholy.

“Don’t leave me, Meleth nín.” Legolas whispered when they parted. The Princeling took Aragorn’s hand and placed it over his heart. His voice was still shaky, he tried to speak through his tears. “You have my heart, Aragorn…I ask you to not break it.”

“Legolas…” was all Aragorn could find to say.

“Why is it you believe we have to part?”

“I can no longer elude my destiny. Elrond was right, I have to stop hiding who I really am and unite the people of Middle Earth. Only then can we win this war.”

“And I shall stand at your side,” Legolas said determinedly.

“No, Legolas. It was not meant to be.”

“Who says it was not? Are we not free to make that choice?”

“There is Arwen to consider,” Aragorn replied apathetically, but he could feel he was already losing this battle.

“She is elfkind; she will understand. Just tell her.” Legolas retorted. “Aragorn, you love me, even if you had not said it just moments ago, I could tell by your kiss. You don’t want to do this. I can see it in your eyes.”

“There is no other way.” Aragorn stated firmly.

“There is always another way,” Legolas argued.

“Not this time,” Aragorn averted his eyes, “Forgive me, I cannot give you what you seek. It is over.”

“Please, don’t do this,” Legolas wrapped his arms around Aragorn and wept into the ranger’s shoulder. A disquieting desperation filled him, the Princeling felt as though the world were crashing all around him. What had caused Aragorn to change his mind about their love? The elfling’s fingers grasped at Aragorn’s clothing, “We can work together to figure a solution, Aragorn. This doesn’t have to be the end.”

It took up what little resolve Aragorn had left to gently push the elf away, “Do not make this harder than it already is.”

Legolas burst into tears at feeling Aragorn’s rejection a second time. Aragorn looked at the elf’s tear stained face; saw the pain reflected in the blue orbs. The Princeling broke down; he bowed his head and began to sob uncontrollably, his chest heaving for breath, his face turned red.

I cannot do this…

Aragorn could no longer continue the charade, his heart could not withstand seeing Legolas in this much pain. He no longer cared what fate and destiny had in store for him, but he would follow whatever path he was to take…with Legolas at his side. Aragorn wrapped his arms around the elf and began to console him.

Legolas nuzzled against him, spilling his tears onto the ranger’s neck and shoulder. Aragorn tightened his hold on the elf, his tears falling into the elf’s golden hair. They stood embracing each other for a long moment.

“Forgive me, Meleth nín. I was foolish.” Aragorn said as he placed a kiss on the elf’s head. “I can not leave you, try as I might. My love for you is too strong. We will find a way to work through this, I promise. You are right, there is always a way.”

The elf looked up at him, “How do I know your words speak the truth?” he asked, his eyes full of doubt.

Aragorn kissed Legolas’ tears away, “I will start by speaking to Arwen about us. I will bind myself to you, take you as my mate…if you will still have me.”

Legolas smiled through his tears., “Yes,” he placed a soft kiss upon Aragorn’s lips. The elf’s eyes sparkled once more. Aragorn knew now that he could never part from Legolas; that the elf was a part of him. He truly belonged to this enchanting being and he never wanted that to change. He vowed that he would never hurt the elf again. Come what may, he would have Legolas at his side.

“Forgive me, Meleth nín, for hurting you,” Aragorn felt ashamed for his actions,

how he wished he could take back everything he had said. “I never truly realized how much you mean to me.”

Legolas placed a slender finger over Aragorn’s lips. “Hush, there is nothing to forgive. We are together, that is all that matters.” Aragorn gave Legolas an ardent, but tender kiss; the elf closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Aragorn’s neck. He leaned his head slightly back, allowing the ranger better access to his neck.

Aragorn continued to plant soft kisses alongside the elf’s throat. “I love you,” Aragorn whispered tenderly into the elf’s pointed ear as he slowly pulled off the elfling’s tunic and shirt. Aragorn’s fingertips circled around the smooth and velvet skin of the elf.

Legolas unbraided his hair as Aragorn traced small kisses alongside his neck. “And I love you,” Legolas replied softly, slowly stripping the ranger free of his leather tunic and chain mail armor.

Aragorn brushed a remaining tear off Legolas’ cheek as he led them to their bed.

“Today we begin anew, my love.” He gently laid Legolas upon the mattress, kissing the elf’s rosy lips as if he were kissing them for the first time.

Aragorn looked into the Princeling’s eyes and smiled softly, brushing the elf’s golden hair out of his eyes. He stared lovingly into Legolas’ eyes for a long time. “What is it?” Legolas asked. “Why have you stopped?”

“I want to love you the way you deserve to be loved.” Aragorn answered and began to plant soft, wet kisses down the elf’s torso. He gently tugged the elf’s leggings off and tenderly stroked the elfling’s member. He kneeled and continued to place kisses down the elf’s throat and neck as if he were worshiping the Princeling.

Legolas’ hands lovingly explored Aragorn’s body, tugging off the leggings; a tender silence surrounded them as they derived pleasure from one another. Aragorn gently spread Legolas’ legs and planted tender kisses on the elf’s member; each one soft and delicate. It was another tribute to his elf, these kisses were like an offering to a long lost god.

Legolas moaned softly as kiss after kiss was placed upon his sensitive skin. He looked lovingly into Aragorn’s eyes; The elf could never love another, he belonged to this man and this man alone.

Aragorn tenderly inserted one finger into the elf’s opening, he watched as Legolas closed his eyes in ecstasy, his hips slowly moving to the movement of Aragorn’s petting. When Aragorn felt the entrance expand he inserted another finger, the elf lifted his hips inviting the ranger to take him.

Aragorn leaned over to the night stand and took out the jar; dipping his fingers in the substance, he coated his penis with it. His beloved Legolas was ready for him and he slowly introduced his member into the elf. Legolas moaned as Aragorn sheathed himself inside of him.

Aragorn’s thrusts were slow and deliberate, each stroke done with finesse and skillful precision. But he did so slowly, as he wanted to savor this moment. Legolas corresponded beautifully, his body rhythmically matching the ranger’s. They made love, slowly and lovingly; expressing their devotion and love for each other with each kiss, stroke, and thrust.

The ranger looked into Legolas’ eyes. “Know that I love you…now and always,” he whispered lovingly, kissing the elf on the lips, his throat, and his neck. “I can love no other than you. I promise that I shall never leave you.”

The Princeling smiled, he brushed away Aragorn’s hair with his hands. “And I you, Meleth nín,”

Aragorn returned the smile and continued his slow and loving thrusts; his fingertips gently caressing the elf’s body until he felt that Legolas was near his climax. The elf arched his back and pulled Aragorn closer to him as his orgasm claimed him.

The ranger whispered Legolas’ name as he spilled his seed inside the elf. Exhausted from the battle, their argument, and their love making; he lay on top of his beloved. Aragorn placed one last kiss upon Legolas’ lips before cuddling into the arms of the elf and falling asleep.

Legolas smiled, all was right with the world again; he held in his arms his one true love. What ever fate had in store for Aragorn, he would stand by his side; no matter what the odds were against them.

The End



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