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Hey, all! This is a list of my personal Aragorn/Legolas story recommendations. Either I was unable to contact the author for permission to post it here or the tale didnít quite fit the site guidelines. *However*, I still feel they are very well done and it would be a mistake for any A/L fan to pass them up!

Title: Eternal Vow
Author: Lady Ivory
Synopsis: Arwen dies and Legolas comes to comfort his old friend, as he learns about an unexpected side of the royal marriage.
Located at: = = Library of Moria

Title: Choosing Friends
Author: Mcguffan
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: slash(m/m), angst
Summary: Elves and dwarves donít get along which leads to problems in Moria.
Located at: = = Library of Moria

Title: Dire
Author: AK
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: There is some reasonable angst and torture and a bit of non-con stuff.
Summary: Legolas and Aragorn are captured by orcs and taken to Saruman, who is intent upon discovering the location of the One Ring. Parts of this are dark.
Located at: = = Library of Moria

Title: The End of Beauty
Author: Tricia
Rating: NC-17 Graphic Sex
Summary: Aragorn struggles against the temptation of betrayal.
Located at: = = Library of Moria

more to come soon!



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