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A New Knowledge

by Ennorwen
= = 24KB = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: slash (m/m), Explicit Sex = = PAIRING: A/L. = = SUMMARY: Aragorn teaches the wood-elf something new about woodland flora.


by Ennorwen
= = 64KB = = RATING: low R = = WARNINGS: slash (m/m), Sexual Innuendo and thoughts. Some touching and kissing. = = PAIRING: A/L. = = SUMMARY: Somewhat a sequel to “A Lesson in Loving”, but you do not have to read that first. Aragorn sets off on his own for the first time to travel to Mirkwood and see his friend, Legolas.

Hope, Restored

by Ennorwen
= = 24KB = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: slash (m/m), Explicit sex = = PAIRING: A/L. = = SUMMARY:At Dunharrow on the night of 7 March and at the bidding of Elladan and Elrohir, Legolas seeks to alleviate Aragorn's tension and give him strength before riding The Paths of The Dead.


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