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Aragorn Spies Legolas Bathing

ďdonít goĒ (site adminís title!)

**warning- this one is sad, but good** -

death of the elf



Haldir Intervenes


Kiss Of Life

Love Birds

one night stand

1. Elfin_greenleaf ~~~ I did this last 2 years ago (as you can see from the date at my signature). I just bought a legolas action figure so i thought of trying to illustrate the details of the clothes and bow and so on. I also noticed the ears are a little large. :p

2. Ethereal ~~~ Certain angles of Legolas makes me think of his eyes, so i draw this piece out of curiosity, to see how he'd look like with a little bit of feminity.

3. Leggy_Aragorn ~~~ From my notebook. Purposedly made Leggy shorter.. LOL!

5. Love is blind ~~~ Had this image popped in my head so this is how it looks like. :D

5. Seduce ~~~ This piece has a little story to it. That black-haired dude with the pointy ears? He is not an elf. He's actually a demon hybrid. Demon-human hybrid. He's actually a comic character from my comics called The Cavaliers. I decided to use him in the story because he's aggresive, hot-headed, well... the opposite of Aragorn. His elf name is Ionwe. I'm still thinking of his real name, but the name before is Jordan. While Aragorn loves Legolas for who he is, Ionwe loves Legolas for what he is (mainly his body). So there's a love triangle going on between them. Ionwe tries in vain to win Legolas's heart, but in the end, he doesn't really care anymore, and he would do anything to get Legolas in his arms. Even if it means to kill Aragorn. Still thinking of the plot really. :p

4. Wood ~~~ I made this piece for a friend of mine who lives in the US. She is sooooo in love with him and i made this to surprise her. :)


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