Filling the Emptiness
by Lalaith

Title: Filling the Emptiness
Author: Lalaith E-mail: inthenavybean AT
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: NC17
Summary: While on the quest Legolas and Aragorn find comfort in each other's arms...PWP.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Characters etc. belong to Tolkien
Author’s Note: Archive anywhere...but please let me know. This is my first LOTR fic...please let me know what you think. Advice and criticisms welcome. March 2003.

Legolas sat with his back to the others. How is it possible to feel so lonely when surrounded by people? He couldn’t believe how sorry he was feeling for himself. It wasn’t that he missed his own kind. He had never felt like this the hundreds of times he’d gone patrolling the borders of Mirkwood on his own. In fact, he had welcomed the solitude. No, this was entirely different. It was as though something was missing, but he didn’t know what it was. So absorbed in his thoughts was the elf, that he didn’t hear the soft footfalls approaching from behind. Legolas started as a hand fell gently on his shoulder. He was about to turn in anger at being disturbed, when he heard a voice.

"Never before have I caught an elf off his guard. Legolas, what troubles you?"

Aragorn felt the tension in the elf’s shoulder’s diminish slightly as Legolas sighed. The archer turned to meet the ranger’s gaze, and then lowered his eyes to the ground.

"Nothing my lord, I am not troubled."

Legolas hoped that this would be enough to satisfy the inquisitive ranger. He began to turn back to face the trees, when he was stopped by a hand at his face.

“Your mouth tells me one thing, elf, but your eyes reveal another. Come; let us go for a walk.”

Legolas brushed Aragorn’s hand away, shaking his head. "I am not in need of a walk."

"You mistake me Legolas. It is I who am in need of a walk. Will you deny me the honour of your company?"

Legolas sighed and got to his feet. "Of course not, my lord."

Falling easily instep beside each other, the two walked silently through the dark woods allowing the calmness of the trees to soothe their travel weary souls, their thoughts harkening back to happier times spent in the forests of their youth. Legolas had taken several steps before he realized that Aragorn was no longer in step beside him. He stopped and turned, watching as Aragorn stood gazing up at the stars through an opening in the canopy above. Without altering his gaze, Aragorn spoke.

"Strong of body and soul as we both are, the quest is telling on us."

Legolas said nothing, waiting.

"I know that you, as I do, carry a heavy burden of emptiness, one that solitude will not fill."

The ranger paused, as thought deciding how to best continue.

"I have spent many hours in thought, seeking, within myself, a cure. I have come to realize, Legolas that the cure lies not within, but without."

Aragorn said nothing further, his eyes always focused on the stars above. After several minutes of silence he looked to Legolas and was surprised to see that the elf had closed the distance between them. Their eyes locked, and slowly Legolas raised the fingers of his left hand and gently brushed the ranger's hair behind his ear. Aragorn covered the elf's hand with his own, holding it against his face, relishing the feel of the elf's smooth skin against his. Legolas sighed and his eyes fluttered shut as with the fingers of his other hand, Aragorn traced the outline of a pointed ear.


Aragorn breathed the elf's name, and Legolas opened his eyes. Sapphire locked with steel. Aragorn wrapped his arms around the archer's waist and pulled their bodies together. Brining his right hand up to join his left on either side of the ranger's face, Legolas spoke his name.


The elf allowed his delicate fingers to trace the lines on the man's face. Lines from smiling, and from laughing. Lines from battle, and from worry. Legolas felt tears spring to his eyes, and leaned in gently placing his lips against Aragorn's forehead, hoping that simple act would, in some way, remove the cares from the ranger's face. As the archer pulled away Aragorn saw the tears.

"Why do you cry, my elf?"

"I would that you had not had the worries that have lined your face."

Legolas replied, looking down. Aragorn raised the elf's face so their eyes met once again.

"I am human, Legolas. I carry the story of my life in my face. This face represents joy as well as worry; both have lent themselves to the making of the man you see before you. I would change nothing, for the making of my face has crossed my path with yours."

The sincerity of the ranger's words caused tears to return to the elf's eyes. Aragorn wiped them away gently with his thumbs.

"I doubt that fate's designs could have kept us apart, meleth-nin."

Aragorn leaned towards Legolas, gently pressing his lips to the elf's. The archer's hands on Aragorn's shoulders held him firmly in place, and as the ranger's hands tangled themselves in Legolas' soft blond hair, the elf parted his lips, silently inviting the ranger's tongue, hungry for depth. Legolas brought his hands to the ranger's waist and wrapped his arms tightly around Aragorn, holding their bodies together as their mouths devoured. Need for air finally pulled them apart. Gasping, Aragorn spoke.

"I never allowed myself to hope for this day. Never allowed myself to hope, for I knew that I could never overcome the disappointment brought by such a hope unfulfilled."

"I will never disappoint your hopes. Estel, I can deny you nothing."

To illustrate his point Legolas returned his lips to the ranger's, and allowed his hand to wander down to the firm curve of Aragorn's backside. The ranger moaned into the elf's mouth, and busied his fingers at the ties of the archer's tunic. Legolas felt the cool night air and Aragorn's fingers playing across his chest, and he felt himself shudder in response. Spurred on by the elf's reactions, Aragorn sought out a nipple and pinched it gently between his thumb and forefinger. Legolas arched against Aragorn, pulling their mouths apart as he gasped. Displeased with the separation, and unwilling to let it happen again Aragorn snaked one hand behind the elf's head, holding him in place, as he devoured his mouth anew, still continuing his exploration of the archer's nipples. Legolas was overwhelmed by sensation, and slightly out of breath, but he still managed to slip his hands inside the back of the ranger's breeches, massaging the firm globes beneath. Pulling Aragorn tightly against him he became aware of the man's growing arousal pressing insistently against his own. Seeking friction, the elf began to wantonly grind himself against the ranger. After a few moments Aragorn pushed Legolas away.

"You'll be my undoing elf. I have plans for this." he said, suggestively stroking the bulge in Legolas' breeches to illustrate his point.

The elf felt a shiver of anticipation race through his body, which went not unnoticed by the man. Quickly regaining a modicum of composure Legolas' nimble fingers made short work of the ties on Aragorn's tunic and before the human was aware of what was happening he was bared from the waist up, finding the elf's tongue tracing maddening circles around a taught nipple. The ranger leaned his head back, allowing himself to revel in the contrasting sensations of the archer's warm mouth and the cool night air. Legolas' tongue explored its way down the ranger's well-muscled stomach, as the elf sank slowly to his knees. Legolas slowed his descent to let his tongue gently circle the ranger's navel, while his fingers quickly undid the fastenings of Aragorn's breeches. Legolas tucked his fingers inside the material, and then looked up to gauge Aragorn’s reaction. Seeing passion in his eyes, the elf tugged at the leather, freeing the ranger.

Aragorn moaned as his erection bobbed free, and gasped as he felt long fingers curl gently around his swollen member. Forcing his eyes open, he looked down at Legolas and lovingly trailed his fingers through the long blond hair. The elf looked up and their eyes met in a smouldering gaze. Maintaining eye contact Legolas tentatively licked at the leaking head of Aragorn's manhood. Allowing his eyes to slip shut, he savoured the man's unique flavour.

As the archer took more of the man's length in to his mouth Aragorn moaned appreciatively, encouraging the elf. Aragorn felt his knees grow week and would have likely fallen had it not been for the elf's hands massaging his backside, and lending him a little support.

Legolas could feel that Aragorn was getting close and redoubled his efforts.

Feeling the intensity of the archer's ministrations increase, Aragorn forced his eyes open, and looked down at the blond kneeling before him. Seeing himself disappearing behind the elf's luscious lips, the ranger was finally overcome, and spilled his seed into Legolas' eager mouth. The elf swallowed enthusiastically until the ranger was spent, only then allowing the softening member slip from his mouth.

Aragorn sank slowly to his knees and crushed his lips against the elf's in a bruising kiss. Legolas responded eagerly, lying back on the soft grass and pulling Aragorn with him. The ranger found that the elf's kisses tasted somehow different, realizing that he was tasting his own essence on the elf's lips, he felt a renewed surge of passion head straight towards his groin.

Aragorn managed to pull himself away from Legolas' fervent kisses, and sat straddling his hips gazing down at the lust filled eyes beneath him. The ranger's gaze swept down the archer's long lean body, his hands following, lingering at his nipples, tracing the outlines of well defined muscles, and finally resting on the fastenings of Legolas' breeches.

Painfully slow did Aragorn's movements seem to Legolas as the ranger took his time divesting the elf of his remaining garments.

Having finally unclothed the elf Aragorn explored every inch of the archer's body, with hands and tongue and eyes, always avoiding the one place Legolas desired to be touched.

The ranger licked and nibbled at the hollow of the elf's collarbone, placed a kiss on the pulse point, then gently traced the edge of a pointed ear. Legolas moaned in frustration as Aragorn pinned his arms above his head, to stop him from touching himself.

The future king brushed his stubbled face against the elf's much smoother one, and as their erections rubbed between them he whispered breathily in Legolas' ear,

"I want you," a gentle nip at the elf's ear "I need you," a hungry kiss, then, quieter, so quiet that Legolas doubted he would have heard at all if not for his elven ears, "inside me."

Aragorn's questioning eyes met Legolas'. Finding his arms released the elf put them to good use, pulling Aragorn into a kiss and rolling over on top of him. Aragorn felt relieved, he had been unsure if Legolas would honour this request, but the archer's actions spoke louder than words. Legolas brushed the hair out of the Aragorn's face, his eyes searching the ranger's questioningly.

"You are sure, Estel?"

The ranger gently stroked the Elf's face and nodded. Legolas kissed him quickly, then said,

"One moment, I will return shortly."

Aragorn immediately missed the warmth of the elf's body in the cool night, but was not deprived of it for long as Legolas, true to his word, returned quickly, a small flask in his hand. Aragorn recognized it as the oil Legolas used to keep his bowstring supple.

The elf knelt between the ranger's knees and poured an amount of the oil into his hands. He traced the man's inner thighs, and it wasn't long before he was tracing small circles around the tight entrance to the man's body. Aragorn struggled to relax as he felt Legolas begin to insert a slender finger. Legolas lightly stroked the man's stomach, whispering soft words in elvish. As he felt the ranger relaxing, Legolas entered him slowly with his finger. Giving the ranger a moment to adjust the archer began to slowly move his finger, in and out. Suddenly Aragorn arched his back and gasped, and Legolas knew he hand found the man's pleasure centre. Adding a second finger, and aiming to hit that spot again and again, it wasn't long before Aragorn stood fully erect and was practically begging for more. As the elf withdrew his fingers Aragon moaned in disappointment, and looked to Legolas, who once again had the vial of oil in his hands. Aragorn placed his palm out and Legolas poured some of the oil into it. Aragorn spread the slick fluid over the archer's fervid elfhood. Legolas moaned and pushed Aragorn back down onto the grass. Aragorn placed his knees on the elf shoulders then pulled him down for a passionate kiss. He felt Legolas' elfhood pressing insistently at the entrance to his body. He struggled to relax, and gasped as Legolas pushed forward. The elf stopped and Aragorn marvelled at his patience. Legolas kissed Aragorn, looking into his eyes.

"Estel, melethron, I do not wish to hurt you."

"Please, Legolas, you will not hurt me. I am ready."

The elf nodded once, and not taking his eyes off Aragorn, pushed slowly into the heat of the man's body. Aragorn stayed focused on the elf's sapphire gaze, and fought the tears that sprang unwittingly to his eyes as the elf sheathed himself fully. Legolas leaned in and kissed away the traces of pain from the ranger's eyes, giving him a moment to adjust to his size. He didn't have to wait long. Aragorn began to thrust beneath him, moaning wantonly. Legolas began thrusting slowly, and was surprised by how quickly they fell into a perfect rhythm. Aragorn felt stars explode behind his eyes every time Legolas hit that certain spot inside him. The ranger marvelled at how well their bodies seemed to fit together, as he dropped his legs from the elf's shoulders, wrapping them tightly around his waist.

Suddenly Aragorn realized that he no longer felt empty, in fact he felt rather full, deliciously full. This thought caused Aragorn to hunger for intensity, and urged Legolas on, begging for greater speed, greater depth. The elf was only too eager to comply, and bringing a hand between them stroked Aragorn to completion. Feeling the ranger's heat contracting around him, Legolas thrust once, bringing Aragorn over the edge with him. The two companions were aware of nothing but each other, and lay, clinging to each other as the waves of pleasure flowed through their bodies. Legolas rolled them onto their sides, his sated sex slipped from within his partner as he did so. They were drifting to sleep when Aragorn spoke,

"Legolas, I no longer feel emptiness, you are my cure."

Legolas smiled into Aragorn's hair and murmured to him and they both slipped into unconsciousness,

"Estel, you have completed me. Amin mela lle."




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