The Folly of Desire
by Enide

Title: The Folly of Desire ½
Author: Enide
Type: Pwp
Characters: Legolas/Aragorn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them and would hate us forever, precious
Warning: Explicit sex, really daft ranger
Author's Note: Probably the most Pwp fic I ever written. Don't knowwhat my point would be with it, except to get Legolas in bed with Aragorn. It was all Legolas idea, I promise….
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Beta: Erfan, who went far beyond the duty of a beta with this. If I could give you a medal of honour and bravery, I would!
Summary: Legolas gets frustrated with Aragorn playing coy, and makes a grave mistake

Legolas PoV:

I could feel his eyes following me across the room as I walked away, dark, relentlessly insistent eyes. I knew that if I were to turn around I would catch a glint of heat and desire in that look, before he turned away pretending he had never looked at me at all. It was frustrating, agonising, but he refused to talk to me about it.

"I love Arwen." That was ever his answer, if he acknowledged my words at all.

"I know you love Arwen," I had tried to explain to him over and over again. "What you feel for me is not love, but desire. Give in to it, Aragorn. Why not? You know I feel the same for you. Arwen would understand. Such things are common amongst our people."

I did not tell him that she probably had some discreet female lovers, for I knew he would not believe it. How can Mankind imagine that every need can be satisfied by only the one sex?

"I love her. I will not betray her." He insisted and again I walked away in angry frustration feeling his yearning glance follow me.

The moon had been sailing the sky over Gondor for some hours, but the day ended late for its King and only now did I hear the long, easy strides echoing along the corridor, betraying to everyone who knew him who was approaching. And that he was alone.

He might still be armed, but it did not bother me much. This would be a matter for stealth and speed, not strength or ability with weapons, and I was his superior in those skills.

The shadows were deep, the man tired. The former Ranger walked right past me without so much as turning his head.

I moved out behind him with all the speed I could muster.

Before he could turn around and face me, I had clamped a cloth over his mouth and nose and pulled his sword-arm behind his back when he instinctively reached for his weapon. Holding him pressed against me, I could feel his pulse race and see his dark eyes widen with fear as he recognised the smell he was forced breath in. He struggled hard but the sleeping drug had its effect; very soon his consciousness slipped away from him and his body grew limp.

I could not help but smile, seeing his sleeping form in my arms.

When he awoke, I had already readied the room. A small fire was driving the cold away from the long neglected chamber - there were still plenty of those in the city. Now there was a soft rug on the floor, pillows were scattered in front of the hearth, together with some other useful items, and the ranger was securely bound in a heavy but comfortable chair, his eyes covered with a blindfold.

His head snapped up, and his body twisted as he realised his predicament and that he could not get away. He must have felt another presence in the room however, for he suddenly went very still.

"Arwen?" he whispered, but from the tone of his voice, I knew he did not think it was she.

I went over to him, caressed his cheek with my fingers, smiling at the feel of stubble under my hand, down over his broad chin, and over his soft lips. They parted slightly under my touch.

I leaned down and pressed our lips together, delighting in the taste of his mouth and darting my tongue inside to caress his, fast and teasing.

"Not Arwen." I answered, and removed the blindfold.

There was no surprise in his eyes when he looked up at me, but therewere many other feelings: anger, desire, even some fear.

"Let me go, Legolas." He sounded surprisingly calm.

"Eventually. Not before I show you what you are missing. And then you will have to make a decision. I will never force you to choose between her and me - I know that I would lose in such a decision - but you can have both of us."

"I love her." But his eyes would not leave me. In the flickering light from the fire, I slowly removed my jacket, and then the tunic. The ranger's eyes grew larger.

"Mankind." I sighed mockingly. "Why do I even bother?"

But of course I knew why. I desired the touch and feel of him just as much as he desired me. But unlike him, I did not deny my passion.

"If I call for help, guards will be here."

"So call away, then."

He bit his lip - such a sweet sight - but he did not raise his voice.

"We are far from the inhabited parts of the city. No one will disturb us tonight." I let one hand slip up my own chest, pretending it was his touch. The hunger and astonishment in his eyes fired my desire. "It was not easy to get you here, King of Men. You are not easy to carry. Though I hope to feel your weight again later tonight."

He actually blushed, and with a small, soft laugh I leaned down to kiss him again, this time for longer and more leisurely. I moved to stand in front of him, making sure the firelight made it possible for him to see me. Never looking away from his face, I let both my hands slide over my chest and flat stomach, caressing the smooth skin, moving over muscles, teasing my nipples, drawing his widening eyes with them, and increasing my already charged arousal.

Down the inside of my thighs, up over my narrow hips, playing over the line of my leggings. His breathing got more strained with my every movement. When I let one finger slip into my mouth, and slowlyremoved it, wet and gleaming, a sharp exhalation broke from him. The desire I held for him was there, clear in my eyes, and when he met my gaze he could barely turn away. There was sweat on his forehead, a bulge in his trousers. And I had still only kissed him twice.

Encouraged, and with my own arousal straining at my leggings, I started to remove them, taking my time. His eyes roved all over me but kept returning to my hands, which were now caressing my butt, and then slowly making their way forward. Still hidden behind the cloth of my leggings, the movements of my hands left no doubt to as what I did. Now my own breath started to get ragged, and I finally let the leggings fall to the floor, standing naked in front of him.

He had seen me naked before during the Fellowship's long journey, but never like this, excited and aroused, with desire rising with every light stroke of my fingers. Arousal made him tremble, even as he tried to repress it.

Unable to hold myself back any longer, I reached for him. For the third time I kissed him and this time he answered, equalling my hunger, challenging it. The passion of the kiss made me long for him even more, but he was not yet ready. And neither was I.

Deftly I unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it back over his shoulders as far as I could from the restraining ropes. He mumbled something almost intelligible amidst the harsh breathing as I started to kiss his chest, playing with his chest hair, licking his nipples until they were hard as stone in my mouth. Then I moved further down, parting his legs to give me access.

"Do not do this," he begged, desperately. "Please, do not. For her sake…"

I did not answer, too caught up with his taste, with the touch of his hot skin in my hands. He did not fight it when I pushed his legs apart and began opening his pants, freeing him. Carefully, I licked along his length, kissing its top, caressing his pouch with my hands.

"Yes, I desire you!" He shouted the confession, almost panicking. "Yes, I want you! Is that what you want to hear? But do not make me do this to her!"

The shout became a throaty groan as I swallowed him; he threw his dark head back, black locks swinging and catching the fire light, thighs trembling around me, but not closing, not shutting me out.His eyes were open, he had no blindfold; he was not pretending that it was she who pleasured him so. I flattened my tongue, wrapping it around him, teasing the top of his arousal with the tip of my tongue and my lips, taking him deeper and deeper into my throat with every move.

It was weeping translucent, salt tears into my mouth when I withdrew.

"No," he whispered, but now the meaning was not clear. His eyes were dim with desire, as were my own. Freeing him from the ropes with one quick move, trembling with as much passion as he, I moved back to the soft rug and the hearth. He just sat still, vibrating with arousal and staring at my equally aroused body which waited for him.

"Now the choice is yours." I could hardly speak from wanting, but I had to let him make that decision. I had to know. He had to know.

He came towards me like a dark shadow, repressed need breaking loose with every motion. His hands were everywhere on my body, feeling, caressing. The hunger of his passion made me pant, his kiss broke my breathing as he pressed me down on the rug, and I felt the heavy weight of him on my body just as I had foretold.

"Not so," I managed to say. "Like this." I pushed him upwards and turned around under him, spreading my legs. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw that he understood, and he only hesitated for a second before he softly pushed into me, already oiled and ready for him. He was agonisingly careful, as if I was a virgin and could be hurt, and the delicious torture was too much in my aroused state; I pushed upwards, enclosing him to the root.

We fell back down as the sheer force of heated passion turned our bones to water; he reached up and his large hands enclosed my long fingers as he moved inside of me, his face buried in my hair, drawing breaths so deep the sense of me must have filled his very being.

Inexperienced as he was, still he caressed the point of pleasure inside of me until I could no longer restrain myself and with a last shudder of passion I succumbed to the need. His breathing changed, got harder as the need grew in him to, and with a last shout, drawn from his very soul, he flooded me.



Title: The Folly of Desire 2/2
Author: Enide
Type: Pwp
Characters: Legolas/Aragorn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them and would hate us forever, precious
Warning: Explicit sex, really daft ranger and very sulky elf
Author's Note: Probably the most Pwp fic I ever written. Don't know what my point would be with it, except to get Legolas in bed with Aragorn. It was all Legolas idea, I promise….
Beta: Erfan, who went far beyond the duty of a beta with this. If I could give you a medal of honour and bravery, I would!
Summary: Aragorn tries to make amends, but is he willing to pay legolas' price for forgivens?

Aragorn PoV

Maybe it is true what they say about elves; that they are far too enchanting to be safe company for mortals. It was already too late for me. Although my desire had been growing constantly for all the long months of the Fellowship's journey, I had stubbornly denied it. And then during a single night, he had seduced me, enchanted me - and left me. That it was my own fault did nothing to lessen the agonising emptiness and unsatisfied desire that burned in me. Even if elves do accept if their spouses have other lovers to share their bed, Legolas made it very clear that by shouting her name and not his, I had committed a serious fault. He had got up, dressed and left the room we shared without a word, and now he had been ignoring me for weeks. Ignoring and avoiding me, and every time I wanted to talk to him he made certain that someone else - Faramir, Gimli, Arwen, or anyone else - was in the room as well, making it impossible to explain, or even ask forgiveness.

But now I wanted him more than ever. As he had said himself, I now knew what I was missing, and I ached with desire for him.

The cold tension he radiated and my own eagerness to be around him was soon the talk of all the court, though of course no one knew thereason for the changed relationship between their King and the elven Prince.

Arwen, too, started to worry about me, asking what was wrong between Legolas and me.

"You were the best of friends," she said, worried. "What has happened to ruin your strong friendship? Shall I talk to him?"

"No! No, it is not his fault, but mine. I put no blame on him. Please let it be, Arwen."

"But I love you, my heart! How can I let this be, when I see the strain this is putting on you?"

"Please. Just leave it."


It was early morning, barely even dawn, and I was lying in her embrace thinking of him, when I heard the soft sound of something being pushed under the door to our bedroom.

Freeing myself from her arms I crossed the room naked and picked up the small piece of paper. The message on it was short, but at least he had done me the courtesy of keeping it subtle in case Arwen was the first to receive it.

*I would like to speak to you again. Maybe there is a way to resolve the misunderstandings between us. Please meet me at the abandoned northern tower at noon.* The short letter was signed with the Sindarin rune for L, and my heart suddenly started to beat faster.

"What is it, love? Good news?" Arwen asked sleepily from the bed.

She smiled when my only answer was a look of confused happiness.

When noon finally came, I had to stop myself from running up the many stairs to the north tower. I might have been a little early, but he was already there, sitting on the windowsill, long legs dangling. Bright spring sunlight encased him in a halo of fire butwhen he turned to me, his smiling face suddenly turned dark.

"Aragorn? What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean?" I demanded. "You left me this note!"

He looked at me suspiciously, jumping down from the window and stalking past me.

"I received a letter from Gimli, requesting I meet him here. I never sent you any letter!"

He tried to sweep past me, and down the stairs, but I could not let him go. This was the first time we had been alone since that fateful night. I grabbed his arm.

"Legolas listen to me…" I didn't get any further before he tore his arms free and gave me a hard push, knocking me off my feet and sending me sprawling across the floor.

"There is nothing left to say! You were right and I was wrong. I will soon leave Minas Tirith and then you can pretend our night never happened!"

He had barely turned back towards the stairs before the door was shut in his face with a heavy thunk. A quick hand turned a key on the outside.

"What!" Legolas raged, pounding on the sturdy wood with his fists. "Is this a trap?"

Furious, he turned back on me, but when he saw the honest confusion in my face, he turned back towards the barred exit.

"No trap, Mirkwood Prince," a soft, velvety voice said. "Only a way to help you both see what you are missing."

"We'll let you out as soon as you've come to your senses," a coarser voice added. "Stop acting like children, the both of you."

"Arwen?" I stared at the door.

"Gimli! You will let me out of here, or I swear you will live to regret it!" Legolas shouted, his cheeks glowing red with anger.

"Looking forward to it," the Dwarf answered, and then we could hear the sound of both of them moving away.

"Gimli?" I asked, getting up on my feet again.

"I suppose you think you were the only one with two lovers? Stupidity goes well with your arrogance."

He moved to the other end of the room, as far from me as he could get, his blue eyes narrowing with threat when I took a step closer. I ignored it and went over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. It felt wooden with tension under my touch.

"Legolas, how many times can I say I am sorry? I made a mistake, an innocent mistake, that is all!"

"So did I, it seems." His gaze didn't leave mine, as if he could freeze me with its chill.

"But I want you to know that you were right! You have been haunting my dreams ever since, even my waking hours! I want…I want you! I want to go back there to that night, before I…" My words disappeared into his silence, but suddenly he shook his head gently.

"You have really no idea of how you hurt me, do you?" He asked softly, relaxing a little.

"Well, no…"

"And if I had done the same to you? If at the height of desire I had shouted another's name? If you had suddenly realised that you were nothing but a substitute for the one I really wanted?"

I lowered my head, suddenly realising his pain. I had to explain, even if it meant exposing my innermost secret.

"Before I married Arwen," I said quietly, "there had never beenanyone else for me. I had never shared myself with anyone. With you… my mind got confused, and yes, for a second I was with her. But only for a second, I swear it!"

"Never anyone?" His fair face darkened with a frown, trying to accept what I said. "But you grew up at Imladris…?"

"I didn't say there were never temptations. Or propositions. But I never accepted them. It is the way of *my* kind."

"A strange people, Mankind," mused Legolas. "And I will never understand you." But he seemed more relaxed, and I felt the stirring of hope again.

"So what happens now?" I asked carefully.

"It depends on you." He gave me a measuring glance. "Mistake or not, it must never happen again:"

"It won't," I swore, my heart beating with renewed hope.

Suddenly his arms were around my neck, pulling us close, enclosing me in the scent and presence of him. My blood started racing, but still I did not quite dare to touch him. Somehow, I did not think he was done.

"If you can stand by that oath," he breathed, eyes never leaving mine, "then there will be no more mistakes, and you will let me love you - in a way that she never could."

I almost shied away as the meaning of his words sank in, but how could I withdraw now? My heart still beat as fast as before, but now it was partly because of fear. My mouth felt dry; I could only nod.

"Come now, King of Men," he half chided, half soothed. "There is no need to fear. Did she fear you when you took her to the bridal bed? Trust me, as I trusted you."

"I would trust you with my life."

He smiled, a dazzling, brilliant smile that swept away most of my fears. Gently, he pushed me backwards, until we fell down on thebed. Legolas lay on top of me, face to face, but his weight was no concern; on the contrary, I wanted to feel it to the full. I let my hands sink into his golden hair, soft as silk, pulling him towards me. He let it happen, and when our lips parted and tongues met, the yearning in it seemed set to put my very blood on fire.

Nimble fingers were already working on the opening of my jacket and shirt, and then his warm tongue on the sensitive skin made me groan with pleasure. I let my hands slip up under his shirt, feeling the warm, smooth skin under my palms so very alive.

He rose up, sitting on my hips whilst he opened up the last buttons, pulling the clothing off my torso and pulling me up towards him, making him sit in my lap as we embraced, kissing, caressing, licking. My hands got bolder, sweeping over his strong thighs, hard buttocks, and the bulge in front. Oh, how I wanted him! To feel, to touch, to taste…I could never get enough. He equalled my hunger, digging his long fingers into my hair as I bend him backwards, exposing his chest and nipples to my attentions, moaning with desire, so fair and strong in the dazzling light of the sun. I was almost shaking with desire, and the light in his eyes had gone from a glow to a radiant fire when he pushed me back on the bed again. Moving backwards, he gently pulled my trousers and boots off me. The wet tip of his tongue followed my leg up as he moved back up, all the way from my ankle to my groin, sending fire all through my body.

More harshly than I would have wanted, but unable to control myself any longer, I tore his leggings and footwear off him, throwing them about the room. He laughed at my impatience, but when I tried to push him back on the bed, he held my hand back.

"Will you hold to your promise?" He asked, looking at me with utmost solemnity.

"Yes." I was still slightly afraid, but I knew I could never deny him anything. Smiling he reached for the small jar of oil on the table next to the bed.

My body was aching for his touch as I laid down on the covers and he gently placed himself on top of me, his hard rod against my entrance. Reflexes made me close up immediately. Ashamed, I tied to relax and open up for him, but my body would not respond.

He did not say anything, did not rebuke me, just kept kissing me, licking my neck. A long finger moved between us and up, carefully and gently prying me open. I was prepared for pain when he slid intome, but there was none. The oil made every movement smooth, and something - something wondrous and strange - inside me started to respond to the touch.

Wave after wave of arousal shook my body as the finger's movement got stronger, bolder, at my responses. When he withdrew, my hips bucked up towards him. He granted my wish almost immediately, as aroused as I. So much longer and thicker than the finger he'd just withdrawn, he filled my world. Pleasure of an unknown kind rattled my body making my panting hard and ragged.

"Am I hurting you?" Concern shone through the thickness of desire in his voice; he would have drawn back immediately if I had told him `yes'. "You must say if I am - but Valar, Aragorn, you are just wondrous!"

I did not know if I should laugh or cry. Hurting me? I had never experienced such pleasure. He must have understood, for he continued.

When we finally climaxed, there was no thought of Arwen in my head.

Panting, we fell into one another's arms, satisfied and happy for the first time in weeks. I snuggled up on his shoulder, my head dizzy and my body tingling with spent desire.

"We really have been fools, haven't we?" I mumbled.

"Both of us," he admitted. "So many moments like this we have lost!"

"Best make up for them, then." I kissed his ear just to hear him laugh.

Somewhere out in Gondor our other lovers waited, and we would never abandon them, but this moment was ours alone.

The End



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