A Gift of the Wind
by Liriell

Gift for: Lantaana
Title: A Gift of the Wind
Author: Liriell
Email: liriell810 AT hotmail.com
Warnings: mpreg, angst
Summary: After a year of avoiding Aragorn, Legolas is forced to face the ranger and reveal the secret he has been hiding.

Legolas walked through the gardens of Imladris, pausing frequently to admire this leaf or that flower. He had requested some time alone to think about the upcoming council, but his mind refused to settle on the serious information he had to present. Instead, it insisted on revisiting the coldest night he'd ever experienced, just over a year ago.

Perhaps it was because he would see Aragorn for the first time again since that night. Legolas knew that Aragorn would want to talk to him, want to know why Legolas had never been in Mirkwood whenever Aragorn visited. It was less than honorable to hide from the ranger, but Legolas had been unable to force himself to see Aragorn, to face the disgust in the man's eyes.

The Mirkwood elf sighed sadly. A very small part of him wished he could go back, in truth, and revisit that night; perhaps he would behave differently. But then if the valar granted him that wish, he would not now have the most precious gift he'd ever been given. No, he would not have acted differently, even if he had the knowledge of all the heartache he would go through before finding his joy.

The day Eldarion had come into his life had been the happiest day Legolas had ever experienced. He would never do anything that would take his beloved son from him.

Smiling tenderly now, Legolas sat on a stone bench as he let his mind drift back to the night he had remembered so many times already.


"Aragorn? Are you well?" Legolas lifted his head to gaze at the man who was lying across from him. He could hear Aragorn's teeth chattering together from where he rested alone against a fallen tree.

"S-sorry," Aragorn replied softly. "I'm just c-cold."

"The wind is particularly bitter tonight," the blonde elf agreed. "I'm sorry, we dare not risk a fire to warm you."

"I know." Aragorn sat up, giving up all attempt to sleep. He huddled further into his worn coat, seeking some reprieve from the biting, frigid wind that snaked through every possible opening to nip at his skin.

Pausing for a long moment to look intently at the shivering man, Legolas made his decision.

"Come over here, Aragorn. There is some respite from the wind against this tree."

Moving stiffly, the ranger crossed the small space between them to sit beside the elf. He started in surprise when Legolas draped his arm around Aragorn's shoulders and drew him closer.

"Rest, my friend," Legolas said tenderly, his heart beating rapidly at holding the man he had grown to love in his arms. "Let me keep you warm."

Hesitantly, Aragorn slid his arm around Legolas' trim waist and huddled into the warmth that radiated from the elf. "Thank you, Legolas," he said softly, his breath caressing the elf's slender neck.

Legolas shivered slightly when he felt Aragorn's breath warm on his neck. Desire rose unbidden and he longed to turn his head slightly and beg the ranger to take him.

"Legolas?" Aragorn's grey eyes searched his friend's face, as though seeking confirmation of what he thought the shiver that had shook the elf's body meant.

"Aragorn," Legolas breathed, turning his face to the ranger, his blue eyes shining with desire.

"Legolas," Aragorn whispered, bringing his hand up to trace the sculpted lines of the elf's face with wonder. As though in a daze, the two moved closer until their lips touched. With a groan, the ranger buried his hand in the moon-silvered strands of the elf's hair, drawing Legolas closer and deepening the kiss.

Moaning softly, Legolas surrendered to the man claiming his lips. Slender fingers stroked over the clothed muscular body as the elf was eased down to lie on the forest floor, Aragorn on top of him. His legs parted willingly, allowing the ranger to nestle between them, bringing their groins together for the first time. Legolas arched his back slightly, craving more of the arousing contact.

Reluctantly pulling back from the kiss, Aragorn stared into the lust-darkened eyes of his companion. "Legolas," he breathed tenderly. "I need..."

"I need too, Aragorn," Legolas admitted hesitantly. "Please."

Aware of the wind that still swirled through the clearing, gnawing at the ranger's sensitive skin, the two companions only loosened their clothing as much as was needed.

Aragorn groaned with pleasure when he was fully seated in the tight heat of Legolas' passage. Slowly he began to move, pulling out almost completely before pushing back in until his sac rested against the elf's nether cheeks.

Legolas whimpered softly at the slow pace his lover was setting. He wrapped his legs around Aragorn as he whispered broken words of love, desire, and pleading in every language he knew, aching to feel the ranger claim him forcefully.

As though aware of Legolas' need, Aragorn increased his pace and was soon thrusting hard into the welcoming heat. Legolas clung to the man, his hips rising to meet each hard thrust. When Aragorn's hand reached between them to take Legolas' shaft in hand, the elf was undone and with a strangled shriek, he spasmed around his lover, the pearly streamers of his release coating his stomach as his inner muscles clenched around Aragorn's hard shaft, drawing the ranger's seed from him.

Aragorn shuddered as he climaxed, spilling his seed deep inside Legolas. With a heartfelt groan of completion, he collapsed to lie on top of the slender body as he shook slightly with the aftershocks of his release.

Legolas closed his mouth firmly over the words of love he wanted to say. He knew that Aragorn was pledged to Arwen, the last thing the ranger needed was to hear that Legolas loved him. This night had been a stolen one, a gift of the wind, and Legolas would treasure the memory for the rest of his life, but he would never reveal the depths of his feelings to Aragorn.

=end flashback=

Legolas' fingers traced over his lips as he remembered how tender Aragorn had been with him as they cleaned themselves as best they could, and how they had lain together and traded soft kisses until the dawn streaked the sky with red and gold.

They had traveled hard all of that day and well past nightfall, intent on reaching the safety and warmth of the Mirkwood halls. Aragorn had left on his own the following day and had not returned for four months.

During that time, Legolas had discovered the result of the night they had shared. At first he had been horrified, but gradually he had accepted the gift for the treasure that it was. When Aragorn returned to Mirkwood, Legolas' belly was already beginning to swell with the child he carried. Fearing to see disgust and rejection in his friend's eyes, the elf had left his father's halls before Aragorn reached them. He stayed away until he received news that the ranger had left.

This had begun the pattern that had followed each and every time Aragorn's travels brought him again to Mirkwood. In the later months, when Legolas was heavy with the child he carried, he could do naught but hide himself deep within the unused chambers of the Mirkwood palace, where visitors did not walk. His father had been unwilling to allow him to leave the halls when he was unable to defend himself.

Thankfully, Aragorn had not been present when their child was born. Legolas laughed ruefully as he remembered the way he had screamed as Eldarion was born. There was no place within the walls of his father's palace that had not heard his tormented scream.

Legolas had spent the last three months wrapped up in caring for his tiny son, unaware that his father had agreed to hold the gollum creature prisoner. Legolas had only been told when Gollum had escaped and his father needed someone to explain what had happened to Lord Elrond.

Legolas had agreed to be his father's emissary on the condition that he be allowed to take his son with him. He did not wish to be separated from Eldarion, even for such a simple task.

"I am sorry to intrude, Legolas," Lenwë's apologetic words broke Legolas' train of thought and the Mirkwood prince looked up to see one of his traveling companions approaching.

"I was merely resting, Lenwë," Legolas said calmly, not wishing to reveal the trail of the thoughts he had been shaken from. "Is it time?"

"Yes, my lord."

"And Eldarion?"

"Annael tired him out with play and he is now sleeping," Lenwë said with a smile. There was not one Mirkwood elf who did not adore Legolas' son.

"Then I am ready to face the council," Legolas rose from his seat and calmly made his way to the outdoor chamber where Elrond's council would be held, no sign of his fierce determination to keep Aragorn from finding out about Eldarion visible on his face.


Legolas closed his eyes for a brief moment as he stood outside the door to his chambers. He could hardly believe that he had just committed himself to a journey of undetermined length that would force him to leave his son behind in the care of others.

If the Gondorian had not been so arrogant and sneeringly condescending towards Aragorn, perhaps Legolas would have been able to contain his need to defend the man he loved. But then Aragorn had told him to sit down. Legolas had stared at the ranger in disbelief, but yielding to the pleading expression in Aragorn's eyes, he had resumed his seat without another word.

When Aragorn had pledged his sword to aid Frodo in his quest to destroy the ring, Legolas had been quick to pledge his bow, unwilling to allow the man he loved to travel into certain danger alone.

It was only when the council had ended that Legolas had realized what he had done. He could not take Eldarion with him on this quest. The elfling would have to travel back to Mirkwood with Lenwë and Annael while Legolas traveled in a completely different direction, taking him far from his son.

"Please forgive me, Eldarion," Legolas whispered almost inaudibly before straightening his shoulders and entering the suite of rooms, determined to spend as much time as possible with his son before they had to be parted.


Aragorn halted outside the closed door, collecting his thoughts and barricading his emotions. The sight of the blonde elf had roused feelings the ranger had thought he'd put firmly behind him.

He had not wanted to leave Legolas after the night they had spent together, but he had other duties to fulfill that had to take precedence over his own wants. When he had returned to Mirkwood, eager to see his friend, it was to be told that Legolas was out on patrol.

Once, he could accept as bad luck, but every time he returned to Mirkwood, Legolas was away on patrol. Even a stupid man would eventually realize that the elf was avoiding him for some reason, and Aragorn was not stupid.

So he had camouflaged the love he felt for Legolas behind a mask of indifference and continued to methodically fulfill each task set before him. Each night, Aragorn would rebuild the fortress around his heart, intent on never revealing how deeply he loved Legolas.

Realizing that he could not give Arwen what she wanted, Aragorn had released her from the vows they had made, and implored her to travel with her kin to the Undying Lands. Arwen had not wanted to release him, but had done so when Aragorn had told her that he could not love her in the way that she wanted, as his heart belonged to another. However, he did not tell her that the one who held his heart did not return his love.

And so now he stood outside Legolas' door, anxious to speak to the Mirkwood prince and see whether they could salvage their friendship. It would be very difficult to travel for months with Legolas if the elf continued to avoid him. For the sake of the fellowship, if for no other reason, Aragorn knew he and Legolas must resolve their differences.

With a deep breath, Aragorn raised his hand and rapped lightly on the wooden door. At the softly voiced 'enter', he turned the handle and entered the room, stopping in the open doorway as he saw Legolas sitting with a babe suckling at his breast.

Legolas lifted his gaze from his son and his eyes widened in shock as he saw Aragorn standing in the doorway. He had expected the visitor to be Lord Elrond and so had not asked who had knocked before granting entry.

"Legolas?" Aragorn asked in surprise, unable to move forward, his body still gripped by the shock of seeing his beloved with a child at his breast.

"Come in, Aragorn, and close the door," Legolas replied in resignation. What he had most hoped to avoid had happened, and now he must try to converse with Aragorn while Eldarion fed, hoping the ranger would not look too closely at the elfling and realize the child bore many of his features.

Numbly, Aragorn did as he was told, then crossed the room to look at the infant cradled in Legolas' arms. "Is this why you would not see me for the past year?"

"Aragorn..." Legolas began, then stopped. He could not lie to the man he loved, not when Aragorn was standing there, looking as though the world had dropped out from under him.

"I did not want to see the revulsion in your eyes when you saw me heavy with child," the elf admitted, ashamed.

"Why would you think I would feel that way, Legolas?" Aragorn asked softly, not trying to hide the hurt in his voice and expression. "We are... were friends. I may have been surprised, because I did not know that male elves could bear children, but I would not be revolted. Do you not know what you mean to me, Legolas?"

"I... I am sorry, Aragorn," Legolas said sadly, his eyes pleading for forgiveness.

"I would like to meet your mate," the ranger said bravely, determined to do what he could to regain Legolas' friendship. If that were all he could have, he would gratefully accept the crumbs rather than demand the banquet.

"I have no mate," Legolas admitted. He lifted Eldarion from his nipple and struggled one-handed to close his tunic.

"Let me," Aragorn lifted the child from Legolas' arms to allow the elf to refasten his clothing. He stared in wonder at the grey eyes that looked up at him. One trembling hand lifted to stroke the curly brown hair. Unable to deny the evidence before his eyes, Aragorn raised his gaze to look at the blonde elf in front of him. "What is going on, Legolas?"

"Aragorn, please..." Legolas reached out for his child, suddenly afraid of what Aragorn would do when he found out the child was also his.

Reluctantly, Aragorn allowed Legolas to take his child back.

"I have no mate," Legolas repeated softly, accepting that Aragorn deserved to know what had happened. "Eldarion... was born from that last night we spent together, when it was so cold."

Aragorn closed his eyes, not wanting to accept, but unable to refute the clear evidence before him.

"Please do not despise me, Aragorn," Legolas begged.

"Why did you not tell me?" Aragorn demanded, opening his eyes to pin the elf with his angry gaze.

"I was frightened," the blonde elf admitted shamefully as he cuddled his son closer. "I was afraid you would hate me... that you would deny any involvement..."

The ranger's angry gaze softened to one of hurt bewilderment. "Do you not know what you mean to me, Legolas?"

"But it cannot be, Aragorn," Legolas replied sadly. "You are pledged to Arwen. I cannot ask that you break that pledge."

"You do not have to ask, for it is already broken," Aragorn replied, cupping his hand on Legolas' chin to lift the elf's face so he could look into the bereft blue eyes. "I released Arwen to sail with her kin to the Undying Lands. I could not bind myself to her when my heart belongs to you."

"To... me?" Legolas asked, hardly daring to believe Aragorn's words.

"To you, my beloved," the ranger agreed with a tender smile. "I have loved you almost from the moment I met you, Legolas. I had thought the depth of my love was not returned, but after that night we spent together, I dared to hope that you would accept me. I was hurt when you would not even see me after that night."

"I was wrong to hide from you, Aragorn," the blonde elf admitted. "I did not realize how profound my love for you was until that night when the wind was so cold. When you left Mirkwood, I was still basking in the heat of our joining. It was not until I learned that I was pregnant that I began to doubt that you could love me. You were pledged to Arwen, you did not need a foolish male elf to interfere in your life..."

In response, Aragorn cupped Legolas' face between his hands and pressed a love-filled kiss to the soft pink lips. "If you are a foolish male elf, then you are my foolish male elf, Legolas, and I very much want you in my life."

Finally revealing his love for the man in front of him, Legolas leaned in closer, offering his lips for another kiss. "I am yours, Aragorn, only yours."

The man and elf kissed, lost in the love they shared until the babe between them began to fuss at being so confined.

Pulling back slightly with a grin, Aragorn kept his arm around Legolas' shoulders as he looked at their son. "Now introduce me to our son, my love."

His face shining with happiness, Legolas lifted the infant so Aragorn could see him clearly. "This is Eldarion, and he has been my joy when all else was despair at the thought of never seeing you again. Eldarion, this is your father, Aragorn. People will call him by other names, but he will always be Aragorn to us."

A knock sounded at the door and Elrond entered to see Legolas blonde hair and the brown hair of his foster son bent over the elfling in Legolas' arms. Raising his eyebrow slightly in surprise at the turn of events, the lord of Imladris crossed the room to stand before the man and elf.

The half-elven lord observed the way Aragorn sat with his arm around Legolas, and then he really looked at the babe in Legolas' arms, noticing the resemblance to Aragorn for the first time.

"Aragorn," Elrond spoke firmly, drawing the attention of the elf and ranger in front of him. "Does Arwen know of this?"

"No, she doesn't," Aragorn admitted, tightening his hold on Legolas. "I have only just found out myself, my lord."

"And what are your intentions?"

"I had already released Arwen from her pledge some days hence and asked that she sail with you to the Undying Lands," the dark-haired ranger replied. "She did not wish to, but I would not bind her to me when I could not give her my whole heart."

"She must be told," Elrond said sternly, revealing none of his joy at the prospect of his daughter joining him when he left for the Undying Lands.

"My lord, I did not intend this," Legolas said apologetically.

Allowing his stern expression to soften, Elrond smiled at the Mirkwood prince. "I know that, Legolas. Do not regret that love has come to you."

"Thank you."

"But what of your pledge to aid the ringbearer?" the lord of Imladris continued.

"We will both honour that pledge, my lord," Legolas replied firmly. "Eldarion will travel back to Mirkwood with Lenwë and Annael. It grieves me to leave my son behind, but it will not prevent me from honouring the pledge I made."

"And you, Aragorn?"

"I would like the opportunity to get to know my son better, but I will not rescind my pledge to aid Frodo," Aragorn said seriously. "It will be several days before we can leave, and with your permission, my lord, I will spend the time I am not required elsewhere with Legolas and our son."

"Do you plan to conceal your relationship?" Elrond asked sternly, hoping his foster son would not disappoint him with his response.

"No, I would gladly announce to everyone that Legolas and I are together," Aragorn responded, drawing Legolas closer as though trying to reassure the Mirkwood prince of his love and pride.

"I believe a wedding is in order," the dark-haired elf said with a smile. "I would like to give you the ceremony and feast that you both deserve, but..."

"I would not hurt Arwen so," Legolas interrupted. "It is enough for me that Aragorn chooses to be with me."

"But it is not enough for me, my love," the ranger protested. "Will you marry me, my heart?"

"I will," the blonde elf agreed. "I can deny you nothing, Aragorn, for you have had my heart in your keeping for a very long time."

"A small ceremony, with few friends to bear witness, would be best under the circumstances," Elrond said firmly. "I will leave you now, and seek out Arwen. I will explain to her as best I can."

"Please tell her... we did not intend this… to cause her pain," Legolas said quietly.

"I will." Elrond left the room, unable to erase the smile from his face, both from the love displayed between the two he had just left, and the sure knowledge that there was nothing to keep his daughter from sailing with him to the Undying Lands.

Legolas moved out of Aragorn's embrace to return Eldarion to his cradle. He turned to face the man who was smiling at him, his eyes full of love.

"Make love to me, Aragorn?" the elf begged sweetly.

"Nothing would make me happier, my heart," Aragorn replied tenderly as he crossed the room to capture his beloved in his arms. "I have missed you so."

"I have missed you, Aragorn. I do not want to wait any longer to feel you fill me again, I have felt so empty without you."

With a quick glance at the cradle where their son lay sleeping peacefully, Aragorn tenderly stroked Legolas' hair. "I want that too, Legolas, but will our joining see you pregnant again?"

"Perhaps," Legolas admitted reluctantly. "But I will take the chance willingly, Aragorn. Please do not deny me, beloved. I have been foolish for far too long. I need to feel you inside me."

"Legolas," Aragorn whispered as he leaned in to claim the sweet lips of his mate.

Legolas wrapped his arms around Aragorn's neck and molded his body to the ranger's. He moaned softly into the kiss as he felt his mate's arousal against his own. He felt claimed in a way that he had not in their first coupling.

Aragorn groaned as he felt Legolas' slender body tremble against his own. There was no biting wind to prevent them from seeing all of each other this time and he ached to see his beloved, to explore every inch of the creamy smooth skin. His calloused fingers worked the fastenings of Legolas' tunic as his tongue delved deeper into the wet heat of his mate's mouth.

Pulling away from the kiss to catch his breath and give Aragorn more room, Legolas panted as he clung to his lover's strong shoulders, his hands circling the hard muscle rippling under the leather tunic. He gasped at the first touch of rough fingers over his nipples, sensitive from suckling their son. Although his breasts had not engorged with milk, as a female elf's might, the dark nubs had swelled and were always erect and aching.

He arched and hissed at the erotic sensation coursing through his body from just this minor stimulation.

Guiding his aroused mate over to the bed, Aragorn carefully began to remove Legolas' clothes, kissing every silken inch of the rich, luminous skin as he exposed it. Legolas shivered and a quiet song of desire trilled from his throat as he submitted to the tender exploration of lips and teeth.

Aragorn tugged at one dark aureole with his teeth, nipping gently as he realized how much the caress aroused the elf. Legolas moaned thrillingly as his knees melted. Aragorn cupped the elf's taut bottom in his palms to support the shaking slender body as he felt Legolas quiver in his arms.

"Stop, please!" Legolas begged. "You steal my breath with every touch of your hands."

Aragorn circled one arm around the slim waist, holding him steady as he fumbled with the closure of the elf's leggings. Legolas shivered at the delicate sensation of long fingers against his hard shaft, the feeling transmitted through the soft cloth as Aragorn stroked him.

"You truly desire me, beloved, I can feel how hard you are," Aragorn whispered into a delicately pointed ear.

Legolas cried out helplessly as the hot breath tickled the inner shell of his ear. Aragorn eased the grey leggings down the long legs he yearned to have wrapped around him and laid the slender, naked elf down onto the mattress.

Legolas managed to raise himself on one elbow, his eyes wide and hungry. "I have longed to see your beautiful body, my love. Please… do not delay…"

Hurriedly Aragorn stripped off his own clothes and stood, his skin marred with battle scars but his manhood rising proudly from the dark nest of curls, pointing at the object of his desire.

"You please me greatly," Legolas said, his gaze roaming over the elegantly muscled frame, broad shoulders tapering to trim waist and hips, the solid chest lightly covered with hair. Legolas reached out with one hand in wonder, elves not having much body hair.

"You do not find the scars ugly?" Aragorn asked hesitantly.

"They speak to me of your courage and selflessness," Legolas replied, a tender smile curving his pink lips. "I do not love only your outward aspect, dear friend and lover. I love your fearless spirit, manifested in each mark of battle."

Aragorn smiled down at his elf. "You are no less desirable to me, Legolas. I want you so much."

He joined Legolas on the bed, stroking a loving hand over the smooth skin, cupping the curve of a lean hip, flicking a swollen nipple, and tracing the ridges of abdominal muscles on the flat stomach. Legolas looked as if his belly had never been ripe with child and suddenly Aragorn desired to see that flat belly swollen with his child, regretting what he had missed with Eldarion.

"Aragorn," Legolas gasped as he felt the touch of the ranger's hand on his naked skin. He arched up into the loving touch and he spread his legs eagerly when the caressing hand moved lower to stroke his hard shaft. Legolas reached his hands out to explore his mate's body, shivering with delight as he felt the soft hair of Aragorn's chest beneath his fingers for the first time.

Aragorn took the elf's lips in a hungry kiss, allowing their tongues to slide languorously over each other, dancing with delight from one open mouth to the other. His hands slid over warm, smooth thighs, parting them so that he could nestle his hips between them.

Legolas moaned and writhed as the hot silk of Aragorn's rigid shaft met his, gliding together as his mate flexed his hips. Aragorn bent his head to nip at the pale column of Legolas' throat before feathering soft kisses down slender arms, hard with muscle from wielding bow and arrow.

His lips found the hard tip of a dark nipple on the alabaster chest, and Aragorn tongued the point until Legolas was writhing and panting beneath him.

Legolas wreathed his arms around the lean waist of his lover, sliding his hands down to clasp the muscular globes as they clenched and released with the gentle rocking of Aragorn's hips. With each thrust, their hard lengths moved against each other and Legolas snaked a hand between them, pressing the two shafts together, thrilling to the feel of his lover's hardness against his.

Aragorn raised his head, panting as he drowned in the sea-blue gaze of his elven lover. "How I have longed to love you, Legolas."

"Take me now, Aragorn, I cannot wait… make me yours again…"

"You will always be mine from now on," Aragorn said in an intense voice. He longed to bury himself deep within his lover's tight channel but he feared to hurt him. "Legolas, is there any oil, to ease the way?"

Legolas couldn't speak, the moment was too fraught with emotion for him. The first time they had merged their bodies, it had been borne of frantic desire with no thought for the consequences. With the fruit of that union lying peacefully asleep so nearby, the choice they had made now was deeply poignant to him. Legolas knew that Aragorn would stop and they could pleasure each other in different ways if he chose it, but in his heart of hearts, he wanted to bear Aragorn another child.

He rolled to the table beside the bed, scooping golden oil from the night lantern that sat there. Holding Aragorn's gaze with his, deliberately Legolas ran his slick fingers over the human's proud manhood, thrilling to the masculine strength of the thick shaft filling his hand.

Aragorn's eyelids fluttered shut briefly and he groaned with the effort required to restrain his climax, wanting to plant his seed as deeply as possible within his lover.

Legolas waited until Aragorn's mutable eyes, so reminiscent of the colour of where water and sky met, were watching him. He spread his legs and drew his knees up to his chest, exposing to the human's gaze the portal that would enable them to make their bodies one. Aragorn watched as Legolas circled his opening until it glistened.

He reached for the oil, wanting to prepare Legolas himself to be taken, anointing his fingers. "Let me, love," he whispered.

Legolas trembled with desire and need. "Please… please… hurry… Aragorn…"

Aragorn sank a finger slowly into the tight heat, marveling at the strength of the ring clenching at him, pulling him deeper. The walls of the passage were like molten silk, so smooth and hot. He stroked the inner muscles, causing them to relax. He was anxious to cause Legolas no pain but he could not resist searching for the heart of pleasure, watching for the gasp and tremor with which the elf responded when he found it. He stroked over the hidden jewel, delighting in the joy on the elf's face.

"Open for me, Legolas, take me inside," he murmured.

"Ahhh," Legolas sighed, relaxing as he arched into the tender touch.

Aragorn withdrew his trembling fingers and positioned himself between the elf's welcoming thighs, stroking the soft skin on the inner surface. Legolas lifted his hips, holding out his arms with a pleading look.

"Take me now, Aragorn, I cannot wait any longer."

Aragorn sighed with anticipation as he held his solid flesh at the elf's throbbing opening, his last moment of hesitation holding him back from the moment of penetration.

"Don't be cruel, Aragorn! Do not deny me the pleasure of your love," Legolas pleaded.

Unable to linger at the outer gates of heaven any longer, Aragorn pressed forward slowly. Both lovers sighed in unison as he entered the elf, linking them both in ecstasy.

Lifting his hips, Legolas impaled himself upon Aragorn's shaft, whimpering with the mingled pain and pleasure. The stretch of muscles long unused burned, but ignited even greater arousal within him and he was impatient to be filled. Aragorn resisted his headlong efforts, sinking himself slowly until his solid flesh melted into the incandescent heat that filled the elf's channel.

He marveled that one so pale and cool blazed inside with the fire of a white-hot star. Legolas was beautiful in the abandonment of joy with which he welcomed Aragorn filling him. His soul seemed to glow with the fulfillment of the human's love. He cried out, lifting his voice in a song of love that seemed to calm the frenzy of need in Aragorn's soul, enabling him to enjoy each moment of their joining.

As he started to move, Aragorn felt that he was truly one with Legolas and that this is where he had always longed to be, fully seated inside his love.

Legolas felt the man's shaft moving inside him, repeatedly stroking the center of pleasure, filling him to surfeit and he was made whole again. His son had filled the aching void in his heart, but Aragorn's love now flowed over him and filled him with a golden light, until he felt such happiness as he'd never experienced before.

Clasping the human as tightly as possible with his arms and legs, Legolas gave himself over fully to his mate, yielding to the tender invader giving him such pleasure.

For his part, Aragorn had never experienced such rapture. Their bodies were as close as two lovers could ever be on this earth, while the threads of their souls knit together as they made love, bonding in a way he had never felt with any other.

He looked down at Legolas and Aragorn's vision blurred with tears at the expression of total love and trust in Legolas' eyes. Aragorn's hips moved faster, claiming what was his and the elf eagerly submitted to the manhood plowing him so deeply.

Aragorn's arms quivered as the elf's slender hands ran up to his shoulders, stroking his straining muscles as he thrust ever faster into the velvet heat. Legolas' elfhood was trapped between their bellies, stimulated with every movement Aragorn made.

Aragorn angled his hips, feeling the muscles of his groin tighten, knowing his release was near. He searched out the hidden jewel, making sure that his shaft brushed over it with each drive, wanting Legolas to spill his essence at the same time.

In one magical moment, he felt his climax erupt inside the elf's passage, whilst at the same time Legolas arched upward with a musical cry, digging his fingers into Aragorn's arms as he spurt ribbons of pearly essence, bedewing both their chests and stomachs.

Limply Aragorn lowered himself onto the pliant body, still shuddering with the intensity of their shared release.

"My love," Aragorn whispered, spent and heaving for breath.

"Aragorn!" Legolas cried happily. His pale flesh glowed with an unearthly aura and his skin had a silken sheen of sweat, while the moonlit hair cascaded freely over the pillow. Aragorn wondered if anything could serve to make his elf less than beautiful.

Aragorn kissed the curved lips. "You are mine, Legolas, now and forever."

"Yours," Legolas agreed, smiling serenely with secret knowledge. A warmth stirred deep inside him and he knew, beyond doubt, that their union had once again borne fruit. "Yours forever," he sighed.

Eldarion chose that moment to awake and join his voice with theirs, cooing in happiness.

Aragorn's tears spilled and he smiled as Legolas gently thumbed them away. "My love. My family," he whispered brokenly. In that moment, he experienced what he had only heard described; one of those moments when prescience pierced the unknown, the fogs that concealed the future lifted and he saw himself with Legolas, surrounded by their children and he knew without doubt, that they would return from their mission to live in love till the end of his days.

The end.




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