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WARNING - This site features slash content (usually male-on-male sex) Do NOT continue if that is something that offends you OR if you are "underage", then go elsewhere.


The My Life Series
by LadyAna
= = These are extended drabbles, detailing events, revelations, ect. between Our Boys.

Forest for the Trees
by LadyAna
= = 95kb = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M), AU, first-time, angst, drama, romance, AU = = PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas = = SUMMARY:Aragorn shows his darker side, so that he and Legolas might survive a dire situation. How far will Elrond and Gandalf go to ensure Aragorn’s destiny?

Life After Death
by LadyAna
= = 39kb = = RATING: PG-13 = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M), first-time, angst, drama, AU, romance = = PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas – Aragorn/Arwen-of sorts-. = = SUMMARY: Ten years after her death, Aragorn “talks” with Arwen about his deepening friendship with Legolas.(story takes place a full 32 yrs after ROTK)

Sentry Duty
by LadyAna
= = 45KB = = RATING: PG-13 = = WARNINGS: slash (m/m), first-time, humor, a little angst = = PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas = = SUMMARY: Aragorn receives a gift from Legolas and wishes to return the favor.

The Journey
by LadyAna
= = 32kb = = RATING: PG-13 = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M), first-time, angst, drama,AU, romance = = PAIRING: Aragorn / Legolas – Aragorn/Arwen-of sorts-. = = SUMMARY: Aragorn and Legolas aid a wounded animal during an Elven Ritual called “The Mahtan Elanessë” - The Maia, Ossë, was tempted for a time by Melkor. Ultimately, his spouse, Uinen, brought him back to Ulmo's(lord of water) service. It is said that those who call on the Spirit of Uinen while near water will either meet their god, Elwe, or their betrothed.

Bittersweet Philter
by LadyAna
= = Hey, everyone! This is where I am going to keep tales by me that are *not* Aragorn/Legolas and do not really belong at the rest of the site. Enjoy!


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