Naughty Thoughts
by Floating Leaf

Pairings: Estel/Legolas (well, sort of), Elladan/Elrohir/Legolas (implied)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Legolas has a problem
Warning: just a silly little thing, don't expect too much, lol
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, and their implied sluttiness is a sole product of my sick, twisted imagination ;P

"What troubles you, Lasse?", Elladan asked, lifting a hand to brush a stray blond lock away from a lofty forehead. They were reclining in a wide, comfortable armchair in front of the fireplace in the twins' chambers, the sons of Elrond stretched out languidly on either side of the unusually pensive prince of Mirkwood.

Legolas sighed. "I wonder if you two are going to laugh at me", he mused, shaking his head in a resigned fashion.

"Why should we?", Elrohir inquired softly, without a trace of his usual playful smirk. "We can see well enough you are deep in thought about something serious. We are not so evil as to make light of it, whatever it is."

"Indeed we are not", Elladan concurred. They each took one of Legolas' hands between their own and regarded him attentively.

Legolas sighed again. "My heart is playing tricks on me", he confessed. "It won't stop fluttering insanely every time I see your brother." As he uttered the words, his pale cheeks flushed a little and he looked down at his feet, letting the bright curtain of unbound hair cover the sides of his face.

"Estel?!?!...", Elrohir exclaimed incredulously, then clamped his mouth shut right away as Elladan shot him an angry look.

Legolas only nodded, still not looking up.

"Well, there is no denying that our little brother has changed a lot in the last few years, and he has indeed become quite attractive", Elladan stated cautiously.

"Still, I am quite ashamed of myself, considering how young he must be", Legolas muttered from behind the hair.

The twins' eyes met again. Elrohir bit his lower lip, one corner of his mouth twitching uncontrollably, and Elladan glared at him in a stern, reproachful manner, eerily reminiscent of their father.

"He is human, Lasse. He has already reached adulthood by the standards of his race", Elladan said.

"Yes, I know. Still, to think that the last time I saw him he was but a little boy, and now..."

"And now you have naughty thoughts about him?", Elrohir blurted out, unable to contain himself.

"Oh, for the Valar's sake, Roh!..." Elladan rolled his eyes, squeezing Legolas' hand comfortingly.

"Yes, I do realize it is very amusing", came a muffled groan from beneath the glittering golden waves.

"Forgive me, Lasse. I did not mean to make fun of you", Elrohir soothed, leaning close to his flustered companion. "We are simply not accustomed to thinking about Estel that way."

"Neither am I", came the answer. "And yet... I do burn for him. So much that it frightens me at times", he added, voice dropping to a hoarse whisper.

There was a moment of silence as the twins regarded each other thoughtfully.

"In that case, what we need to do now is find out how he feels about you", Elladan finally said.

Legolas' head shot up and he blinked, looking from one twin to the other and back again.

"You... you would do that?... You think that it is wise to even try broaching such subjects with him?... What if your father-"

"Our father", Elladan cut in, "is precisely the one who told us that Estel is now a grown-up man. Surely he does not expect him to have no interest in the affairs of the heart... or the body", he concluded.

Legolas flushed again.

"But... but wouldn't he be more likely to have an eye for the maidens?... I have heard that human males are not in the habit of bedding other males... that they consider it against their nature", he finished anxiously.

Elrohir cocked his head to the side and looked at Legolas like he had sprouted a third ear.

"My dear, sweet Lasse", he spoke with an indulgent smile, as though explaining things to a simple child. "Estel was raised here, among the elves, with me and Dan serving as his chief role models. What do you think?..."

Now it was time for Elladan's mouth to twitch.

"Well spoken, brother", he said. "And even if he does have an eye for the maidens - which I highly doubt, somehow - there are none here that would match your beauty, Lasse."

Legolas shook his head, smiling ruefully. "So you say, flatterer", he answered, threading his fingers through Elladan's and squeezing them gently. "But thank you, anyway."

"I speak but the obvious truth", Elladan insisted. "Isn't that so, brother?"

"Leave off, Dan. Valar forbid he should think we are trying to seduce him", Elrohir deadpanned.

Elladan snorted in amusement. "Not that we ever needed to try that hard", he added, ducking before Legolas' elbow playfully punched his side.

"You shameless pair of evil teases!...", Legolas exclaimed in mock exasperation. "I knew I should not have confided in you... You never take anything seriously, do you now? But I feared that I if went to Lord Elrond instead, he would send me packing."

"Ha! If he had but a concept of your impure intentions towards the majority of males within his household, he just might do that", Elrohir pointed out through the giggles.

Legolas sighed deeply and bit his lower lip.

"Don't worry, Lasse", Elladan said sympathetically, rolling his eyes at his twin over Legolas' shoulder. "Ada knows we have slept with most males in Elvendom... and as for Estel, I think he is quite fond of you and will be at least curious about your advances... if not more."

"My advances?... I truly do not think I'd dare make any", Legolas sighed. He shook his head. "I haven't felt so insecure about approaching someone since I was an elfling."

The twins glanced at each other again.

"Um, Lasse...", Elrohir said slowly. "Is it really that serious?... Are you falling in love?..."

Legolas looked up at him, smiling a little sadly.

"As unbelievable as it may seem", he mused, "that is precisely what my heart tells me. Somehow I thought it would never happen... but yes. Yes, I am."


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