Not Enough
by Númenora

Inspired by Legolas_Aragorn_Slash Group's September Featured Artist Thalassa's beautiful manip entitled `Where Is He?' located on the LAS homepage.

Characters/Pairing: Estel (Aragorn)/Legolas
Rating: NC-17
Word-count: 1900 words
Warnings: AU, Slash, Angst, Un-betaed.
Disclaimer: Characters are NOT MINE, never will be.
Timeline: TA 2951 in Rivendell.
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Summary: Legolas awaits Estel, but something is wrong; will their love survive unforeseen news?
* * Denote thoughts and stressed words.

Legolas anxiously looked out of the window for what seemed the millionth time. The late morning sun filtered through the tall, vine-covered shutters of his and Estel's rendezvous, painting the young Prince's pale, naked form with streaks of gold. The young man was late—well, later than he had promised he would be.

`Go ahead and wait for me, beloved; Ada wishes to speak with me about something important. He is in one of his *very serious* moods,' Estel said mock gravely. `Perhaps there are new medical treatments he wishes me to study now that I am all grown up!'

Legolas laughed along with his lover. He and the adan had fallen in love the year prior when the Prince came to visit just before Lord Elrond's foster son turned nineteen-years-old. They'd grown ever closer over the many months Legolas was there in Imladris, finally consummating their relationship physically before Legolas returned home, swearing their undying devotion to one another.

Legolas had agreed to go ahead to the old abandoned guard's post to await Estel—it was their secret place. The evening before had been one of great celebration and revelry—it was Estel's begetting day (well more accurately), his birthday as mortal's called it and he was now of age and would began to train more vigorously with his brothers and Legolas as well. Then, the young mortal would leave his Elven home to go spend time with his human kin the Dúnedain Rangers. So much would change for them both, but now that Estel was an adult by edain standards, he could come and go as he pleased which included visits to Mirkwood, Legolas' home.

This thought brought a smile to the beautiful elf's face, but then his anxiety returned as another half-hour passed with no Estel. *Perhaps, I should dress and go hunt for him; Lord Elrond could be quite long-winded when it came to his lessons on healing techniques.*

Just then, Legolas heard footfalls. Dropping his tunic and legging back onto the chair, the golden Sinda ran to the door irregardless of his naked state. Estel and Legolas met on the steps and Legolas threw his arms around his beloved's broad shoulders. It only took him a moment to realize that his embrace was not being returned. Stepping away slowly, Legolas gazed concernedly into the lightly bearded face at eyes that were normally joyous and full of mischief, but was now sad and devastated.

"Estel?" Legolas' voice was just above a whisper as he searched for the cause of Estel's somber mood.

All Estel could do was shake his head, dark wavy hair swinging from side to side as tears streamed unchecked. The mortal was trembling and he found it very difficult to speak.

Suddenly Legolas felt ill at ease in his unclothed state; he'd never felt that way before, especially in front of his lover. Moving backwards up the steps, he returned to secluded room to grab his garments. But before he could don any, he found himself crushed into Estel's fierce embrace, the man's nose and lips buried in the blond's soft hair.

"Ada...Ada...said..." Estel stuttered as his hands roamed up and down Legolas' smoothly muscled back, pulling the slender form flush against his own.

"What did your ada say, Estel? Please tell me for I cannot bear to see you this way." Legolas ran his fingers through the dúnadan's tousled curls.

It was some time before Estel responded, but instead of speaking, he stepped away slightly just enough to remove a chain from around his neck and place an object that was both warm and cool into the prince's un-callused palm. Legolas watched as Estel's tan fingers flexed before they dropped to his side.

Legolas stared into Estel's blue-green gaze before looking at the object he now clutched in his hand. It was a ring fashioned in the form of two serpents with emerald eyes, one devouring the other and supporting a crown of golden leaves. This was the Ring of Barahir— an heirloom of the line of Isildur and his Heir's Kinship to the Eldar.

"What—what does this mean, Estel?" Legolas whispered, `though he feared he knew.

"I am no longer Estel Elrondion, but Aragorn, son of Arathorn— Chieftain of the Dúnedain Rangers and Heir to the Throne of Gondor. Ada just told me. It is so much to deal with, Legolas—what am I to do?!"

Legolas felt his heart constrict painfully in his chest. He knew what this meant. Estel—no, Aragorn—would now begin to fashion his life so that he could embrace his heritage and Legolas would someday lose him to his fate.

"You will do what is expected, Aragorn. You must prepare yourself for the dangers ahead; from the Great Evil that plagues Middle-earth and I have faith that you will do it! I will help you in any way that I can and see you sitting upon the Throne of Gondor with Sauron's ashes as your footstool." Legolas' voice was brave and full of conviction.

Aragorn smiled for the first time since his father had told him of his heritage and the great task that lay ahead for him. "You believe in me, Legolas? You truly feel that I can right the great wrong of my ancestor Isildur?"

"Yes—without a doubt!" Legolas spoke without hesitation. This time Aragorn's face was truly jubilant and he felt most of his fears flee as he grabbed his true love again. "Thank you, Legolas for loving me and trusting in me."

"I will love you and trust in you for as long as the Eru grants." A tear escaped and ran down the Prince's flawless cheek where Aragorn kissed it away.

"Why are you crying, A'mael? There will be great danger ahead, but we need not face it this very day, nor tomorrow," the young man was himself again as he covered the elf's mouth with his own, their tongues entwining hungrily.

"I know, Gûren—but time passes so quickly and before we realize, you will be King of Gondor and I will have to surrender you to your people a queen!" Legolas pulled away from Aragorn and buried is face in his hands as his heartbreakingly beautiful wails filled the room.

"Legolas, please don't weep. Yes, it is true that time will pass swiftly for me and someday, Valar willing, I will be King. You will have to share me with the people of Middle-earth, but I will never give you up.

"My people will just have to realize that it is they who will have to share for I belong to you *first* and foremost. And as for a queen, unless you plan to change your gender anytime soon, there will be no queen," Aragorn laughed heartily as he picked Legolas up, swung him about.

"Put me down, Estel—I mean, Aragorn!" Legolas pushed against the young man's shoulder trying to get away, but found he could not. Aragorn's mixed heritage made him as strong as an elf.

"I like holding you thusly, so no, sweet Prince—I will not put you down!"

"You must see reason! As king, you will be expected to have heirs and as much as I would give you anything you wish, my love, I cannot do that."

"I do not know if I can do what is expected of me, I only know that I will try. But come what may, Legolas, I will never give you up for anything or anyone. I will fight to defeat Sauron and if I ascend Gondor's Throne someday, it will be on my terms with you at my side or not at all. The only person who can say ye or nay to this is you. So what will it be, Ernilen? Will you be mine for as long as I draw breath?"

Aragorn's smile was genuine, but it was tinged by fear of being rejected. Legolas ran the backs of his fingers along Aragorn's very young face and then he kissed him tenderly, his soft, slender limbs wrapped about Estel's waist.

"I will be yours for as long as you draw breath and beyond. Please make love to me, Gûren." Legolas caught his breath as passion flared in Aragorn's eyes. Before long, he found himself lying on his back, his suddenly naked companion between his thighs.

Legolas was always the dominant one in their love-making, but today, he wanted to feel Estel (Aragorn) inside of him. Both males reached to their sides, attempting to find the vial of oil that awaited their pleasure in a small basket next to the bed. Legolas was victorious and quickly unstoppered the glass, smearing the viscous fluid on his fingers. He then covered Estel's hard member, making it slick. He then found his hand entwined with his lover's who gathered as much of the oil as he could before the man began pushing first one, then two fingers inside Legolas' tight passage, scissoring it to make it relax, causing the elf to moan and whine under his ministrations as he rubbed his lover's hidden spot.

"Enough, Estel," Legolas near-screamed as he bucked and writhed on the man's probing digits. The soon-to-be ranger pulled his fingers from the elf's moistened portal and replaced it with his eager tumescence, pressing the weeping head hard against the slackened opening of his beloved.

Legolas quivered with anticipation as he spread his legs further apart to allow the man unfettered access. As Estel slowly pushed himself into his elf's body, he struggled to control his desire, not wanting to hurt the one he loved above all others. With meticulous care, he pushed forward until Legolas' tight-clenching rim loosened allowing the man to become sheathed fully in the elf's sweet heat.

Both males groaned aloud at the sensations of this new experience—a first for both. Each wanted to savor this passion, but the need for complement became too much. Estel's pace quickened and he slammed into the Legolas' body again and again, thrusts pushing his lover away from him. Finally, Legolas had to put his hand against the headboard to meet the man's loving assault.

"I cannot hold out much longer, Legolas," the future king shouted, devouring the elf's sweet mouth.

Nodding, the Sinda wrapped himself tightly around Aragorn, pulling him deeper inside. Swallowing the wood-elf's scream, the mortal's sword-roughened palm began stroking Legolas' weeping organ trapped between them, drawing him closer to release. Withdrawing almost completely, Estel pushed hard and steadily back inside—one, two, three, four firm strokes, hitting Legolas' small bundle of nerves until finally, he could take no more, spilling his seed in Aragorn's fist. The elf's tight channel clinched painfully around the man's thick shaft until he gave up the fight; releasing his hot fluids inside his beloved, both succumbing to intense rapture.

It seemed ages before either could move or speak, but after a time, Aragorn turned onto his side, bringing Legolas with him, his strong arms enclosing the slighter form as they'd done many times before after the elf had spent himself inside of his young lover. They both knew that their relationship had changed for all time, but no matter what happened in the future, Aragorn and Legolas would always be together. Somehow the Valar would make it so. For this life was not enough for so special a love as theirs.

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Elven Phrase Glossary:

Ada – Daddy (Familiar of Adar/Father)
Estel – Aragorn's Elven name (Sindarin, meaning hope).
Sinda – Singular of Sindar (Grey-elves)
(Ring of)Barahir – Ring originally given to Barahir (Beren's father) after he saved Finrod; an heirloom and symbol of the House of Isildur
Elrondion – Son of Elrond
Dúnedain Rangers (of the North) – Descendants of the peoples of Númenor
Eldar – 'People of the Stars,' name given to elves or the First-Born
Eru – 'The One,' Leader of the Valar; also called Ilúvatar.
A'mael – Beloved
Gûren – My Heart
Ernilen – My Prince
Valar – 'Those with Power', 'The Powers' (singular Vala); name given to those great Ainur who entered into Eä (the World) at the beginning of Time.

A/N: The description of Barahir was paraphrased from the reference book `Tolkien's World From A to Z, The Complete Guide to Middle- earth' by Robert Foster. Some definitions were taken from the Silmarillion (Others taken from various sources--any errors are mine).



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