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by Númenora
= = 3kb = = RATING: PG = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M), AU, Angst, Mpreg, `Character' death, Un-betaed.. = = PAIRING: Aragorn/Legolas, Boromir = = SUMMARY: Legolas grieves for a loved one.

Not Enough
by Númenora
= = 14kb = = RATING: NC-17 = = WARNINGS: AU, Slash, Angst, Un-betaed = = PAIRING: Estel (Aragorn)/Legolas = = SUMMARY: Legolas awaits Estel, but something is wrong; will their love survive unforeseen news?

Overriding The King
by Númenora
= = 6kb = = RATING: PG = = WARNINGS: Slash (M/M), AU, AU, Slash, Angst, Un-betaed.. = = PAIRING: Aragorn/Legolas, Boromir = = SUMMARY: Legolas and the King of Gondor have a disagreement.

by Númenora
= = 67kb = = RATING: PG = = WARNINGS:AU, Slash, angst; warm & fuzzy = = PAIRING: Legolas/Verno (pre-Aragorn/Estel), Thranduil, OCs = = SUMMARY: Six-year-old Legolas has an imaginary friend—at least this is what his family believes; what will happen when they find out that the ‘friend’ is very real? Who is he and what is his purpose? A short WIP (3 chapters) that had began as a drabble written for the LAS April/May ‘Spring’ Challenge, but morphed into this multi-chapter piece.


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