Overriding The King
by Númenora

Characters/Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: PG
Word-count: 800
Warnings: AU, Slash, Angst, Un-betaed.
Disclaimer: Characters are NOT MINE, never will be.
Timeline: FA.
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Summary: Legolas and the King of Gondor have a disagreement.
Challenge: For Yahoo Group Legolas_Aragorn_Slash August
Challenge: `Dominant Legolas.'

"You are not going and that is final!" Legolas' beautiful face was set in a stern mask as he stared at Aragorn.

The King swung around to face his husband with eyes narrowed. "Ex- cuse me?"

"You may be old for a mortal, but your hearing is excellent." King Thranduil's youngest stood with arms folded across his chest and his brow arched.

"I will say this only once, Legolas—I. Am. Going!" Aragorn began shoving simple garb into a pack that had seen better days.

Legolas staid the man's hands and turned Aragorn to face him once more. "You are not needed on this mission, A'mael, but you are needed here. Your people need you here." Legolas' voice was calm as he sought to reason with Gondor's ruler.

"It is for my people that I go, A'maelamin. These incursions must be halted."

"These are hardly incursions. These are poor excuses for raids by mindless, starving orcs who have stooped to robbing hen-houses and stealing corn from fields. They have no guidance now that Sauron and Saruman are dead. The Dúnedain and Gondoran Rangers can handle this without you putting your life in danger."

"Danger? According to you there is none," Aragorn said, his voice somewhat sullen. "I want to go and that is that!" Doggedly, he went back to shoving clothes into his old ranger's back.

"No, you are not," the Consort said as he took the bag and sat it aside.

"Oh? Do you not know to whom you speak? I know that you are a few centuries older than I, but your memory should be quite excellent," Elessar mocked in a semblance of Legolas' earlier quip concerning Aragorn's age.

Smiling at the Dúnadan's petulant look, Legolas answered, "You are Elessar, High King of the Reunited Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor; also called Aragorn, hero of Pelennor Fields and the Black Gates of Mordor; leader of the Grey Company and commander of the Dead Men of Dunharrow; captain who successfully aided King Théoden against Saruman's Uruk-hai army sent from Isengard; member of the Nine Walkers set out from Rivendell on the quest to destroy the One Ring and protector of the Ringbearer Frodo Baggins; Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Chieftain of the Dúnedain Rangers also known as Strider; formerly Estel Elrondion, brother to twins Elladan and Elrohir and Lady Arwen Undómiel; youngest child of your foster-father Lord Elrond Peredhel of Imladris; former archery student of Prince Legolas of Mirkwood; adorable little boy who followed said prince about asking a million and one questions about my home and conning me into feeding him chocolates before supper."

Taking a deep breath, he inquired, "Have I forgotten anything? Being as feeble as I am, one can never tell."

Aragorn fought his urge to smile. "You forgot Thorongil, who served King Thengel of Rohan and Steward Ecthelion II of Gondor and with distinction, I might add!"

"Oh dear—I am getting feeble after all for how could I have forgotten that?! Forgive me, Beloved." Legolas cupped Aragorn's face tenderly with a pale hand, leaning forward `til their foreheads touched.

"There is one other I failed to mention though I would never, ever forget it," the blond whispered.

"And what would that be?"

"Love of my life and guardian of my heart and happiness. I would die if I lost you, especially so needlessly. I know that you miss being able to leave whenever you wish, traveling into the wilds and answering to no one save yourself; but you are no longer a ranger. You are the beloved ruler of many who despaired that you would never come.

"Please, Aragorn—do not do this. Stay here with your people and with me. There may be a time when your presence will be needed to quash true incursions that threaten to bring danger to your kingdom, but that time is not now and hopefully it shall never come." Aragorn pulled Legolas close and kissed his lips tenderly.

"You are right, Gûren —I will stay." The King placed his Consort's head on his shoulder, running his fingers through silken tresses he never tired of touching.

"I am glad. I will make you a compromise—when time permits, we shall plan a hunt of a different sort; perhaps some wild boar and harts and game birds."

"I like the sound of that and I have missed the freedom of traveling the wild with nothing but my pack and occasional, lovely companion." Pausing with an impish grin, Aragorn continued. "And my elf-friend, too."

That earned him a whack on the back of his, dark wavy head.

"I love you, Legolas and I would die without you as well."

"Then we will always make sure that each other is safe—I in your care and you in mine."

"Always, A'maelamin—always."


A'mael – Beloved
A'maelamin – My beloved
Peredhel – Half-elven (singular)
Gûren – My Heart




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