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Summary: Aragorn goes hunting.


Aragorn crouched on the high limb and waited for his prey. As a human who’d been raised by Elves, he had a distinct advantage; he was nearly as good at climbing as Elrohir and had sparred with Elladan enough to learn how to at least match an opponent of superior strength. Both of these were qualities he was in need of right now.

He had tracked this particular prey for some time and was very much enjoying the testing of his skills. And indeed this target was worthy of the greatest of hunters. It was elusive and cunning- and he knew if he ever caught it he would find the beast to be incredibly strong despite its slender and graceful form. The only way to contain it was to learn its movements and anticipate where it would go and what it would do and then, when the time came, act quickly and decisively.

He knew the beast was aware that it was being tracked and would use every opportunity to turn the scenario around and become the hunter instead of the hunted.

Suddenly a bird took flight somewhere to the young Man’s left and he froze, barely even daring to breathe. His only hope to avoid being discovered, and then attacked, was that he had taken to the trees. It was not a very human-like thing to do to scamper from one limb to the next, but it kept him from leaving tell-tale signs of his passing on the ground and gave him a much better chance of defeating his prey if he was able to use the element of surprise and attack from above.

Aragorn’s patience was soon rewarded when he spotted movement on the ground below.

Slowly a lithe figure came into sight, bearing a flowing mane of paleshimmering gold. Aragorn stared in wonder at the beauty of it and marveled at the stroke of luck he was having today. His chosen quest was to best an Elf, but not just any of the Eldar: he was after one of the wild Elves of Mirkwood, and now before him was one of the rarest of them all. He knew only the Sindars of the Elvenking’s own house were as fair as this one.

The Elf stopped several meters short of Aragorn’s tree and sniffed the air; his nostrils flaring as he took in the green scent of the forest. He narrowed his eyes and looked around warily before taking another careful step forward.

Aragorn berated himself for not thinking to cover his smell. It was a stupid mistake to expect his all-to-human scent to go unnoticed here deep in the woods. Even clean, which he was not right now, he did not smell like flowers or sun-warmed juniper-wood like his stepbrothers did.

His prey took two more steps forward and then froze and stiffened his posture. He had detected the human after all. Aragorn could no longer wait. He flung himself out of the tree at the greatest velocity his legs could propel him and landed hard against the right shoulder of his quarry. Luckily it was enough to send them both to the ground with Aragorn just managing to stay on top.

The Man did not pause to gloat however; he was fully aware that this small victory could be very short lived if he did not somehow subdue the Elf- and fast.

He straddled the body beneath him and grasped the slender wrists pinning the Elf’s arms to the ground.

“Yrch!” cried the wild-eyed Elf as he spat into the face of his attacker. He was as irritated with himself for being taken so easily as he was with the presence of a Human in his wood. [Orc!]

Aragorn blinked and shook his head to clear his eyes enough to see. “Perhaps.” He growled back at the Elf as he lowered his body and used his full weight to still the wiggling form beneath him. “But you will find it takes more than a little spit and name calling to bother me.”Once he was sure he was in control- at least for the moment, Aragorn adjusted his position and eased up slightly. As expected the Elf was quick to try to get free, but Aragorn only let him loose enough to flip the Elf onto his stomach, a move Elladan had perfected and then taught to the young Ranger-to-be.

The Elf roared indignantly when he realized he was now in a worse position than before. The Human was literally sitting on him to keep him from using his legs and had a heavy hand on the back of the Elf’s neck, pushing his face into the leaf litter on the forest floor.

Aragorn pulled a short blade out of his boot and while still holding the Elf down with one hand, cut the leather securing the Elf’s quiver in place. He tossed the full quiver and the knives sheathed to it aside after removing the strap.

The Elf knew what was about to happen and began to struggle in earnest, but the Human had learned well how to keep an advantage in such a situation. He pressed his knife firmly to the side of the Elf’s neck just below the ear where he knew a large blood vessel lay.

The bite of cold steel against his flesh was enough of a warning to the Elf to make him cease fighting. He growled in disgust but went limp and let the Man tie his wrists together behind his back. Aragorn stayed where he was, seated on the Elf’s thighs, and looked around as he considered his options.

He knew what he wanted but this was not quite the venue he had planned to use, for one thing, there was too much debris on the ground and not enough moss, already his knees were chaffed through the material of his breeches from kneeling on the uneven ground. Moving the Elf would be risky but still worth it he decided. Aragorn loosed one of the straps from his own gear and then turned around to face the other direction. After quite a bit more struggling and an onslaught of Elvish curses, he managed to remove the Elf’s boots and bind his ankles. He had only intended to check the boots for a hidden weapon and then bind the Elf, but halfway into it decided the boots would have to go sooner or later anyway. The Elf was adept at kicking from any angle, and Aragorn already had a bruise or two from the hard walking-leather impacting his skin. A barefooted kick might still hurt but it would do less damage.

As an afterthought, Aragorn adjusted the bindings and pulled them tight so that the Elf’s hands and feet were tied together behind him. Not the most comfortable position to be trussed in he knew, but far less likely to be gotten out of anytime soon. Even bound like this, Aragorn knew the Elf could still get free if given enough time. He quickly gathered up his weapons and those of the Elf and the Elf’s boots and wrapped all the gear up in his cloak.

“Fair Elf, I trust you will not go anywhere until I get back.”

The Elf only glared and spat at his adversary again.

“That is a very bad habit. It reminds me of the Southrons who chew their pipeweed rather than smoke it.” Aragorn crouched beside the bound Elf and extended a hand. He ran his fingertips along the side of the Elf’s face and tucked a stray lock of golden hair behind the Elf’s delicate ear. Again he marveled at how the Valar had blessed him this day with such an excellent catch.

The Elf moved his head suddenly and made to bite Aragorn’s hand, but he pulled it away quickly. “Ah! I don’t think so, Elf. Better luck next time!” With that Aragorn stood and hefted the gear to his shoulder. He strode off into the wood leaving the Elf alone.


Legolas groaned and let his head down to the ground. He couldn’t believe this scrawny, filthy Human had captured him, but anger wasn’t getting him free, now was it? He rested his body a few moments then began to methodically test the strength of his bonds, wriggling and moving one limb at a time to ascertain if any of the straps were loose.

His ankles were bound adequately and the strap tying the Elf’s feet to his wrists was tight but in doing that, the Man had allowed some play in the wrist bindings. Legolas could not get free, in fact his testing only made the leather bite into his skin painfully, but he was able to lengthen the distance between his hands a little. It was enough.

After much more wriggling, Legolas was able to bend at the hip enough to slide the leather down around his buttocks. His hands were now behind his knees and he was far more comfortable- as well as in a better position to loosen the bonds further. He rolled himself to a sitting position first and then leaned forward with his head between his knees. It was a stretch, but he managed to get his mouth to the knot and began to work on the strap with his teeth to untie it.

Aragorn returned and found the Elf sitting and crouched over doing something. He guessed immediately what the Elf was up to and ran to his captured prey. He had only to shove him hard on the shoulder to dislodge the Elf’s mouth from the straps and topple the creature over.

In fact, Legolas had heard the Human but instead of trying to hide what he was doing, only redoubled his efforts to get at least one limb free. If he could do that he would have a chance.

Legolas hit the ground hard and cried “Ai!” as his arm was crimped under his own weight.

“Hmm.” Aragorn crouched near the Elf’s head. “Not bad. I was considering letting you walk to where we’re going but I think not now. You are quite resourceful and I will not chance losing you just yet.” He moved to kneel beside the Elf and when he was spat upon again, retaliated with force, slapping the Elf hard with the back of his hand. “And I am getting very tired of *that*! You will not do it again.”

Legolas’ eyes flashed with unbridled anger. Though the slap really wasn’t enough to hurt him, it stung, and had taken him completely off guard. He resolved to not underestimate his opponent again. He fought with all the strength and movement he could as the Man ripped a strip of cloth from the Elf’s shirt and used it to gag him. Aragorn then re-tightened the loosened straps. He allowed the Elf to remain seated and did not force his hands behind his back again, instead adding another strap to keep the Elf’s knees together so he could not get to the knots so easily.

Aragorn now was in the predicament of carrying a bound Elf who obviously did not wish to be carried. The Elf’s weight was not the problem; it wasall the wiggling and movement to come. Aragorn solved his dilemma with use of his animal skinning knife.

He hefted the Sindar with one arm under the Elf’s knees and the other supporting his shoulders. In the hand that was behind the Elf’s back he held the knife so that the back of the blade was against his bracer and the sharp edge was pressed against the Elf’s jerkin. For now the Elf was protected by the leather, but if he moved too much, or if Aragorn even jostled him about too much, the sharp blade would slice through the leather and into the Elf’s skin.

This was explained and Legolas growled his displeasure, but nodded. He was far from giving up on his freedom, but was willing to bide his time.


A little over a mile from where Aragorn made the capture he had set up a small camp. The place was well protected under the boughs of the encircling trees and the ground was covered with a dense layer of soft moss. A stream trickled nearby too, so water was not a problem. Aragorn figured he could stay here for days if he wanted to- and of course depending upon how things went with his newly-acquired possession.

He set the Elf down, but did not remove any of the bindings or the gag and went about the chores of the camp. Legolas relaxed as much as he could and even fell into a light reverie as he watched the Man.

He noticed with some relief that his weapons had not been discarded or even damaged, except for the quiver strap, and were set to one side away from the fire against the trunk of one of the larger trees. The Human’s weapons were there as well, the stocky black bow looking so coarse and unrefined next to the sleek, Mithril-decorated one of Elven make. The Man’s quiver was also black, or so dirty the color could no longer be determined, and beside it there was a long black scabbard with the silvered steel hilt of a sword sticking out of it.

Legolas sighed. Time. All he needed was time and patience. The Man would make a mistake, let his guard down or at least have to sleep. Freedom was yet to be had.

Aragorn smiled when he saw the Elf’s eyes appear glazed and his breathing deepen. ‘Good’, he thought. ‘Sleep now. You will need your rest for what I have planned.’


Legolas woke when he sensed a presence close beside him. Aragorn was kneeling beside the Elf. He raised his hands to show that he had no weapon. “I’m glad you are awake. I have made some tea.” He gestured to the gag. “If you promise not spit at me I will remove the gag and allow you a drink.”

Legolas nodded carefully. It wasn’t until the gag was removed he realized how badly parched he was. The cloth had absorbed every drop of saliva his body had produced over the past few hours. He tried to swallow but his tongue only stuck to the roof of his mouth. He licked his too-dry lips.

“Here. Slowly, now.” Aragorn held a cup to the Elf’s mouth and allowed him several long sips. “Better? You will find I am not so cruel as you might think.”

“Why do this then?” The Elf’s speech was raspy from his sore throat.

“Why capture you?”

Legolas nodded and when Aragorn noted the Elf glance at the cup again he offered another sip of tea. “What better challenge than to tame a wild Elf of the north.”

Legolas grimaced. He had heard tales of the slave trade still practiced far to the south in Harad and the cruelness of the people there. No Elf had ever survived and returned to tell his tale, all that was known of their fate had come through Human merchants and travelers through the Mirkwood realm.

He lowered his head in dismay. “Where are you taking me?”

Aragorn set the cup aside. He reached up and caressed the Elf’s cheek. “We are going no further than here at least for today; and as for ‘taking’… I think now is the time.”

Legolas stiffened. Did he hear that right? “You wouldn’t!”

“Ah, but I will.” With that Aragorn grabbed a fistful of the golden tresses and held the Elf’s head tightly. He kissed the Elf hard, but suddenly pulled back and looked darkly into the startled cerulean eyes. “No biting. Understand? You bite and I cut. It’s as simple as that. If you bite my tongue I swear yours will be cut out next. If you bite something else, then that part of you will suffer as well or perhaps a finger or two. You should know when I am angry I am less than careful with my blade; I could cut more than I intend.”

Legolas’ eyes were wide as saucers. He swallowed hard and nodded. There was very little in all of Arda that could frighten an Elf, but this Man was getting there. When Aragorn crushed his mouth to the Elf’s once again, Legolas did not fight it. And when the Man pressed with his tongue for entrance the Elf opened his mouth and let him in.

The kiss was passionate and sensual. Legolas found himself liking it despite the threat, but did not encourage more. Aragorn needed no encouragement however. He kissed and nipped at the sweetness of the Elf, bruising both of them with the force of his attentions. His hands roamed over the still bound body searching for what skin there was to be had. Despite his need to touch the Sindar, Aragorn was not about to remove even one of the straps. He knew the Elf would take advantage of the slightest lapse and escape.

When Aragorn’s hands slid up under the Elf’s jerkin and tunic and encountered warm flesh, he grinned and bit on an ear. He allowed himself several minutes of caressing the Elf’s back and sides before moving his hands forward. He quickly undid the tie on the Elf’s leggings and then slid his hands back and downward, taking the fabric with them and baring the Elf’s smooth buttocks.

As the Elf was still sitting up, Aragorn moved around his captive and made him to lie down so the part he most wanted to get to was more accessible. Though still bound and with his knees drawn up, Legolas found his new position not uncomfortable. The Man had chosen the best of the moss for the Elf to lie upon, and even with his cheek pressed into it, the sensation was more like was resting on a soft pillow than the ground.

Legolas shivered involuntarily as his breeches were pulled down to below mid-thigh level and his rear end was fully bared. He was completely at the mercy of whatever the Human had planned and he knew it. “Saes.” He begged softly. “Do not do this.” [Please.]

“Ah, but Meleth, you are exquisite! How can I resist?” Aragorn moaned at the sight of the Elf’s perfect backside. He caressed the globes with wide-splayed fingers and kneaded the tight muscles there. He then moved his right hand lower and cupped the Elf’s hanging scrotum. When he kneaded the sacs gently he was rewarded with a deep moan from the Elf. [Lover]

“So, not immune to my attentions then?” Aragorn’s hand delved between the Elf’s legs and grasped the hardening shaft. He stroked it slowly, then bent forward and licked the Elf’s puckered entrance so wonderfully on display before him.

Aragorn’s own member was asserting its place and throbbed against his clothing. He gave the Elf’s rosette another deep lick before withdrawing and seeing to the removal of his own clothing. As he was not hampered with bindings and wanted the utmost freedom he removed every stitch before returning to his captive Elf.

Legolas gasped and jerked when without warning the Man took his sacs in one hand and shaft in the other and began to stroke them. Aragorn was fully hard and anxious to have what he had earned that day and wasted no time. He leaned down and bestowed a quick spittle-laden kiss on his target. Without letting go of the Elf’s sacs he turned his hand and pressed his thumb into the slick opening. He did not stop until it was fully within the Elf.

Legolas inhaled sharply at the intrusion, but while not done gently thedigit did not stretch him too much for an initial penetration. After a few strokes and internal caresses Aragorn removed his thumb and quickly inserted two fingers, and as before did not stop until they were all the way to the hilt. Legolas let out a strangled cry of both pain and pleasure but Aragorn did not pause to let the Elf adjust. Once his fingers were deep inside, he immediately found and began to rhythmically stroke the small mound within.

Legolas writhed in response to the intense stimulation and cried out. “Release me! Please!”

“Sweet Elf that is fully my intention.” Aragorn leaned forward and crooned into the Elf’s ear. “And then while you are overcome I will have you. You are tight indeed, but I want to feel you at the very height of your passion.”

Aragorn felt the Elf’s seed begin to slick his hand as he stroked the engorged shaft. He inserted a third finger and then a fourth into the Elf’s channel and pumped his hand hard several times ramming it in deeply. It was painful enough to draw tears from Legolas’ eyes and he cried out loudly again and again and tore at his bonds until his wrists were burning and the skin raw. Still the Man did not relent.

“Ai! Saes!” Legolas cried again. [Oh! Please!]

“Soon now, very soon.” Aragorn spoke between bites to the previously unmarked neck. “But you should be calling out the name of the one who has made you to weep with passion. Estel. Speak my name! Cry it out! Estel!”

Legolas was dizzy and almost out of breath but he tried to comply. “Este- Ai!” He panted and grunted out a long moan. “Uhhhh! Esteeeel!” With that the Elf’s member began to spew out seed and Aragorn removed his fingers from Legolas’ spasming orifice. He grabbed the Elf’s hips tightly and immediately thrust his manhood into the channel where his fingers had just been. Legolas shook and moaned incoherently but Aragorn was too lost in his own passion to be gentle; he thrust as deep and as fast as he could, slapping his hips hard against the Elf’s buttocks with every stroke. In only a few minutes, he too, reached his peak. As his seed filled the Elf, Aragorn yelled out in triumph so loudly it echoed through the wood.

Finally spent, Aragorn let himself slump across the still shivering Elven body. He took Legolas’ softening member in his hand and the Elf cried out again and tried to wriggle away. Legolas was still too stimulated to bear any touch whatsoever, but Aragorn would not relent in his attentions. He wrapped an arm around the Elf’s body to keep him still and gently ran his fingers up and down the Elf’s member, stroking it lovingly.

Gradually Legolas calmed and relaxed into Aragorn’s strong arms as the Man caressed him all over and kissed his neck. Aragorn reached over to his pile of clothes and retrieved the small knife. He then cut all of the bonds off the Elf and gently rolled him onto his back. He frowned seeing where the flesh was injured and wetly kissed and sucked on every abrasion his Elf had borne for him starting with the insides of the wrists and ending with long wet licks to the sore ankles.

Done, Aragorn stretched out beside the Elf and kissed him on the mouth. Legolas responded by wrapping an arm around the Man and pulling him close. They kissed slowly and languidly for several more minutes. When Legolas released him Aragorn leaned up on his elbows and looked down in adoration at his prize.

Legolas smiled back at him. “You know, Estel, you told me your name but you never asked for mine.” Aragorn grinned. “No need. There will only ever be one Green Leaf for me.” He kissed the Elf on the tip of his nose.



Legolas yawned and stretched out his body like a great cat. After a quick cleansing dip in the stream he and Estel had cuddled up together and slept for awhile, but now he was wide awake. It felt wonderful to finally be free of the leather, and though his skin was chaffed and sore in a few spots, it would only take a couple of days for him to fully heal. He glanced over at his quiver and sighed. He would have to get anentirely new harness for it since the original was no longer useable.


Aragorn turned his head and sighed in contentment. “Hmm?” He opened his eyes and smiled at the Elf.

Legolas rolled onto his stomach and folded his hands on Aragorn’s chest so he could rest his chin on them. “Estel, did you really *have* to rip my tunic and utterly destroy the straps for my quiver? And…that slap!” He slid one hand out and wagged an accusing finger at the now grinning Man. “You owe me something for that! Next time we do live-action role play-” He smiled mischievously, “*I* want to be the hunter, and *you* can be the prey.”




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