Pure Bliss
by Floating Leaf

Here is the third, longest part of my new series so far. It is pretty much a stand-alone, but makes more sense after reading "Naughty Thoughts" and "Secret Mission" (posted sometime last week). Enjoy!:)

Title: Pure Bliss
Author: Floating Leaf
Email: solveig777 AT yahoo DOT com
Pairings: Estel/Legolas, Elladan/Elrohir/Legolas (implied)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Directly follows "Secret Mission". Yes, this is the full account of young Estel's sexual initiation by the glorious prince of Mirkwood.;D
Warning: Nothing but sex. As fluffy as can be.;)
Disclaimer: I am truly sorry, Professor Tolkien, but I couldn't help myself.:P

Estel was so wound up he could barely eat. He knew the twins had told Legolas he was invited to the young man's bedroom after supper, and the knowledge filled him with giddy elation, wild excitement and nearly paralyzing insecurity - all at the same time. He glanced surreptitiously across the table and caught Legolas' gaze - vividly blue and sparkling with obvious anticipation, but not as cool and confident as it had always seemed to him before. Was Legolas nervous too? Surely he had no reason to be. If the twins spoke the truth, he was no virgin - hadn't been one for centuries.

Estel's cheeks flushed at the thought of his beloved's vast experience - much of it involving his brothers. They never made a big secret of it - though they were not blatant either, not around him anyway. After all, he had been a child. He never questioned the fact that the twins seemed more intimately bonded than any pair of brothers or close friends he had ever seen - they had been this way since he could remember, and it didn't seem to surprise anyone else either.

Then came the day he accidentally walked in on them touching each other in a most sensual manner. He could still recall the sudden heat that flooded his face - and his entire body - in that moment. He had gasped and turned away in shock, but he was not in the least disgusted by the revelation. Quite the opposite, in fact. It had inspired some of his first erotic dreams. Later he heard rumours of the twins enjoying a third person in their bed on occasion - and that inspired him even more. He pretended not to hear or comprehend what was being said by gossiping servants, but he filed it all away in his mind for future contemplation.

And he watched the twins surreptitiously when they seemed not to notice. They showed only easy, brotherly affection towards each other while in company, but he didn't miss the occasional glimmer of something magnetic and seductive in the dark depths of their eyes. And he didn't miss a responding spark in Legolas' eyes either, when he first met the young prince of Mirkwood (young by elven standards, and yet so infinitely older than his own mortal self).

He was still very much a child then, and Legolas didn't seem to pay him much attention, but he trailed after the twins constantly, as he had done since he could walk, and since Legolas was the twins' friend and guest, they obviously spent a lot of time together. So he had seen the affectionate, playful manner of the three elves' interactions, and silently speculated on what might be taking place between them once he was dutifully put to bed.

He found Legolas incredibly beautiful even then, but the few years that passed between his previous visit to Rivendell and the current one had somewhat dimmed the memory. So he didn't actually expect to be so completely swept off his feet when he saw him again. And he certainly didn't expect the gorgeous prince to return his interest. He could barely believe what Elladan told him. If not for the fact that their eyes seemed to meet of their own accord - and then dart away nervously - throughout the meal, he would almost suspect he was being teased and fooled by he twins again.

Why would Legolas find him attractive? He was so different from his brothers. He wasn't even an elf. Maybe it was just curiosity. Well then, if so, he was curious too. He was finally going to find out how it felt to touch someone the way the twins did... and to be touched in return. He had touched himself, of course, on countless occasions - but he was sure it didn't even compare to being touched by Legolas. Just the thought of that brought him instantly to painful hardness. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Elrohir's amused whisper sounded suddenly in his ear.

"Take deep, slow breaths, Estel, and try to keep your food down. You'll need all your strength and energy tonight, if I may be so bold as to offer some brotherly advice", the younger twin snickered.

Estel felt his face turning crimson. Elladan patted his back soothingly with a sympathetic smile. He didn't even dare look up at Legolas, who sipped his wine quietly and pretended not to notice. Did Elrohir tease him so mercilessly as well? Oh, by the grace of the Valar, when will this meal come to an end?...

Finally, there was the sound of a few chairs being pulled away from the table. Estel excused himself politely and hurried to his room, without as much as a glance at Legolas or the twins. He was determined to draw as little attention to himself as possible. Once inside his private quarters, he quickly undressed and put on his best velvet robe. He was not surprised to note that his hands shook a little. He drew the curtains against the gathering dusk and lit a few candles around the room. There wasn't much else he could do.

He sat upon the bed, twisting his hands nervously. He knew Legolas would probably wait till there was no one else in the corridor before making his way here, but still every breath he took seemed like another eternity. When he heard quiet, hesitant footsteps outside the door, his heart nearly leapt out of his chest. There was a gentle knock, and he hurried to let his visitor in. He almost expected to see a smirking Elrohir lurking somewhere behind him, but to his immense relief Legolas was alone.

He stepped to the side as the elf entered the room. It seemed neither of them knew quite what to say to the other by way of greeting. Estel locked the door carefully and looked up at his companion. Legolas' face seemed slightly flushed - or maybe it was the effect of the candlelight upon his pale skin. He smiled a little shyly as he started removing his clothes. Estel watched, mesmerised. When Legolas' shirt was pulled over his head, exposing his firm and toned upper body, the young man gasped audibly.

"You are so beautiful", he whispered in awe.

The elven prince smiled at him so tenderly and sweetly that his heart stopped beating for a moment.

"And so are you", he whispered back. His voice was filled with such sincere emotion that Estel believed him.

"Please, let me see you", Legolas requested, gesturing towards the sash that fastened Estel's robe around his waist.

"You first", Estel gulped nervously, nodding towards the prince's leggings.

"As you wish", Legolas replied, smiling slightly. He slowly undid the laces and pushed the garment down over his hips. Estel felt a sudden wave of heat flood his veins at the sight of the elf's long, slender shaft curling up against his flat stomach. He breathed heavily, trying to regain his composure.

The elf stepped out of his leggings and kicked them to the side. "Your turn", he reminded his flustered companion.

Estel undid the sash with shaking hands and let the robe fall open, exposing the most blatant evidence of his raging arousal. Legolas flushed visibly, looking down at him. "Even more enticing than I imagined", he murmured under his breath.

Estel wasn't sure he'd heard right, but the way Legolas looked at him left no doubt that he liked what he saw. Filled with relief and pride, he shrugged out of the robe, letting it fall to the floor, and gestured towards the bed.

Legolas nodded gracefully before moving over and making himself comfortable against the high mound of pillows. "Now come here", he said, opening his arms. "I can't wait to hold you."

Heart pounding madly, Estel approached the golden-haired vision gracing his sheets. He climbed onto the bed and leaned over the elf, hesitantly lifting a hand to touch a smooth, pale cheek. Legolas captured Estel's palm with his own and pressed it against his face, encouraging the tentative caress.

"Can I kiss you?", Estel breathed, moving closer.

"Of course you can", Legolas smiled tenderly. "In fact, I insist you do." He parted his rosy lips in invitation.

As soon as Estel's mouth touched his, Legolas' tongue slipped out, seeking to deepen the contact. He gasped at the delicious feeling, and before he knew it, his own tongue was plunging recklessly into the elf's mouth. Legolas moaned softly, tangling his long fingers in Estel's hair. When their lips finally parted after a long, breathless moment, the elf's eyes were heavy-lidded and misted over, making him look even more dazzling and irresistible than before.

"Mmmmm... I like the way you kiss", he murmured huskily, winding his arms around Estel's neck. "Come closer... embrace me." He pressed his entire body against Estel's, making the young man gasp again as their heated arousals brushed over each other. Soon they were both rolling their hips gently, inflamed by the contact.

"Yes...", Legolas whispered thickly. "It feels sooo good... You are so eager, so hard for me... I want you so much..."

Estel felt dizzy from the intense pleasure and steadily mounting arousal. Legolas' words brought his blood to a boil, and he gripped the prince's slim waist, trying to hold him steady as he thrust against him.

"Mmmmm... you want to be in charge, do you not?...", Legolas murmured into his ear, covering Estel's hands with his own and encouraging them to slip down to his hips. "I think you were born to be in charge. I shall be very happy to let you command me."

He lifted a leg and placed his foot on Estel's buttock, pressing down as he arched up into him. Estel got the idea and rolled fully on top of Legolas, pinning him to the bed. "Is this the way you like to be pleasured?", he asked the panting elf beneath him, still rocking his pelvis rhythmically.

"Oh, I like many ways", Legolas smiled up at him, brushing a stray lock of hair back from his face. "I can show you every single one, and you can tell me which is best."

Estel nodded eagerly, to which Legolas responded with a throaty laugh. "By Eru, this is going to be pure bliss", he announced happily. Then he slipped a hand between their bodies, encircling Estel's throbbing shaft with his cool fingers. The young man moaned deeply, and his hips rocked faster.

"Tell me, Estel... are you very close?...", Legolas whispered, fondling the heated column of flesh within his grasp. "Are you going to spill soon?..."

"Yes", Estel gasped, unable to stop moving. "If you keep touching me like that, I will."

"Shall I stop?", the elf asked with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"No!... don't stop, please... I... it feels too good... I've never... Oh by the Valar, Legolas!...", Estel panted as a clever thumb circled the weeping head of his arousal.

He stiffened suddenly as the tide of pleasure overcame him and his hot essence spurted out onto the elf's stomach. Legolas watched him with a dark, hooded gaze until he sagged against his chest. Then the elf let go of his softening shaft and brought the hand up to his mouth, sucking the fingers in. Estel's eyes widened at the sight.

Legolas smiled slightly. "Did your naughty brothers never tell you how marvellous it feels to find release inside a lover's mouth?", he husked.

Estel shook his head mutely, his cheeks aflame.

"Good. Then they're not as utterly corrupted as I thought they were", the elf concluded with a wink. "Now, I believe I promised you some interesting instruction as to the ways of pleasure. Are you ready for it?"

"Yes... please. I want to know how to make you feel as wonderful as you just made me", Estel declared earnestly.

"You are going to be an amazing lover, I can tell", Legolas smiled up at him. "You are ardent and generous and so very sweet." He cupped Estel's cheek in a tender palm. "Kiss me again..."

Soon their lips were joined and their tongues slid wetly against each other, reaching deeper and deeper, until they both moaned in rising passion. Legolas tore his mouth away with a gasp.

"By the grace of the Valar!... You set me on fire..."

Estel could feel the elf's eager sex twitching against his hip, and he touched it tentatively. "Shall I stroke you to completion?...", he asked, curling his fingers around the heated length.

"Yesss...", Legolas hissed. "But give me your other hand. I want to show you something..." He turned slightly onto his side and guided Estel's fingers between his buttocks. "Touch me here", he murmured in a voice thick with arousal.

Estel felt himself blush again. He watched in fascination as the intimate caresses made Legolas arch and roll his hips. The stiff organ in his hand was dripping steadily, and the puckered opening between the elf's nether cheeks flexed against the pads of his fingers.

"Ohhh yes...", Legolas moaned, clutching at Estel's shoulders. "Harder, please... Press your fingers deeper... push them inside me..."

Estel did, and was rewarded with a shuddering cry and a hot splash against his abdomen. The elf's clouded eyes rolled back into his head as he writhed through his release. It was the most breathtaking sight Estel had ever encountered.

As soon as the elven prince sagged back against the pillows and lifted his heavy eyelids to regard his triumphant lover, Estel brought the wet fingers to his lips, licking them curiously. He found the taste of Legolas' essence exotic and arousing.

"Will you teach me how to pleasure you with my mouth?...", he asked excitedly.

"With utmost delight", Legolas breathed, pulling him down for another deep, ravenous kiss. "But first", he continued after they broke apart, panting, "I want to show you how to pleasure me with this." And he took hold of Estel's manhood, quite unsurprisingly standing up to full attention and beginning to feel neglected again.

"What do you say to putting it right where your fingers had been?...", he whispered seductively into Estel's ear, squeezing the straining shaft.

Estel moaned, as much at the touch as at the suggestion. "Oh Elbereth, can I?... But... surely this would hurt?...", he asked hesitantly, trying to picture his engorged member entering the tight space.

"Sometimes it does", Legolas admitted. "But there are ways to ease the pain, and the body gets accustomed to it. Trust me on this. If you start out slow and careful, you won't hurt me at all."

"All right then. I want to do this... show me."

Legolas flashed him a dazzling smile before sitting up and climbing off the bed. "I need to get something", he explained, rummaging through his discarded clothes. Soon he returned with a small glass vial in his hand. He poured a generous amount of the slippery substance onto Estel's fingers and guided them to his opening again.

"Now press really deep inside... slow but deep", he instructed.

Estel complied, brow furrowing in concentration as he strove to be as gentle as possible. Legolas sat up, stradling the boy's hips, and pushed down upon the questing fingers, encouraging them to go all the way in. He felt incredibly tight, and yet welcoming to the intrusion in a most sensual way. Estel's breath hitched at the very thought of replacing his fingers with his eager cock.

"Yesss... That's right... Now twist them around a little... Stretch me... Oh yes... Oh Valar... Estel!..." The elf cried out sharply and the young man stilled his movements, horrified he had caused his lover pain. He went to remove his fingers, but Legolas held his wrist with a tender smile. "No, melethron, it is all right... Do not stop... You have found the secret spot that makes me swoon from pleasure... Please touch it again..."

Eyes widening in sudden comprehension, Estel sought the tiny raised mound inside the elf's passage. Every time he brushed his fingers over it, Legolas arched and moaned, his nails digging into Estel's shoulders. He was moving restlessly, trembling with barely restrained passion, as his glorious unbound hair spilled over his face. Estel watched, utterly mesmerised, fascinated and overcome by nearly maddening lust.

He blinked in surprise when Legolas took hold of his wrist again and drew his fingers out. Panting harshly, the elf reached for the glass vial, removing the stopper from it with a shaking hand. "We have to speed this up, pen-vuil, or I shall spill my seed before you manage to get inside of me", he confessed.

Estel hissed in pleasure as Legolas' graceful palm enveloped his straining erection, coating it generously with oil. "What if I spill my seed before I manage to get inside of you?...", he gasped.

"Oh no, we can't have that", the elf murmured seductively, stilling his hand and positioning himself above Estel's manhood. "Not now", he added, holding his bottom lip between his teeth as he pressed the head of the rigid shaft against his entrance and slowly sank down upon it. Stars exploded behind Estel's eyelids as he was enveloped in the searing heat.

They both moaned uncontrollably, and Legolas took Estel's hands in is own, encouraging them to roam possessively over his hips, thighs and buttocks. "I am yours now, melethron", he gasped, leaning over Estel's supine form. "Have me." And he began to move.

The sensation of sinking repeatedly into the tight passage was so overwhelming Estel could no longer control himself. Curling his fingers around Legolas' hipbones to hold him in place, he thrust up in an increasingly forceful manner. The elf moaned deeply in obvious approval.

"Yes, Estel... Ohhh yes... Just like that... You feel sooo good..." Bracing his hands against the young man's shoulders, Legolas rocked fluidly on top of him, letting him set the pace and eagerly accepting his full, rigid length... over and over again. Inflamed beyond belief, Estel bucked wildly, and all of a sudden their positions were switched, with Legolas flat upon his back, legs in the air, hair flying out across the pillows.

"By Elbereth, that's it!... Ride me!...", the elf cried out heatedly, digging his heels into Estel's buttocks.

More than happy to heed the command, the young man snapped his hips viciously, pounding into the willing body beneath him. Legolas sobbed in mindless ecstasy, his candlelit face a picture of complete abandon. The sudden, nearly shocking realization that he was the one causing such unearthly bliss elevated Estel's ardor to a whole new level. He had never been so wildly aroused before. His entire body felt like a blazing torch, and his eager manhood surged and throbbed with a painful urgency that would not be denied. His thrusts lost their rhythm as he fought for breath, eyes still riveted to the elf's divinely transfixed expression.

"Yes!... Let yourself go... I need to feel your passion explode deep inside of me...", Legolas whispered ardently, clutching him tighter to his chest, and barely had the words left his mouth when Estel's muscles seized up in the throes of a most powerful climax. Just as his own seed left him in a rush, he felt the elf's inner walls contract around him and hot liquid paint his stomach. Legolas' loud cry of fulfillment, mingled with his own breathless moan, was the sweetest music he had ever heard.

He must have drifted out of consciousness then for a few moments, for the next thing he could remember was lifting his eyelids and seeing the elf's face, calm and relaxed, resting against the pillow mere inches from his own. The luminous, azure eyes regarded him intently, with barely a hint of tender amusement within their depths.

"You look exhausted, pen-vuil", the elf whispered, lifting a hand to brush a stray lock of hair from Estel's forehead.

"I... I had never felt a joy so intense", Lord Elrond's foster son confessed, capturing his new lover's palm within his own and pressing it against his cheek. "I have no words for how amazing it feels to be with you... it is almost too much to bear."

Legolas blinked, eyes glistening with sudden moisture. "Oh, Estel...", he sighed, snuggling closer and leaning in for a kiss. This time there was no urgency to it, lips brushing agaist each other with lingering tenderness, tongues tangling lazily, fingers combing through dishevelled hair. Their legs were still entwined, though Estel's spent manhood had slipped from Legolas' body. The tide of passion had momentarily abated, leaving in its wake a languid feeling of comfort and peace.

"You must be the most beautiful creature in all of Arda... I still can't believe you want me that way", Estel finally whispered, looking at Legolas in wonder.

"I want you in every way", the elf responded, pressing the young man's palm against his chest for emphasis. "Can you feel this heart beating?... As long as it keeps my blood flowing through my veins, there is a very special place for you within it."

Too overwhelmed to answer in words, Estel leaned in and rained small, worshipful kisses all over Legolas' face. Soon they were both clutching fiercely at each other, mouths roaming every patch of skin they could reach. When Estel's lips closed over the tip of Legolas' ear, he heard a most delicious gasp.

"Does that arouse you?...", he asked curiously.

"Very much", the elf admitted. "It is my next favorite place to be touched, after..."

"After that sweet, sensitive spot deep inside your body?...", Estel finished for him, slightly incredulous.

"Yes... If you fondle my ears long enough and fervent enough, I might even come from it", the elf whispered seductively.


"Yes, really. I'll let you try sometime, I promise... But now, melethron, you need to catch some sleep."

Estel sighed. He was indeed quite tired. As much as he longed to explore each and every possible way of sharing himself with Legolas and finding bliss together, his mortal body demanded rest. He wouldn't be of much use to his lover until his youthful energy was properly restored.

"I shall dream of you", he murmured, threading his fingers through Legolas' hair.

"And I of you", the elf whispered back, kissing his drooping eyelids. "I shall stay and watch over your sleep for a while. Then I have to go back to my room, so that no one can see me coming out of here in the morning. But rest assured that I shall visit you again... very soon." The elf's quiet, soothing voice was heavy with promise.

"How soon?...", Estel managed to utter through the fog of sleepiness enveloping his mind.

He felt Legolas smile against his cheek. "Tomorrow."


"Yes. Tomorrow. Now sleep, my heart." There was a final gentle peck upon his nose, then he felt himself drifting off, soothed by the comforting presence of his new lover. When he woke up, hours later, sunlight was pouring in through the gaps between the curtains. The candles had been put out, Legolas' clothes were gone from the floor and his arms were empty... but the sweet, lingering scent upon his pillows told him all he needed to know. Last night had been more than a fevered dream.

He inhaled deeply, smiling, and allowed himself the luxury of reliving every single moment. He found he didn't care if the twins were going to tease him mercilessly over breakfast. The knowledge that Legolas had been quite pleased with him as a lover gave him all the self-confidence he needed to face their ribbing. He was not an ignorant virgin boy anymore, but a man who knew how to treat his bedmate. He had still a lot to learn, that was apparent - but with an instructor as patient and eager as Legolas there was no doubt he would progress magnificently. Just the thought of another lesson sent a delightful shiver down his spine. He was more than ready for it. Actually, he should consider a splash in a cold stream to make himself a little less ready before facing the day. It was still many long hours till dusk, after all.

The End (for now ;)



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