Secret Love
by Tena

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Title: Secret Love
Author: Tena
Type: FPS
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien. I make no claim to these characters and use them solely for entertainment purposes. No money is being made.
Beta: jennapoo
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Warnings: Consensual sex between males. The names Estel and Aragorn are used interchangeably
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Written for Slashy Santa Fiction Exchange.,
Original request: Request (please try to include the elements listed here): Lots of angst, but a very happy ending and passion (even if non-graphic). If Arwen (Eowyn) is competition, she loses in the end and no regret on Aragorn's or Legolas' part.
Written for: Numenora
Summary: An elf and a man meet and their lives will never be the same.
Aragorn stood next to his father and sister as the party from Mirkwood rode into the courtyard. Elladan and Elrohir, Aragorn’s brothers, escorted the party from the borders of Imladris.
Aragorn had lived in Imladris since he was an infant and his mother brought him here for protection. Elrond, the Lord of Imladris, had taken him in and became the only father he ever knew. Elrond’s own children became his brothers and sister. Aragorn began traveling Middle-earth after he came of age and joined the rangers, protecting the lands and the ones he loved. He returned home as often as he could, always bringing news of the growing darkness threatening the lands.
As the horses entered the courtyard, Aragorn had difficulty maintaining his composure. His hearts desire, the love of his life, the only one he would ever love appeared, looking as beautiful as ever. Aragorn’s leggings instantly became several sizes too small and he was thankful that his jerkin covered him. Legolas could not look at Aragorn because he knew his eyes would give him away. Their love was a secret one.


It began five years earlier, when Legolas and his father, King Thranduil, were invited to the majority celebration for Aragorn. They had met Aragorn when he was a small child but had not seen him since. He was called Estel then, a name given to him by Elrond to hide his identity as the son of Arathorn II and heir to the throne of Gondor.

Legolas smiled as Aragorn danced, patiently waiting his turn. When he stepped up to Estel and asked him to dance, there was a spark as their hands touched. They moved around the floor, their eyes never wavered from one another.

Legolas smiled, “You have certainly grown from the last time I saw you., Estel.”

“Estel? Only ada calls me that.” Aragorn blushed. “How old was I? I barely remember that time.”

“You were only three or four I believe. So young and so full of wonder. You used to stare at me. It was quite unnerving actually.” Legolas chuckled, bringing an even bigger smile to Aragorn’s face.

“I remember now, I stared because I was trying to figure out how you got the sunshine in your hair. I had never seen hair that shined so beautifully.” Aragorn played with Legolas’ hair on his back. “I still have never seen hair as beautiful as yours.”

Now it was Legolas’ turn to blush. “I never knew you thought that. You were such a cute boy and now, you are a very handsome man.” They continued dancing for the next few songs, not giving anyone else a chance to dance with the guest of honor.

Elladan and Elrohir watched their brother and Legolas intently. “Toren, do you see what I see?” Elladan grinned.

“Aye, I do. It seems Estel has eyes for the lovely prince.”

“Aye, and the prince seems to have eyes for our little brother,” Elladan chuckled. “We should keep an eye on them.”

Later that night, after the celebration had ended, Aragorn, his brothers, Legolas and Glorfindel were sharing more wine and talking about the past. Aragorn and Legolas stole glances of each other. It appeared to everyone that Aragorn was more than a little drunk, as he had been drinking non-stop. He seemed to be falling asleep in his chair, and when the twins decided to take him to his room, he looked up and winked at Legolas.

Legolas narrowed his eyes as they helped Aragorn stand and as he passed Legolas’ chair, he stumbled and fell into the Mirkwood princes’ arms. “Come to my room.” The seemingly drunk one whispered in Legolas’ ear. No one heard him because they were laughing too hard at the young one who could not walk.

“Sorry, Legolas. Come on, little brother, up you go.” Elrohir laughed as he lifted his brother and began carrying him out of the hall.

Glorfindel snorted. “Well, my prince, it looks like this party is over. Can I walk you to your room?”

“Nay, Glorfindel, that is not necessary. I can find my way. I think I will sit here for a little longer. Besides, I believe a very beautiful dark haired advisor may be waiting for you.” Legolas grinned at the warrior who swayed slightly.

“Oh yes, my raven haired love. I’d best be getting to him then. Good night, Legolas.” Glorfindel bowed slightly and left.

Elrohir deposited his drunken brother in bed and Elladan covered him after removing his boots.

“Sleep well, Estel.” They ruffled his hair and left for their own chambers.

As soon as they had left, Aragorn sat up in bed and waited. Legolas waited until the twins left Estel’s room before he made his way to it, knocked and opened the door. Aragorn met him half way and took the prince’s head in his hands. Staring only briefly, Aragorn boldly kissed Legolas and smiled slightly when Legolas placed his hands on the man’s waist.

The kiss was to short for either of their liking but Legolas was a bit confused. Pulling back from the kiss, Legolas looked closely at Aragorn. “I thought you were drunk,” Legolas smirked.

“You were supposed to think that, meldir. That was part of my plan.” Estel grinned.

“What plan?” Legolas asked, suspiciously.

“The plan to get away from them and alone with you.” Estel smiled brightly.

“But, I saw you drinking. You were drinking more than anyone.”

“Well, if you had really been watching closely you would have seen what was really happening,” Legolas raised his eyebrows in question. “The large palm plant sitting next to my chair is probably not feeling very well right now.”

Legolas snorted. “You did not, Estel.”

“Yes, I did. More than half of every glass was poured into it, poor thing.” Aragorn pretended to pout

. < div class="MsoNormal">Legolas could not resist the pouty look of Aragorn’s and caught the protruding bottom lip in his own lips and wrapped his arms around the man and pulled him close. Legolas slipped his tongue into Aragorn’s mouth, tasting him for the first time. Aragorn moaned into the kiss. Breaking apart only for a breath, Legolas stroked Aragorn’s cheek.

“Estel, I want you.”

“I want you, Legolas. It is why I planned this. Be with me. Stay with me.” Aragorn smoothed his hands down the prince’s back and cupped his arse.

“Estel, I want nothing more, but it could be dangerous. What will Lord Elrond think? My father, you brothers?”

“I care not. Legolas, I love you.”

“Aye, Estel. I love you as well. I could feel my heart surrendering to you as we danced.”

Aragorn’s eyes widened. “You felt it too?”

Legolas nodded and they kissed again. “Please, stay with me, Legolas, my prince. Let us worry about everything else later. We will work it out, alright?”

Legolas backed Aragorn to the bed, slowly removing clothing along the way. Aragorn shivered as Legolas removed his own shirt and the glorious body of the elf was bared.

Aragorn reverently reached to touch Legolas’ chest. “Sweet Elbereth, you are beautiful,” he ran his fingers over one pink nipple and then the other, causing Legolas to shiver,

Together they explored each other’s body, both amazed at their differences. Legolas stroked the soft hair covering Aragorn’s chest, while Aragorn caressed the pale, flawless skin of the elf. Aragorn sat on the bed and moved back to allow Legolas to move next to him. Legolas lay down and kissed his lips and jaw, where the coarse hair tickled him. He moved his mouth down his neck, shoulder, moving to the man’s nipple that he took between his lips and flicked it with his tongue.

Aragorn hissed then fisted Legolas’ hair. The prince continued kissing and licking his way to the hard shaft that was poking him, reminding him of Aragorn’s desire. He looked up at the man who was looking back at him with so much love and adoration, then took his erection in his mouth, sucking him in to the root.

Aragorn threw his head back and arched his body. “Aye, Legolas…so much…so good.”

Legolas licked the length of the shaft and sucked him in again. Slow strokes with his mouth and tongue soon had Aragorn crying his release as he spilled forth into Legolas’ throat.

Legolas hummed as Aragorn found his release, tasting the sweet earthiness of this man he had fallen in love with. Swallowing everything he was given, Legolas crawled back up to Aragorn who took his lover in a passionate kiss. Legolas pulled back from the kiss, looking deep in Aragorn’s eyes.

“My Estel, if we go any further, if we share more than we have, this will be forever. I cannot love halfway. There will never be anyone else for me, no one else I love the way I love you.”

Aragorn smiled brightly. My Legolas, there will never be anyone else for me. I love you and give you the only thing I have to offer. I give you, my heart.”

“And I give you all of me, Estel.” Legolas let Aragorn roll him to his side, where his love began kissing his neck and shoulders. When Aragorn licked the hardened nub on the prince’s chest Legolas threw his head back and hissed, his already rock hard erection hardened further and he gripped the man’s hair in his fist. “Please, Estel, I need you. I need to be inside you.” Legolas pleaded.

“Yes, I need you inside me.”!

“Do you have any oil, my love?” Legolas asked as he rolled Estel back under him.

“The drawer…there.” Aragorn pointed to the bedside table.

Legolas retrieved the oil and gently prepared Aragorn. “Relax, Estel, it will be easier.” Aragorn breathed deep and tried to relax his body. He wanted this so much and did not want to keep Legolas waiting any longer. “That is it, melethen. Relax.”

When Aragorn was writhing and pressing down on three of his lover’s fingers, Legolas deemed him ready and took the man’s hand, pouring oil into it. “Prepare me now, my love,” he guided Aragorn’s hand to his aching arousal and moaned when touched.

Aragorn watch the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He was amazed that he was causing this reaction. Legolas began bucking slightly in his hand and moved the hand away, taking his place between Aragorn’s thighs. He raised Aragorn’s knees to his chest and lined his erection up with the well prepared passage.

As the prince gently and slowly entered Aragorn, they both moaned loudly and Estel laced his fingers with Legolas’ that were resting on his knees. “More, my love, I need more of you.” Aragorn pleaded.

“You can have all of me.” Legolas pressed further until he was fully sheathed and Aragorn could feel the elf’s heavy sac touching his arse. “So tight, so good, Estel.”

Legolas began a slow and steady rhythm to make sure his love was not injured, but when Aragorn began thrusting against him, meeting his every move, Legolas could no longer hold back. Everything ceased to exist as they moved together, eyes watching the other. Legolas bent to kiss Aragorn and took his hand, kissing the knuckles. “Stroke yourself for me, Estel. I want you to cum with me.” Estel did as he was told and after a few more heavenly minutes, they both found release, each crying the others name.

Aragorn wrapped his arms around Legolas’ shoulders and his legs around his waist, wanting to keep him close and inside. The struggled to catch their breath and Legolas trembled. Aragorn kissed his temple and stroked his hair. “Legolas, are you well.”

The prince chuckled and lifted his head, looking at the man. “Oh yes, I am very well.” He shifted to move off Aragorn but found himself in an even tighter grip. “Estel, I do not want to hurt you.”

“You will not hurt me. I want to feel you on me and in me a little longer, all right.”

Legolas smiled and kissed Aragorn’s cheek. “Any thing you wish, Estel nin.”

They slept in each other’s arms and just before dawn, Legolas woke Aragorn. “Estel, melethen, I must go.”

“I do not want you to go. I want to stay in your arms.”

Legolas brushed hair from the sleepy man’s face and kissed his cheek. “I do not want to leave, but we do not know what everyone’s reaction will be to us being together. I would rather tell, Lord Elrond rather than have him find me in your room. I will see you in a couple of hours at breakfast. Then we can spend the whole day together.”

“Promise?” Estel asked, looking like a young child.

Legolas nuzzled his neck. “I promise. Until later, my love.” Legolas kissed him deeply and quietly dressed and left the room.

At breakfast, Legolas and Aragorn tried not to look at each other, but the mischievous and nosey twins noticed their unease. They exchanged glances and grins. //This is going to be fun.//

//We must follow them and keep them apart.// Elrohir snickered in his thoughts to his brother.

“Ada, may I speak with you after breakfast?” Aragorn asked. Legolas immediately tensed and looked at his love.

“I have a few minutes before I meet with Erestor and Glorfindel. Let us go to my office.” They stood and as Elrond told Erestor that he would meet him in he and Glorfindel’s office, Aragorn whispered to Legolas.

“Come to us in a few minutes.” Legolas nodded slightly.

Elrond motioned for his son to sit when they entered the office. “Now, Estel, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“In just a moment, ada, someone else needs to be here.”

Elrond narrowed his eyes and then a small knock was heard. Aragorn jumped up and answered the door, letting a very nervous Legolas in the office.

Legolas sat next to Aragorn, their thighs touching and as they smiled at each other, Elrond realized what this conversation was about.

“Ada, something wonderful has happened. Legolas and I have fallen in love.” Aragorn stated confidently but inside he was shaking. He was so nervous for his father’s reaction. He knew Elrond accepted his brother’s relationship and hoped for the same understanding with this situation.

Elrond made no change in his facial expression, making both Aragorn and Legolas more nervous. He cleared his throat and sat forward. “Legolas, is this true?”

“Yes, Lord Elrond. I do love Estel.”

“This is rather sudden, is it not?”

“Perhaps it seems that way, my lord, but the last time I was here when he was very young, I was drawn to him. Not in any inappropriate way but even then I could tell he was special.” Legolas took Aragorn’s hand in his own.

Elrond smiled seeing the way they looked at each other. He knew this was true and he was happy for them, although he knew they faced a difficult and uncertain future. He had seen enough of Aragorn’s future to know this.

“Can I assume this happen at the party last night?”

“Yes, ada.”

“From what Elrohir and Elladan have told me, you drank quite a bit of wine and had to be car! ried bac k to your room. I would hate to think that Legolas took advantage of the situation.” Elrond’s eyebrow rose in accusation, although he knew Legolas would never do something so base, it was one of the qualities he admired in the young prince.

“No, ada, please. Legolas would never. You see, I was not drunk and if you go and look at the plant in the corner of the Hall of Fire, you will see it is not doing very well. I poured almost all of my wine into it when no one was looking. It was my plan to get away from everyone and be alone with Legolas.

Elrond snorted. “I think you have been influenced by your brothers too much.”

“Lord Elrond, you are not angry?” Legolas was surprised at Elrond’s reaction.

“No, Legolas, I am not angry. I am happy for you both. It is a rare and wonderful thing when you find the one that you love and they return your feelings. I must tell you my concerns though, Aragorn it is time that you began working with the rangers and this will take you from home for long periods of time and Legolas lives in Mirkwood. You will not see each other very often. How will this work?”

“We know it will not be easy, but we will make it work because we love each other.” Aragorn stroked Legolas’ cheek.

“I will come here when Estel will be here and when he is near Mirkwood, he can come to me or I will go and meet him. Rest assured, my lord, I will do whatever is necessary to make it work; I love him that much.”

“Well, if the two of you are realistic and honest with one another, I have no doubt you will make it work. Do you want to make a formal announcement?”

“Ada, we do not want anyone else to know. Legolas must tell his father and I know Elladan and Elrohir will tease us mercilessly, so if it is all right, can we keep this our secret?”

“As you wish, but how will you keep it a secret and be with each other?”

Legolas smiled. “We will have to be careful and covert. This could be good training for Estel. He will need both abilities to run with the rangers.” They all laughed, Legolas and Aragorn were very happy that Elrond was so supportive and happy for them.

Elladan and Elrohir follow the lover’s, careful to stay far enough away that they were not discovered. They watched as their brother looked around and then hugged Legolas close. //Do you see that, toren?//

//I do, it seems Estel has fallen in love.//

Just as Aragorn leaned in to kiss Legolas, they heard someone approach and stepped away from each other. Aragorn scowled when he saw his brothers.

“Estel, Legolas, what are you two doing? We have been looking for you.” Elladan smiles at them.

“Yes, we wanted you to join us for a swim.” Elrohir walked to them, threading his arm in Legolas and pulled him further down the path towards the river. Legolas looked back at Aragorn helplessly.

“Come, Estel, we do not want them to start without us. Besides, I do not trust Elrohir with Legolas.”

Aragorn needed to hear no more and he quickly began following them, leaving Elladan a step behind. Elladan could hardly hold his laughter at watching Aragorn’s possessive reaction.

Over the next few weeks, every time Legolas and Aragorn found themselves alone, it would only last a few moments and then one or both of the twins was there to interrupt them. They would drag them away to join in on some silly adventure.

They did spend most of their nights together when someone did not stop them. Legolas had spoken to his father and he was also surprisingly supportive as well. When it was time for Legolas and his father to return to Mirkwood, it was with a heavy heart that they stood in the courtyard saying their goodbyes. Legolas and Aragorn had already had their private goodbyes and now tried to hold their emotions in check in front of everyone.

Thranduil hugged Aragorn and whispered to him. “You are welcome in my home anytime, pen neth. I will notify the border guards to immediately escort you to the caves when you come into Mirkwood.”

“Thank you, my king, thank you very much.” With that, Thranduil mounted his horse and called to the others to do the same.

Legolas bowed to everyone and with a last long look at Aragorn, he smiled and winked and then joined his party. Aragorn quietly watched them leave them after they were out of sight, he ran into the house without a word to anyone. He wanted no one to se the tears that had begun to fall.

“What has gotten into him?” Elladan asked.

“Leave your brother alone, both of you.” Elrond warned.


Two years later, Aragorn rode to the borders of the Mirkwood Fores! t< /st1>. He had no way of knowing if Legolas was on patrol or at his home. He rode into the edge of the woods, surprised no one had stopped him. Aragorn heard a noise above him, then a flash of blonde hair past him; he was taken down off his horse and pushed against a tree. He struggled briefly until a smooth low voice whispered in his ear.

“Beloved, were you an enemy you would be dead, run through with an arrow from my quiver.” Legolas chuckled as he tugged at Aragorn’s leggings.

“Run me through, meleth nin. Run me through.” Aragorn’s voice was thick with arousal, feeling his lover pressed against him.

Legolas pressed both their leggings to the ground and quickly but thoroughly prepared Aragorn before sheathing his erection fully in the man. Aragorn grunted and reached behind him to hold Legolas’ hip. Legolas thrust into the hot passage of his lover then wrapped a hand around Aragorn’s erection and, in time with his own thrusts, pumped until they cried out their completion.

Legolas slipped from his lover’s body and cradled him as he lowered them to the mossy forest floor. For a long time, they lay in each other’s arms, caressing each other and staring into each other’s eyes.

“I have missed you, Estel nin.” Legolas kissed the tip of the man’s nose.

“I have missed you, my prince.” Together they stood and Legolas led him to a nearby stream where they washed, built a small fire and shared some for they each carried. They shared stories of what had happen since they were last together before they eventually settled down on their bedrolls. Aragorn stayed in Mirkwood through the winter season then left again to join the rangers. Their hearts were heavy not knowing when they would see each other again but promised to find one another again soon.


So, now here they were together again in Imladris and their love was still known only by their fathers. Legolas bowed before Lord Elrond, who took him in his arms and hugged him. Legolas was surprised by the gesture but returned the hug. He then moved to Arwen who blushed as he kissed her hand.

“Welcome back, Prince Legolas. It has been too long since we have seen you.”

Legolas smiled and then glanced briefly at Aragorn. “Thank you, my lady. It has indeed been too long.” Arwen giggled.

Legolas moved to Aragorn who was visibly uncomfortable. Elladan and Elrohir stood back, watching. Both were suspicious of this couple. Legolas had asked many questions about Aragorn as they rode from the borders into the heart of Imladris.

“Welcome back to Imladris, Prince Legolas. I agree with my sister, it has been far too long.”

Legolas chuckled. “I agree. It is good to see you again, my…Estel.” Legolas bit his lip having almost let an endearment slip.

Elrond rolled his eyes. “Estel, I think you should show Legolas to his rooms.”

“Yes, ada.” Estel answered never breaking his gaze from Legolas. They walked into the house and Arwen moved closer to her father and whispered.

“Ada, you know about them?”

Elrond turned to his daughter cautiously. “What would I know about them?”

She took his arm and walked further away from everyone. “They are in love.”

“How do you know?”

“Ada, it is obvious. I thought I saw them kissing after Estel’s majority celebration but I did not say anything because I was not sure if you and King Thranduil would support them.”

“You are wise like your nana, my Arwen. Yes, you are right. They told Thranduil and myself and we agreed to keep it a secret until they were ready to tell everyone. Estel visited Mirkwood a few years ago while he was traveling and I believe they have not seen each other since then. I hope everyone will leave them alone.”

“We will just make sure that they do.” They both grinned as they walked into the house.

Elladan and Elrohir sat in their room trying to decide what to do about Legolas. “I want him, Elladan. He is beautiful and I want to sink…”

“Stop, Elrohir, ada will have our hides if we insult or disrespect Legolas.”

“I do not wish to disrespect him. I just want to have my way with him.”

“Ro, I really think he and Estel care for each other. Remember how they were always together when Legolas was last here.”

“They have not seen each other in five years, Dan. There is only one way to find out, let us go visit the prince and ask.”

They walked to the chamber given to Legolas and just before they knocked, they heard moaning and grunting inside. Then they heard what sounded like furniture sliding across the floor. “Perhaps Legolas did not like the layout of the room. We should help him with the furniture.” Elrohir stated, and then slowly opened the door.

His eyes widened and his mouth fell open when his eyes fell on Estel bending Legolas over the desk and thrusting frantically into the Prince of Mirkwood. The lovers did not hear the twins open the door or close it when they made a quick and discreet exit.

Neither said a word as they walked back to their chambers. Upon entering their room and closing the door, they looked at each other and then burst out laughing at what they had just seen.

“Our little brother was taking the prince.” Elladan shook his head and wiped the tears from laughing so hard.

“I know. I do not know if I am completely turned on by that or…or I do not know what.” Elrohir leaned against the door.

Elladan walked to his brother, took Elrohir’s hand, and brought it to his very hard arousal. “I can tell you what the sight of them did to me.”

Elrohir grinned wickedly. “Let me take care of that for you, my brother.”


Legolas and Aragorn entered the dining hall together. Elladan and Elrohir laughed and shook their heads. Arwen smiled, very happy her younger brother was happy and had seemingly found love with Legolas. Elrond greeted them and before the meal began, Aragorn asked if he could have everyone’s attention. Everyone quieted and looked at the young man.

“I have…we have something we wish to tell everyone.” Aragorn took Legolas’ hand. “Legolas and I have fallen in love. It happened at my majority celebration and we have spent time with each other while I was away on patrol with the rangers,” he smiled when Legolas stood and wrapped his arm around him in a sign of solidarity. “We are very happy and want to share this happiness with all of you. You are my family and friends and it would mean so much to me to know you are happy for me.”

Erestor noticed Elrond’s smile. “Elrond, you knew of this.”

“Yes.” Elrond nodded. “They told me right after it happened. They asked that Thranduil and I keep their secret until they were ready to share it with you all. Now that they have, I will tell all of you what I told them. It is a rare and wonderful thing when you find the other half of yourself and I am very happy for them. Thranduil shares my feelings, as well.”

Arwen, Glorfindel and Erestor all gave their congratulations.

“Ada, I cannot believe you knew and did not tell us.” Elladan exclaimed.

“Yes, we had our suspicions after the celebration but we had it confirmed earlier today when we…” Elrohir stopped when Elladan elbowed him.

“When you what?” Estel narrowed his eyes.

“Well, we were going to ask Legolas but he was busy…uh…moving furniture.”

Legolas looked confused. “What are you talking about? I did not move furniture.”

“Oh, yes you did. Estel was behind you helping scoot that desk across the floor.” Both twins laughed loudly.

Estel blushed furiously but Legolas only grinned. “Yes, I remember. Estel has a very strong back. He was very helpful,” he turned to take Estel in his arms. “I do not think I thanked you properly for you help.” Legolas kissed Estel deeply and passionately. Everyone quieted and watched the beautiful sight.

“Will there be a wedding?” Arwen asked.

Legolas smiled. “There most certainly will. That is if my love will have me.’

“He already did!” Elrohir laughed and everyone joined in.

Estel looked at Legolas. “Do you mean that, my love?”

“I do. Marry me, Estel nin.”

“I would be honored to marry you, my Legolas.” The wedding was planned for one year later in Mirkwood to allow the inhabitants of his land to see their prince wed. They embraced Aragorn as one of their own. Elrond, Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir all attended, happy to see their little brother was going to live all of his days, happy and loved.

As they lay in their bed after the ceremony and celebration, Legolas and Estel glowed in their love.

“Thank you, my Legolas.”

“For what, Estel.”

“For loving me and making me the happiest creature in all of Arda. The Valar have surely blessed me beyond my worth.”

“The Valar have blessed us both. Thank you, Estel. For making me the happiest elf in all of Arda. I love you.”

“As I love you, my prince.”

The End



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