Greetings! Thank you for your interest in having your Aragorn/Legolas story at my site! The following is a list of rules as to what I would like to be featured here. Updates will be regularly added to further clarify the content, so check back often!

Since this is a simple HTML coded site, I will have to upload your story for you. You can send it to me in the body of an email or as an attachment(word doc). I would be FOREVER grateful if you would code your story prior to sending it. *****AND, I am taking volunteers for this task as well!*****(...and by "code", I don't mean *anything* crazy, just simple paragraph breaks, Italics, bold, ect. I can do the header and ending HTML-ing) You can contact me for a *short* cheat sheet on how to do the coding. NOTE: I am thinking of offering sweet incentives to authors who DO code their tales for me! Perhaps some Aragorn/Legolas pics printed and sent to you via snail mail? A coffee mug or Tshirt? Let me know and let's see what we can compromise on!

= = What is featured here at Nectar:

The main purpose of this site is to give visitors tales that *celebrate* the union of Aragorn/Legolas, hence they must be a loving couple and together by the end of the story. Get to the end anyway you wish = = rape, torture, multiple/alternate pairings, AU, crossovers, het, ect, ect! - as long as they are an item when you are done, then it's fine!

= = The Categories:
Het, alternate pairings, alternate universe, incest, mpreg, multiple pairings, crossovers.

= = What is NOT allowed:
Real Person Slash, Gen or Platonic, WIP's, death(unless it's a happy one! LOL!), bestiality and chan(under age "17" yrs)

= = WARNINGS: *optional* - first-time, fluff, PWP, drama. These are *mandatory*: BSDM, Rape, incest, Mpreg, angst, torture, slash m/m(...I know it seems stupid to indicated on every story that it is m/m, *but* that way no one can say we didn't continuously, repeatedly remind them!)

**Your story should follow this format:










Author's Notes:


END *~~~~~*

I reserve the right to decline any story submission for posting.

THANK YOU oh-so-much for taking the time to read this page! I hope to see your (coded) story in my mailbox soon!

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