I bless our love
I Bless Our Love
by Slesia

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Rating: PG-13

Genres: Romance

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Summary: Legolas remembers moments of love with Aragorn

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Aragorn, Meleth nin, everyday I bless our love.

As our quest goes on, and we move closer to the final battle, it is harder and harder to find time for ourselves. Time seems to pass faster and those rare moments of intimacy become more difficult to achieve. Yet, when we are together, I forget all struggles and all worries; all pains and all strive. You are the only thing that exists to me.

When we sit next to each other in the twilight, while the others are working in the camp, making their bedrolls for the night and getting some food ready; that’s when I feel I can breathe deeply again. When I sense your presence beside me, even if we do not say anything, I feel that we are deeply communicating. Sometimes, we sit in silence for a while. I can hear your breathe slowing, relaxing, as you let the tension of the day flow out of your mind. You have said many times: when we are alone together, you can let go, knowing that I am there for you. And I feel the very same. In the quietness of the woods, I sense the pounding of your heart. I tune to it, as if it were the very rhythm of the life that flows through my body, and I know that I am finally home; that now I can trust and share, completely.

You turn and look into my eyes. A deep sigh tells me that you have got in touch again with that quiet corner inside yourself, and everything else is miles away now. Now, and for the next few, short hours, you will be fully, exclusively mine; and I yours. Your intense gaze sends a shiver down my spine, and you feel it. You bow your head and move closer to me. A split second, that seems to me to last far too long, and our lips meet. It’s bliss, as always. Our kiss deepens, but I do not know whose lips are parting first, whose tongue is caressing the other one’s: we are one. The passion of our kiss makes my stomach contract. The muscles under my navel tighten in a sting of pleasure and want. My hand reaches out to stroke your shoulder and arm and you come closer.

As my fingers play on the back of your neck, teasing that sensitive spot under the root of your hair; you move your hands on my back and slowly lay me down, without breaking the kiss. You lie on top of me. I feel the weight of your body on mine; its warmth, in which I melt over and over again. Your hand on the back of my skull, it holds my head up. You plunge your needy tongue into my mouth and then bit my lower lip. A gesture that, I know, signifies possession.

I let you possess me. I will let you possess me, forever.

I am yours already.

I have always been.

You raise your head to look into my eyes, with a wicked smile. If this is a question, Meleth, I think you know the answer. You do not need to ask me. To reassure you, I move your curls away from your cheek, behind your ear, smiling. My hand moves down your neck, softly caressing its side and making you shiver. With your expert hands, you undo the laces of my tunic.

And me.

You lift my tunic, your palms moving eagerly on my stomach and up to my chest, until you find my nipples and squeeze them between your fingers. I cannot control myself, and I arch my back and lift my hips in an unconscious, eager response. A moan flows out of my parted lips. A moan responds from you, as our erections come together.

We are both panting in need.

We make love again and again until dawn. I cannot think of a better way to rest and regain energy, if not in your embrace. Our bodies swing together as one. We rock at the pace of this eternal movement.

No sweeter lullaby has ever existed.

Nor more soothing.

The end END



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