The Smile In Your Eyes by Slesia
Title: The smile in your eyes
by Slesia

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Fic Journal:

Pairing: A/L

Status: 1/1

Written: April 2006

Rating: G

Genres: Ficlet. Romance

Warning: None

Disclaimer: Legolas and Aragorn are in all my dreams. Yet, they are not mine. Sob!

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Summary: Legolas tells Aragorn that he needs to leave Gondor. . .

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Dedication: to my own liminal moment, stormatdusk!


"Aragorn, I asked to see you because I need to tell you something that cannot wait any longer." Legolas was standing in front of his friend, his sky-blue eyes fixed in the man's own. There was a determination about him Aragorn had never seen before. The voice of the Elf was as clear as a mountain spring and as melodious as birds singing in the early morning haze. "Now that the Quest is over and Gondor is rebuilt…" Legolas stopped for a few seconds. He moved towards the open balcony and, leaning his slender figure against its frame, stared at the amazing landscape unfolding in front of him. "…I must leave your kingdom." He continued, though he felt Aragorn stir behind him, "In the recent months, with all the events we have been going through together, I felt my friendship for you grow into a stronger and deeper sentiment." he sighed "Aragorn, I love you."

Legolas turned to his friend, but kept his gaze low, as if studying the wooden floor. "Watching you running your life every day, a life you will soon share with Arwen, and knowing that there will never be a place for me here other than as your friend." He took a deep breath, "Aragorn, these thoughts are tearing me apart. I must find a new purpose. I will go back to the Great Wood. As their Prince, I will take care of the Wood-Elves that are still on Middle-Earth. Being away from you, from all that I cherish, is the only thing I can do to try and survive, in spite of the anguish I feel." Legolas sighed again, then he lifted his head to meet Aragorn's gaze.

For a brief second, he thought he saw a smile playing in his friend's eyes.

At first, Aragorn did not say anything. With a thoughtful expression, he waked out on the balcony. Legolas followed his every move. When the man turned to face him again, he noticed that Aragorn looked like one of the kings of old. The man had lost the appearance of a Ranger and displayed now an utterly regal attitude. His strong form stood out against the evening sky. Behind him, a flaming sunset darted arrows of fire and gold all around the land, making the snowy tops of the mountains burn, as if the beacons of Gondor had been lit all over again. A new radiance encircled the figure of the king and seemed to originate from him. When Aragorn spoke to Legolas, the Elf felt as if the golden Sun herself were addressing him.

"Meleth nin," Legolas startled at the endearment "do not fear, you will not need to leave. You know that Arwen and I are not bonded yet, and that is because we needed to get to know each other again. This time spent together has taught us that we are not in love anymore. I have realised that only one has my heart and my true, eternal love." He took a few steps closer to Legolas and brushed the Elf's cheek with his hand, while caressing one delicate, pointed ear with his fingers. Legolas closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. Then Aragorn added: "And that one is you." The Elf's eyes slammed open.

The king bent to touch his lips. They felt silky and smooth, like the petals of a fresh rose, quenched by the dew at dawn. The two lovers moved as one to wrap each other in a tight, longing embrace. Around them, darkness was falling and, in the dusky sky, a silver-glowing Moon was rising, just like their hearts were soaring to the heights of a love in blossom.

The end END



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