by Tena

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Title: Switch
Author: by Tena
Rating: R
Warnings: Please read the author’s note
Summary: The Valar switch Legolas and Estel’s bodies.
Author's Notes: In order not to completely confuse everyone, please remember that after they wake, Estel/Strider is in Legolas’ body, and Legolas is in Estel’s body. So, when I say Estel or Strider, it is his mind, but Legolas’ body and vice versa. Now that you are confused, enjoy!


Lórien lay under a tree in the garden grinning and chuckling to himself. He felt his brother before he appeared. “What are you doing, Irmo?” Manwë asked.

“Do not call me Irmo. You know I hate that; it sounds so … mortal.” Lórien pointed into the trees. “Come here, you must see this.”

Manwë lay beside him and snorted. “Are you watching them again?”

“Yes, but listen. They are talking about the elves again.” Lórien and Manwë stared at the images on the leaves.

“Tell me, Strider, what is it like?” the young ranger asked, staring at the three elves sitting across the clearing.

“What?” Strider grinned; knowing very well what the younger rangers wanted to know. The older rangers were amused by the younger ones’ curiosity with the elves.

“You know, the elves. We know you and the blond one are lovers, and the twins are lovers, so tell us what they are like … as lovers.”

Strider looked affectionately at Legolas, who winked at him. “Amazing … beautiful … his stamina is endless. His touch burns, his hair is like the softest silk, and his skin is like velvet. He smells like the forest after a rain on a spring morn, and he is … extremely talented,” he grinned as the young ones salivated. “There is no other like him and…” he leaned forward as if to whisper and the others leaned towards him, “…he is mine.” Strider and the older rangers laughed as the younger ones moaned disappointedly.

The elves turned as the men laughed. Elladan’s lips curled. “Look at them. They are a nasty bunch.”

Legolas laughed. “Excuse me, my lover and your foster brother are ‘them’, Adan.”

“I do not mean, Estel, although being with the rangers brings out the worst in him. When he is home, he is clean and groomed. Out here he is dirty, nasty and he stinks.” Elladan shivered. “It is disgusting.”

Elrohir laughed. “Legolas, how do you stand it? It cannot be pleasant to be close to him with all that…” Elrohir scrunched his nose, “… dirt … and hair, everywhere.”

Now Legolas laughed out loud. “That is Estel you are speaking about. I love him, and he is not that dirty. I admit he can smell a bit … ripe, but I do not mind the hair that much; it tickles,” he blushed.

“Ewww, Legolas we did not need to know that.” Elrohir cringed.

“Well, I would not want all that hair everywhere, but it can be enjoyable sometimes.” Legolas smiled at his lover, who smiled back showing teeth that were not clean. Legolas shook his head; he was determined to make Estel clean his teeth before he kissed him again. “Well, at least we do not have to live as they live.”

“Thank the Valar,” the twins said in unison.

Lórien and Manwë laughed. “I do not think they fully appreciate the ways of men, Manwë. Perhaps we should help them.”

“Lórien, I do not think that is a good idea,” he paused and grinned. “Although, it would be quite amusing to place them in each other’s shoes, so to speak.”

“I like the way you think. Which ones should we switch?” Lórien sat up, excited to make the change.

They watched the group settling down for the night, Elladan and Elrohir taking first watch. “I think those two,” Manwë pointed to Legolas and Estel, lying in each other’s arms.

Lorien snorted and nodded. “Oh, good!”

Legolas kissed Estel deeply and sighed as he drifted into reverie. Morning came too soon and Legolas was loathe to move. He loved this time of day, while he and Estel were still wrapped in each other’s arms, the scent of their lovemaking still surrounding them, and the warmth of his lover against his skin. Legolas decided to stay right where he was for as long as the others would let him, which he knew would not be long.

Estel woke slowly hearing the others grumbling as they woke, and stirring around the camp. He could feel Legolas’ arms around him. Remaining still, he peeked through his barely open eyes and smiled at the blond hair covering his face. That was something he loved, having Legolas’ hair all around him. He never seemed to be able to touch his lover’s hair enough. Estel closed his eyes again and moved his head closer to kiss his lover good morning and as their lips touched he froze.

Legolas could feel Estel moving and leaned closer to kiss him. As Estel’s lips met his, he froze and then jumped when he felt soft smooth lips on his.

Estel’s eyes went wide when a hairy lip met his own, and he screamed when he looked into his own face.

Legolas could not speak as he looked into his own eyes and heard his own voice scream. They both bolted into a sitting position, their eyes wide and both unable to believe what was happening. Everyone in camp turned at the shout and gave Estel and Legolas curious looks.

Legolas realized his body was sore and felt heavy; he reached up and touched his face. He jerked his hands back as his fingers came into contact with a beard. “What?” He searched his own face; seeing a confused look, he whispered, “Estel?” Legolas cringed, hearing Estel’s voice when he spoke.

Estel nodded; mouth wide open. “What happened and why are you shouting?” Estel smiled; liking the sound of Legolas’ voice.

“What?” Legolas strained to hear.

“I said what happened? Stop shouting,” Estel whispered louder, still trying to keep quiet enough so that no one else heard him.

“I do not know, and I am not shouting.” Legolas looked around, at his hands, they were not his hands but Estel’s, and he was wearing Estel’s clothes. He shook his head and tried to talk quieter but he was having trouble hearing. “We have switched bodies, it would seem. What are we going to do?”

They sat for sometime, whispering. “Just make sure you answer to my name. If they call Strider, they are talking to you.”

“Right, but what about the twins? They are more observant than the rangers. Do you think they will notice?” Legolas looked at the twins, noticing they were watching them closely.

“Probably, but we will just have to take our chances. Just stay close to me.” Legolas nodded and they stood.

Estel sprang to his feet, surprised at how good he felt. Normally he would be sore and stiff, but in Legolas’ body he felt strong. He held his hand out to Legolas, seeing him struggling to his feet.

“What is wrong with me? I can hardly move.” Legolas looked to his lover for help. He shook his head. It was going to take some time to get used to looking into his own face.

“That is how I feel every morning, meleth.” Estel pulled Legolas close and seeing how tired he looked, he asked, “Do I really look that bad every morning?”

Legolas grinned. “Yes, but I love you anyway.” He looked at Estel and his tangled hair. “You need to brush my hair and braid it.”

All right,” he moved to pick up his pack and Legolas stopped him.

“That is mine, meleth. Here is yours.” Legolas handed Estel the elven pack and raised his eyebrows.

“This is going to be harder than I thought.” Estel pulled out the elven brush and began working on his hair. He loved brushing Legolas’ hair.

After some time, Elladan walked up to him. “Legolas, you are going to brush all the hair out of your head. Get on with it.” He grimaced and moved to the fire next to his foster brother. “What is with Legolas this morning? He does not seem himself.”

Legolas snorted in his cup. “He seemed fine to me.” Elladan shook his head and Legolas turned to see his lover attempting to braid his hair. It was awful. They were uneven and hair was hanging out of the braids. Estel looked up at him, frustrated and gave him a pleading look.

Legolas walked to his lover, and Estel whispered. “How do you do this every morning? You make it look so easy.”

Legolas took Estel’s hand and pulled him behind a tree. Taking the brush, he quickly made new braids. “There, that is better.” He kissed his nose, and Estel made a face when his beard scratched his nose.

When they emerged from behind the tree, Elrohir was waiting. “What is wrong with you two this morning?”


“Nothing.” They walked to the fire and tried to stay away from everyone, hoping no one would notice. Legolas was antsy and wiggling. He could not stand still and was dying to scratch.

“What is wrong with you, meleth?” Estel asked.

“All this hair is itchy. I need to scratch my privates and cannot here with everyone standing around.”

Estel laughed and leaned closer. “Go ahead, scratch away. I love when you touch my balls,” he kissed his cheek and then rubbed his own lips. “That scratches. Do I always feel that rough when you kiss me?”

“Yes, you do, but I like it.” Legolas needed to scratch badly but could not bring himself to. He noticed a few other men scratching their beards and one of the young ones scratching away at his crotch, so Legolas did the same. He felt so embarrassed and blushed to his brunette roots. It felt so good he kept scratching all over. His chest, back, face and crotch.

Estel huffed, “Enough, I will have no hair left.”

“This feels wonderful though, Estel.” A smile of relief and contentment spread across his face

“Ssshh, they will hear you.”

Elladan and Elrohir knew something was wrong. “We must keep an eye on them, Ro.”


“Which way, Strider?” one of the rangers asked.

Legolas did not respond. “Strider?” Everyone looked at Legolas, waiting.

Estel finally elbowed Legolas. “What?!”

“Estel, he asked which way.” Estel raised his eyebrows.

“Oh … oh yes, um … let us continue east … to Rivendell.” It was the only place Legolas knew to go. He hoped that if he and Estel did not change back by the time hey got there, then maybe Elrond could help.


Lórien cackled. “Oh this is good. I cannot wait to see what Elrond does.”

“It is two weeks to Imladris. We cannot keep them switched that long,” Manwë replied.

“Why not?” Lórien asked.

“The others will notice and I do not want the mortals doubting Aragorn.”

“Oh, all right. But, at least keep them switched a few days.”

Manwë agreed with a laugh. “Did you see Legolas’ hair when Aragorn tried to braid it?”


As they travelled, Legolas felt so tired and sluggish in Estel’s body. He was used to outrunning everyone, but now he was behind Estel and the twins. He looked behind him and was relieved he was still ahead of the other rangers. Being outrun by mortals would have been humiliating.

Estel was elated to be running ahead of his foster brothers. They had teased him when he was young that he was slow, now in Legolas’ body he was able to beat them. Laughter bubbled up in his chest when he could hear the twins beginning to tire.

They found a stream to sit by and have some lunch. Estel sat with the twins and was twirling his hair, and flipping it over his shoulder and garnering strange looks from the rangers. Legolas sat with the rangers and could not believe how they all stared at Estel. He wondered if they always stared at him that way. It was making him uncomfortable to think that they looked at him with such lust in their eyes. Moreover, what was Estel doing playing with his hair so much? ‘I never twirl my hair that much,’ Legolas thought.

“Strider, are you sure you will not share your beautiful elf?” a young ranger asked as he licked his lips, his eyes never leaving the elves.

Legolas was indignant but had to remind himself of what was happening. “You could not handle him, young one.”

“Oh, but if I could just have one kiss from him. That would be sufficient for my whole life.” The young ranger had a dreamy look in his eyes.

Legolas snorted. “I will talk to him, perhaps he will feel adventurous.” The young ranger smiled brightly and finished his meal.

Before they continued Legolas joined Estel who was still playing with his hair. “Will you stop playing with my hair, meleth? I never do that and you are attracting attention.”

“I am sorry, but it is so soft. You know how much I love your hair.” He kissed Legolas quickly before they continued.

The sun was setting and they needed a place to camp. Slowing down as they came closer to a group of trees, Estel thought he could hear the grunts of orcs. He began to doubt what he was hearing as he had never been able to hear at such a distance before. The twins caught up with him and they could hear the sounds too.

“They are waiting for us to come into the woods,” Elrohir growled.

The rangers and Legolas finally caught up to them. “Legolas, how many do you see?” Estel didn’t answer. Legolas tried peering into the woods, but Estel’s mortal vision was poor in comparison to his elven and he was unable to see anything.

Estel finally answered. “Fifteen orcs.” He was unused to the superior elven vision and seeing in such detail was confusing.

Legolas touched Estel’s arm. “Then let us not keep them waiting. Even though we are fewer in number, they are outnumbered.” He winked to Estel and reached back for his knives, which of course were not there, as they were strapped on his body that his lover now occupied. The twins gave him a strange look. They slowly walked to wards the trees, Estel telling them where the orcs were; they broke apart and charged the trees.

Estel swung his sword, cutting down orcs but he felt uncoordinated. He was not yet comfortable with Legolas’ flexibility. As one orc fell, another charged him and his hair was flying wildly around his head. With a wide swing of his arm, the sword cut away a large lock of blond hair before it sliced open the orc. Estel looked around and saw that all the orcs were dead, and then he looked to the ground and gasped. He reverently clutched the lock of hair to his chest.

Legolas ran to him to make sure he was all right. “Meleth, are you injured?”

Estel turned. “No, I am well, and you?”

“We are all well, no injuries…” Legolas stopped when he saw the lock of hair including half a braid. “What did you do?” he shouted.

“I am sorry, meleth. I am unused to your grace with weapons and I accidently cut it.” Estel could feel tears in his eyes. He loved Legolas’ hair and knew how much pride the elf took in his appearance.

Legolas’ face fell as he saw the side of his head missing a chunk of hair. “My hair!” He took the hair from Estel.

The twins and other rangers made their way to them. “What is wrong? Are you injured, Legolas?” Elladan asked.

“No, I am fine. I just cut my hair,” Estel answered.

Elrohir watched as Legolas clutched the braid. “Estel, do not fret. Legolas’ hair will grow back.” He slapped his brother on the back. “Come, we need to dispose of their bodies and find a place to camp before it we lose all the light.”

When they finally settled down for the night, Estel and Legolas took the first watch. “Meleth, I have never felt as tired as I do now,” Legolas whispered.

“Really?” Estel rubbed Legolas’ shoulders. “I feel fine.”

Legolas’ brow furrowed. “Rub it in, meleth, rub it in.” Estel kissed his cheek. “I do not like this. I want my elven body back. I stink, I am tired all the time, my muscles ache like never before and I am sick of all this…” he waved his hands all over his body, “…this hair … everywhere. I cannot stop scratching.” With that he dug into his crotch scratching his balls hard.

Estel had been enjoying his new body. For all the things Legolas loved about his elven body, so did Estel. It felt wonderful to be graceful and light on his feet. He enjoyed not smelling bad all the time and he certainly did not miss the scratching. He watched his lover’s discomfort and sighed. “I am sorry, meleth. I did not realize how much my body bothered you.”

Legolas stopped scratching and realized how his words must have sounded. “I do love your body, Estel. But, I love it more when you are in it,” he stroked Estel’s cheek. “As soon as the twins relieve us, I will make it up to you. I will take you hard and fast, just the way you like it.”

“Hard and fast, huh?” Elrohir snickered when they came upon the two. “Legolas, you said Estel liked it hard and fast. You have been keeping secrets.” Elladan laughed and shooed them back to camp.

“Meleth, they are right. If anyone were to observe us and see my body on top, that may drawn more questions. The twins are already suspicious.” Estel smiled, knowing this was his chance to see what Legolas felt when he took him.

“This may be your body, but my mind is here,” Legolas pointed to his head. “I do not like being taken, Estel.”

“Well, what do you suggest? Can you imagine if someone were to see my body on top of yours?” Estel waited.

Legolas looked around, it seemed that most of the rangers were asleep, but then he remembered his conversation with the young ranger earlier. He shook his head, imagining what the young one would think of Legolas if he were to see Estel on top.

“Very well, meleth, but do not get used to this.” He kissed his lover and turned over.

After Legolas had turned over, Estel grinned. Finally, even if it was his mind only, he would take Legolas. He felt giddy, but tried to calm himself. He didn’t want to hurt Legolas. He kissed his shoulders, unused to the hair there he sneezed as it tickled his nose. “Eru, bless you, meleth.”

“Thank you, meleth.” Estel continued kissing down his back and when he came to his buttocks, he just couldn’t kiss his own arse.

“Estel, what is amiss?” Legolas looked over his shoulder.

“Nothing, meleth, nothing.” Estel took the vial of oil and carefully prepared his lover. “So tight,” he whispered.

“Yes, you are,” Legolas snorted which earned him a smack on the arse.

“Hey, I did not agree to that.”

“Well, I love when you smack my arse, and this is my arse,” Estel chuckled.

“Estel, please get on with it,” Legolas pleaded.

Estel slowly sheathed himself, and quickly became overwhelmed with the feeling of being surrounded by heat and wetness. He tried to go slow, but his passion was quickly becoming out of control. If this is the way it always feels, I will be topping him more often, he thought to himself.

Legolas hissed at the stretch and burn he felt. As Estel thrust faster and harder, Legolas decided that this was the one and only time this would happen until were switched back. He was sure he would not be able to walk tomorrow, but he knew his lover never lasted very long so he would just hold on until it was over. Much to his dismay, Estel was lasting much longer, being in Legolas’ body gave him more control, and he happily continued thrusting and moaning.

Despite his discomfort, Legolas was growing hard and when Estel reached around and gripped his shaft, he yelped as the hair around the shaft was pulled. “Meleth, that hurts you are pulling the hair!” Legolas slapped his hand away. “I will do it,” he ground out.

Legolas spilled quickly, but not very happily and finally Estel came with a groan and grunt. Legolas wiped them clean and rolled, facing away from Estel who just spooned behind him and fell asleep. “Sweet Elbereth, I do not know what is happening, but please, I want my body back when I wake,” Legolas whispered.


Legolas woke early the next morning and felt as if his arse was on fire. Estel slept peacefully next to him. Legolas had thoughts of smacking his lover for being so rough with him last night, oh, it hurt. He reached for his pack and applied salve to his sore arse.

After everyone was awake and talking, Legolas sat alone thinking about how much he hurt. He started to feel bad, wondering if Estel hurt like this after their love making. ,Surely, he would have said something, but perhaps Estel felt pain differently. He had had all kinds of different feelings since he had been in Estel’s body. He sighed; he would have to be more careful with his lover from now on.

Legolas stood carefully when he heard the rangers asking Estel about archery practice. “Strider, would you like to join us?” the young ranger asked as Legolas neared them.

“Love to,” he smiled at the young one.

They had set up makeshift targets and were taking turns shooting. Elladan and Elrohir shot the center of the targets with ease and while the rangers were good, they did not compare to their elven counterparts.

Legolas stood ready to shoot, ready to show these rangers what a good archer looked like, but as soon as he pulled back on the bow he remembered he was in Estel’s body. His arms felt heavy and he could barely see the target. “Damn mortal sight,” he grumbled under his breath. He let his arrow fly and it hit the target well off the center. He was mad as he stomped off to the side.

Estel had been nervous too shoot until he saw his lover take a shot. He realized that in his body, Legolas was not as good as normal and he wondered if he would have his accuracy. He nervously took aim and was amazed at how close the target seemed. His arrow flew straight and true to the dead center of the target. Everyone stared at the ranger.

“Legolas! Excellent shot!” they exclaimed. “Legolas, do you think you could show me how to do that?” the young ranger batted his eyes at the elf. Estel looked confused at the young ranger’s attention to him, and then he realized he was flirting with Legolas and had no idea it was really him in Legolas’ body.

Estel chuckled. “Perhaps later; we should probably get going, right, Estel?” He looked at his lover who was pouting off to the side. Walking closer, he kissed him on the cheek. “Meleth, do not be angry, please. I am sorry; I will not shoot anymore.”

Legolas pouted more. “I am sorry, Estel, but I do not like this. I want my body back,” he watched Estel fondling his hair. “And stop fiddling with my hair. It is obnoxious.” Legolas stomped off to join the rangers.

They travelled the rest of the day, but Estel and Legolas hardly spoke. As they settled down for the night, Estel tried to cuddle up to Legolas but was met with a silent and very tense body. “Meleth, please talk to me. I am sorry, I do not know how to make this better. What do you want me to do?”

Legolas sighed. He had missed Estel today, but was too angry to talk to him and everyone had kept their distance. He turned to face his lover, “I am sorry, Estel. It is not your fault, but I am so frustrated. You are used to this body and you have adapted well to mine, but I can do nothing right in your body. I want this switch to be over.”

“I know, so do I. I am tired of the young ranger lusting after me all the time, especially when I know it is you he wants.” Estel furrowed his brow.

Legolas snorted. “I have noticed, although I never noticed how much they stare at me before. Worry not, my love, I only have eyes for you.” They kissed deeply and each said a silent prayer for the switch to be over.


Lórien and Manwë watched the lovers fall asleep and Manwë waved his hand, ending the switch.


Estel woke up, looked up into the trees that sheltered them and noticed his vision was back to normal. Anor’s rays were just beginning to light the morning. He ran his hand over his face and smiled as his hand met his rough beard. Estel looked at Legolas who was sleeping peacefully, and he leaned closer and ran his rough beard over his cheek.

Legolas grumbled. “Estel, it is too early; let me sleep,” his eyes suddenly opened wide when he realized he had returned to his own body. Turning to his lover, he saw Estel’s bright smile and hugged him tight. “Thank the Valar!”

They kissed for a long time, each happy to be back in their own body. Legolas looked around and seeing everyone was still asleep, he jumped up, grabbed Estel and the blankets. He dragged his lover behind some nearby bushes and pounced on him, ready to assert his dominance once again. Elladan and Elrohir chuckled when they woke to the sounds of passion coming from the bushes. “Those two are always going at it.” Elladan hugged his brother tighter.

“Yes they are, Tor. Now I think it is my turn to be on top.” Elrohir’s eyes darkened as he kissed his brother passionately.


Manwe laughed and rolled his eyes as Lorien asked, “That was fun. Who are we switching next?”

The End



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