Truth Or Dare
by Akasha Elfwitch

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Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: NC-17
AU/ADULT/ Takes place BEFORE FotR.
Warnings: romantic, flirty, silly…LOL
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They are the wonderful creations of JRR Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien, Tolkien Enterprises, and New Line Cinemas.
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Author’s note: With apologies to Tolkien. I have not read the books, I have only viewed the movies. This does take place in an alternate universe, so please bear with me. Just let me know if I misspell a name ;) This is very AU; some things are slightly altered.
Fanfiction: Lord of the Rings
Synopsis: Legolas and Aragorn play Truth or Dare.


Strider and Legolas made their way through the dense foliage of the forest; the hour was late. The moon shone through the heavy storm clouds as the sky rained heavily down upon them. Strider cursed playfully as the downpour of the rain pelted away at them. He took one look at Legolas and shook his head and laughed. “Don’t say it…”

“I was not going to utter one word about it…” the archer gave Strider a crooked smile. “But seeing as you have brought the topic to the table of discussion, I will perceive to say that we are lost…hopelessly and utterly lost…in the woods no less.” Legolas gave Strider a playfully wink, “Some ranger you are…”

“Well, I WAS trained by a woodland elf…” Strider teased back. Legolas feigned to be insulted; he turned his perfect nose in the air; his cape whirling around his feet as he spun on his heel to continue his march forward.

They finally came to a small clearing which they found hidden behind some thick underbrush; the area seemed dry for the most part due to the protective covering from the canopy above. The rain fell from the tree leaves in soft droplets onto the long grass; the moonlight filtered the area, giving just enough luminance to the grounds. This area would prove an ideal cover from the rain.

Legolas spied the path they had been following with his elven eyes. “There is a brook, not far from here, to the North; …the path leads up a steep hill…if we pursue that way, we will have to consider the steepness of the hill and the traction with the muddy soil.”

The ranger took in his surroundings. They could not turn back as that road provided no adequate shelter; and he had been keeping a trained eye out for such solace. He took a step into the newly found sanctuary. “Let’s make camp here then and continue by the light of dawn.”

“Ah, so we concede that I was right; we are lost and we should rest for the remainder of the evening…as I had mentioned about two miles ago.” Legolas flashed him a mischievous smile.

“I concede to nothing,” Strider answered playfully. “Besides, two miles down the road we wouldn’t have found this secluded area.”

“I don’t suppose your highly remarkable ranger skills could start a fire to keep us warm?” Legolas teased.

“Only if the noble elf promises to fetch some dry firewood with his most superb elven skills.” Strider replied jokingly; with a majestic wave of his hand, “After his royal highness...”

Legolas looked up to the night sky, the rain washing down his face. “You’re just upset over the last time I bested you…”

“No, I was not upset…I just figured you cheated somehow.”

“Cheat?!” Legolas pretended to be offended. “I NEVER cheat…”

“I bet you anything that you cannot find us some dry firewood.” Strider challenged.

“Anything?” a naughty smile spread across the elf’s lips. “And I wager that when I DO find the firewood, that you will not be able to start a decent fire to last us through the night.”

“I accept; since I proposed this little challenge, you can decide what the rules are for this game…”

“Mmm,” the elf mused; pressing his lips together in thought. “Rules, rules, hmmm…let’s see; a time limit must be set for finding the firewood and building the fire; and you may ONLY use the materials we brought for making the fire; I only have a mile radius to find the firewood …that should suffice.”

Strider arched his eyebrow as his lips curved into a sly smile, “Is that it?”

The elf nodded, content with his decision, “Yes.”

“And what does the winner get to make the loser do?”

“How about winner initiates another round of that wickedly fun game you taught me the other night…what was it called? Oh yes! Truth or Dare…” the elf smirked remembering that their last little game had turned out quite naughty.

Strider held his hand out to solidify the bet. “May the best elf win…”

Legolas laughed; his voice chimed like tiny silver bells caught in the wind. “That my beloved, will be me…I assure you, I will best you.”

Strider’s grin widened with confidence, “We shall see…”


Legolas kicked a stone in frustration as he made his way back to the encampment. He had no success in finding any firewood; and now time had run out, he had to return or forfeit the bet. He grumbled to himself and braced himself for the sure taunting that was to endure once he step foot back in the camp. The elf knew that he would never hear the end of it from Strider.

Legolas parted the foliage that led to their secret hideaway away from the storm, “Alright, I promise not to tease you about getting lost if you don’t mock me for not finding—” he stopped in mid-sentence; his jaw dropped.

Strider sat huddled over a blazing fire, stirring a pot of stew, no less! He wore a crooked grin as he greeted the archer. “I was beginning to wonder when you would come back; I was about to go searching for you.”

“But—how?” Legolas circled the campfire in disbelief. “No fair! You cheated!” he protested in jest.

“Nay, I did not. I followed YOUR terms of the rules. You clearly stated that I could only use materials that we brought for making the fire; and I happened to pack firewood in case we were caught in the storm. So in fact, I am NOT cheating as I am abiding by the rules.”

“Sneaky, little—” Legolas grinned. “Using my own words against me! I should have known you had something cooking in that conniving mind of yours…” He plopped himself next to the ranger; and childishly stuck his tongue out at Strider.

“Tsk, tsk,” the ranger teased. “We shouldn’t be a sore loser.”

“Alright, let’s get this over with; what’s my punishment? ” Legolas asked lightheartedly.

“Now, what makes you believe I would punish you?” Strider’s eyes danced mischievously. “The winner has the privilege of selecting the category; I choose Dare,”

The elf nodded, expecting that would be Strider’s first choice. “Of course,” His eyes widened remembering the last chore Strider had committed him into doing. He wagged a stern finger at the ranger, “Ah…wait! I will not agree to be your house servant for a week again; that was awful!”

“You, my dear elf, will have to do as you are told,” Strider answered. “And my living quarters were not that unbearable…I don’t recall you really complaining about the rewards for being such a good little housekeeper…”

Legolas blushed as the events of that week they spent together began to fill his thoughts; he never dreamed that humans were so…flexible…

Strider’s voice broke this thoughts. “I dare you to undress…eh, eh…slowly…” Strider mused. “I don’t believe I have ever seen you ENTIRELY naked and would like to savor the moment…” he leaned back on his elbows, awaiting the elf to follow his instructions.

Legolas stood up and blushed only slightly as he complied; Strider and he had recently become lovers and while they had been intimate on occasion, they had never really been completely naked in front of one another. He glanced shyly over at Strider as he began undressing.

He unfastened his cloak first, lazily tossing it to the ground. Then he undid the belt that strapped his quiver and bow to his back; he laid them carefully at his feet. His fingers worked along his suede like tunic, slowly unbuttoning it; he tossed it alongside the cloak. Next, he kicked off his boots; his long golden locks spilling over his chest as he bent over to remove them.

Flashing Strider a flirtatious smile, Legolas unbuttoned his shirt, from the bottom up; exposing his well toned abdomen to the ranger. Legolas purposefully hesitated before undoing the last few buttons, tugging at one sleeve then the other, gradually pulling the shirt over his shoulders. He knew that his slow strip tease would be sure to arouse the ranger. The elf tossed the shirt in the heap by the corner. He tucked his hands inside his leggings, slowly divulging his hips, thighs, and manhood. He kicked the leggings over to Strider who caught them and tossed them playfully aside.

“Turn around, let me take you in.” Strider instructed.

Legolas kept his attention on the ranger as he followed orders; he turned slowly so that Strider could fully take in his naked form. The ranger’s eyes explored the elf’s athletic body hungrily. Legolas skin was a pale tone, accenting his firm muscles; his shoulders were narrow, but strong; his penis was already becoming erect as he noticed the ranger’s eyes blaze with desire.

With a smirk, Legolas started to sit down but Strider pulled him back up by his shoulders, “I said to take off everything.”

The elf arched an eyebrow, “And what more would you have me remove?”

The ranger reached around his Legolas’ head and unraveled the braid that so carefully held the elf’s hair in place. Legolas purposefully pressed his naked body next to Strider; his azure eyes looking temptingly into his lover’s.

Legolas leaned into Strider and buried his face into the ranger’s neck. The elf’s hot breath resting against his skin made the ranger’s stomach squirm with anticipation. Legolas licked his lower lip seductively and ran one slender finger down Strider’s cheek.

It took a bit of resolve for Strider to attempt to pull himself away; but the elf wrapped his arms around his waist denying him the opportunity to step away. And while elves appeared to be smaller or slender, they were far stronger than humans. Legolas gently traced Strider’s lips with his fingertips. “You are lovely in the moonlight,” the ranger’s scent of leather and sandalwood intoxicated his senses. He breathed into the ranger’s ear, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Strider responded, eyes half closed; trying feebly to resist the sensations from his lover’s touch.

“You’re no fun,” The elf pouted; his hands wandered over Strider’s clothed groin area, fondling his privates with feather light caresses. The ranger felt the blood starting to rush to his cock as the elf continued to lightly stroke him. Legolas gave Strider an alluring smile as he felt his arousal press against him.

Strider knew he had to think of something quickly or he would lose control of the game. He had to concentrate on something else…anything else but Legolas’ light touches over his groin. “I am plenty fun or have you forgotten our little tryst in the stables earlier this week?” the ranger reminded him.

“Well, you are no fun now; you are still clothed.” He applied a bit of pressure as he gently squeezed Strider’s now stiff cock.

Strider back away from the elf; he calmed his primal instinct to shove the elf to the ground and ravish him. Instead he shrugged and stated as coolly as he could manage, “It wasn’t I who lost the bet.”

The elf ignored the ranger’s taunting. “Why do you walk away, do I make you nervous?” he asked with a shrewd smile.

“Do you think that being handled by you is enough to make me nervous?” On the outside Strider appeared cool and aloof, but on the inside, he was desperately fighting to suppress rendering himself to his wildest desires.

Legolas grinned as he concentrated on what he could ask Strider that would actually be of some emotional value. After debating in his head for the proper question, he came up with something he knew Strider would not be expecting; he knew for certain that this topic would make the ranger uneasy, but it had been a burning question that embedded itself deep within his heart. Legolas had to word the question carefully, he dared not ask if Strider loved him outright, that would be too obvious. He had to go about it astutely. “Alright, Truth then…if I asked it of you, would you bind yourself to me?”

The ranger’s shocked expression was not exactly what Legolas had been hoping for; Strider bit his thumbnail and shifted uncomfortably; he raised an inquisitive eyebrow before asking, “Why do you ask that of me?”

“Uh-uh…we are playing the game; answer the question.” Legolas waved away the ranger’s question. He bit his lower lip attempting not to seem anxious as he awaited the ranger’s response.

Strider knew that sooner or later the elf was going to bring up the dreaded subject of commitment. Elves tended to have a lifelong mate; and honestly until this moment, Strider had not considered that Legolas would wish this of him. Strider’s eyes searched the elf’s face; two endless blue pools looked back expectantly at him; hanging in suspense until he answered.

The elf tilted his head in wonder; why was Strider not answering? Legolas hoped that he had not ‘frightened’ Strider away from his side for asking such a bold question. He loved Aragorn with all of his soul, but Aragorn had yet to confess any such emotion towards him. He believed the question of bonding would best answer the undying question that resided in his heart until he heard Aragorn whisper those three beautiful words ‘I love you’.

As the ranger watched Legolas’ soft expression, he felt he was looking into a dream; a beautiful dream he hoped he would never wake from. Strider reached out and tenderly caressed the elf’s silken cheek; Legolas closed his eyes in response, leaning into his touch. “The answer is yes,” Strider answered seriously.

The archer smiled, his eyes still closed. He lifted up his hand and placed it over Strider’s; his hand following the ranger’s movements as Strider continued to caress his face. “Really…really?” the elf asked timidly.

“Really, really.”

Legolas’ face seemed to radiate with joy after hearing Strider’s beautiful words. The elf threw himself onto his rolled out blanket, his long, drenched hair flying all around him as he fell onto his back. Legolas cupped his hand over his mouth, and began to giggle lightly to himself; his heart danced with glee at having heard his beloved’s answer.

“Yeah, yeah…laugh now,” Strider grinned as he tossed a towel over at Legolas. “It’s my turn; truth or dare?”

Legolas rolled over on his stomach, crossing his feet over his ankles. “Dare,” his eyes shined with renewed mischief.

“You enjoy to lead a life of danger, don’t you?” Strider asked with a smirk. “What should I have you do?”

The elf flipped his hair to the side, it clung jealously to his neck and shoulders. “What would you like me to do?” he asked seductively, licking his upper lip.

“I would like it if you ceased speaking so I can concentrate,”

“Do I break your concentration?” the elf asked innocently.

“You know that you do,” he chuckled lightly. “Ah, I have just the thing for you; I dare you to undress me, BUT you may only use your hands ONCE in removal of clothing…you have to get creative to remove the rest.”

A predatory grin spread over Legolas as he crawled over to Strider; slinking his way up from Strider’s ankles to the ranger’s broad chest. “Your wish is my command,” the elf’s hand caressed the ranger’s inner thigh as he gently lowered his lover onto the blanket; The elf’s body came to rest atop of Strider. Strider let out a small sigh as Legolas teasingly sucked on Strider’s earlobe. The elf adjusted himself and wrapped his legs around the ranger’s waist, straddling him, firmly.

He nuzzled against Strider’s neck, planting small kisses along his neckline. Strider closed his eyes to take in the temptation that was awakening within him. Each feathered kiss that the elf placed on his neck and ear sent a wave of pleasure shooting through his veins.

“What are you doing?” the question was rhetorical; his body became fevered as Legolas rested his hot breath on his neck. “You are supposed to undress me, not kiss me.”

Legolas answered by ravaging Strider’s mouth with a devouring kiss. His tongue dashed out, eagerly seeking Strider’s; when it found what it sought, it intertwined melodically around the ranger’s. Strider responded excitedly, eagerly accepting the invasion.

Legolas worked his hands around the ranger’s waistline, his fingers quickly unfastening the straps that held Strider’s trousers; Legolas yanked down the pants and tossed them to the side. He planted soft, wet kisses along the curve of the ranger’s hips; Strider tossed his head back, drowning in the delicious wake of ecstasy.

Legolas brushed his lips along the inside of Strider’s thigh, moving slowly up towards the ranger’s manhood. Strider instinctively spread his legs, allowing the elf better access to the prize. Legolas took Strider’s penis in his mouth; his lips surrounding the tip. The ranger buckled his hips towards the elf’s face and Legolas swallowed his heated shaft up to the base.

The elf’s tongue was merciless as it stroked his cock; causing it to jerk inside the archer’s mouth. “Oh….Legolas….” Strider murmured feverishly.

The elf’s lips curved into a smile as he looked up at his lover momentarily, “My dear, beautiful Aragorn, I wish you to remove your cloak for it hinders me…”

Strider complied quickly, tossing it aimlessly aside. Legolas smiled and straddled the ranger once more. The elf leaned in slightly; his hands dove beneath Strider’s shirt and tunic, his fingers brushing softly against the skin as he slowly gyrated his hips against Strider’s. The elf began slowly; rubbing up against the ranger. The motion elicited a soft moan from the ranger; his hands began to roam across Legolas’ backside and came to rest atop of the elf’s buttocks. Strider pressed the archer’s cheeks forward increasing the intensity of the friction. Timing the increase of his movements carefully, Legolas quickened the pace until he saw that Strider became delirious from the mock coupling.

The elf groaned into Strider’s ear, “Now you will remove your tunic…”

“Yes, yes anything…just don’t stop.” The ranger ripped the tunic away from him as though it were a venomous snake.

The elf lifted Strider’s legs and knelt between them; then hiked his hips up to line up with Strider’s entryway. He tortured Strider by slowly sliding in a slick finger and then another. The ranger’s hips jerked anxiously forward, awaiting more than just the elf’s fingers to satisfy the burning lust that raged within him. The elf moved his fingers in and out of Strider’s passageway patiently before inserting the tip of his penis; it pulsated against the cramped entry sending a ripple of hot liquid tremors throughout Strider’s aroused body.

Strider pulled his hips forward, pushing the elf’s organ further into him; the tight walls contracted readily against the invasion wanting so much more. Legolas pulled his cock out then reinserted the tip. He repeated this torturous motion several times; the friction from the act drove Strider to near madness; he felt he would explode if the elf did not take him soon. He anxiously thrust his hips against the elf’s rhythmic pattern, swallowing more of the elf’s shaft within his crevice.

“Now, meleth nín, you will remove your shirt…” Legolas whispered. Legolas waited for Strider to follow his instructions, then tenderly nibbled on the ranger’s neck and ear; his golden mane falling over the ranger’s muscled shoulders. “Remove your boots…” Legolas ordered.

Strider quickly kicked them off to the side before forcefully grabbing the elf by his shoulders. He could no longer withstanding waiting; he had to have the elf NOW! He caught the archer off guard and rolled Legolas onto his back and spread the elf’s legs apart with his knees. “Hey!” the elf protested with a crafty grin. “When do I get to be on top?”

The urgency that had built inside Strider was painful, but he controlled his barbaric instinct to instantly ravish Legolas. Strider pulled Legolas to him and closed his mouth around the elf’s penis and began to suck. The ardent shaft pulsed against the walls of the ranger’s mouth as he increased the intensity of his suction. The elf wrapped his legs around the ranger’s neck; he lifted his head slightly as he moaned Strider’s name.

Strider took the growing shaft into his mouth, his tongue feverishly licking and probing his lover’s organ; he began to taste the elf’s seed as it leaked out before the final climax.

The elf grinded against the action, his eyes were half closed, his rosy lips slightly parted. His breathing became labored; he pulled at his hair; grunting and moaning out Strider’s true name, “Aragorn…” the elf said huskily, spreading his legs further and further apart, lifting his hips up, offering them to Strider. “Do not tease me…” he begged. “Take me…make me yours once again, meleth nín …”

Strider smiled impishly as he inserted his cock into the elf’s entranceway; his penis finding its way to the elf’s pleasure center. He gazed down at the blonde beauty writhing beneath him. How he loved to see his elf like this; his blue eyes glazed over by pleasure; his lips uttering out his name with urgency; his blonde mane thrashing about in the wet grass as his head moved from side to side.

Legolas half sat up, his fingers digging into Strider’s shoulders; he was very close to climax, his breath was ragged and low. He broke off into Elvish, as was his custom, when he neared his release; the elf arched himself into his lover’s embrace allowing Strider to impale him further.

The elf pressed his body against Strider’s as he reached climax, his arms wrapped around the ranger’s neck. Strider had reached his peak after feeling the elf vibrate beneath him; he spilled his seed into Legolas and collapsed on top of his beautiful lover. His lips brushed against the elf’s and held them in a tender kiss.

“I love you,” Strider confessed.

This was the first time Aragorn had said those words to him. To hear that Aragorn loved him; was the single, most beautiful thing he had ever heard. Legolas’ eyes shined as tears of joy filled them; he looked up at his beloved with clear affection. His slender hand caressed the side of the ranger’s face, his fingers brushing against the stubble. “And I you,” he responded.

“Why do you weep?” the ranger asked, softly wiping a single tear away.

“I am happy…”

“As am I…” Strider kissed the elf’s eyes.


“Yes, meleth nín?”

“Can you say it again?”

Strider smiled as he enveloped Legolas in his arms and drew him near, the elf resting his weary head upon his chest. “I love you,” he whispered into the elf’s ear, placing a kiss on Legolas’ forehead. Legolas nuzzled against the ranger, he would never tire of hearing those perfect words.

They fell asleep secure in each other’s arms; their hearts, bodies, and souls as one.

The End.



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